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December 28, 2007 - Neises Back in Kansas:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Seems not even pneumonia can keep Rob Neises out of a race car. After a shaken Rob said he was done for the year, he has ran three races, two Outlaw Madness Busch races, and a COT race at the Atlanta last night. After finishing 5th in the Executive Security Chevy Impala SS, Neises got on the JGR jet and returned to Kansas. Sporting a new haircut and beard trim, looking more like a college psych professor than racecar driver, Rob met with local media at the JGR shops west of Goddard, Kansas. He talked of the finalizing of the expansion plans for the as-of-yet started JGR Race Park closer to his old hometown of Garden Plain, and his plans for the rest of the "off-season".
Neises says he will announce the JGR driver line-up as soon as two weeks, but he said he planned on taking a break, celebrating his fathers birthday tomorrow, and ringing in 2008 with his wife and kids at their Wichita home. He also announced that the US NAVY had signed with him to be primary sponsor of his number 84 Chevy Silverado's and Monte Carlo's in East Coast Thunder Winter Series racing when it resumes January 2nd. He said that Executive Security would remain the primary on the COT and Aerowars cars in ECT Winter racing. He announced he has signed up to run the first of East Coast Thunder's monthly internet series, the Pigskin 104 at Talladega, January 20th. He said he will run a Kansas University Jayhawks scheme on the Impala SS in the football-themed race. He said he plans on running all 12 races, and is formulating a plan to make that happen. Neises also announced that the new 2008 JGR Homepage would be up on the 1st or 2nd of January, and that he was planning on changing the way he tracks races, seasons, and results.
Before the meeting ended, Neises teased the group by telling them he would have a major announcement not relating to sponsors or drivers in about two weeks.

December 18, 2007 - Neises Changes Plans:
Dateline: Toronto, CA

After taking a wild ride in the number 84 SCKL Train Shop Chevy Silverado, JGR President and driver Rob Neises announced he would be calling it a year. He said the hectic holiday schedule, pnuemonia, and too many wrecks were the reasons behind the change in plans.
Speaking after the East Coast Thunder Big Dog SS race concluded, Neises made the announcement after leaving the infield care center. When asked, Neises commented about the crash, " It was just a racing deal, I really hate it, luckily I kept it against the wall, and didn't affect anyone's finishing position." Neises said he hasn't decided if he would run tomorrow's Outlaw's Madness Busch race or not, he said he wasn't even sure where the race was at.
Reached later near his motorhome, Neises clarified his statement a bit for the record. He said that he was thinking of just taking a couple of weeks off. He wasn't even sure he admitted if there were any races between now and January 1, besides tomorrow's. "It might be nice to take off a couple weeks, just work on some paint schemes for next year. I have a lot of sponsorship dollars to find between now and February 1st," Neises said. He said he'd meet with a few others tonight, and then decide if he was running tomorrow or not.

December 11, 2007 - Neises Holds Newsconference:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises returned to Wichita early this morning. He diverted his flight to Michigan International after telling everyone he was going home after the PE 100. It was the first race of Spoiler's Aero88 Winter Series, and Neises knew a missed race would kill him in the points. Maybe Rob should of just went back to Kansas, as his SCKL Virtual Railroad Pontiac Grand Prix made a very early exit with ignition failure. Neises finished 16th in a full-bodied Grand Prix, saying afterwards he wasn't as prepared as he should of been, and the car hadn't had a back-up ignition system installed yet. "Almost all of my Aero cars have back-up ignition, but it was a shake-down of the full-bodied car, and I hadn't asked it be done yet," Neises admitted. Neises said a special SCKL Train Shop scheme will adorn the number 84 Oldsmobile next week at the Spoiler's Aero88 race. Teammate Bud Boykin will have a matching number 7 Olds.
Neises left and flew back to Wichita, where he had called a newsconference for this morning. At it, a haggard-looking Neises, complete with full beard announced that other than Monday's Spoiler's Aero88 series, he would be taking off till February. Neises said he would still test over the Winter, and participate in as many official league testing sessions as his schedule allowed. He said he would be resting and focusing on financial goals, including finishing up the new JGR facilities, getting full sponsorship for all 6 JGR sim500 Feature Cup Series teams, and helping sim500 with sponsors.
Finally, Neises announced that he had a driver for the number 07 car ready to sign, but that he wouldn't be announcing him untill all the ink was dry. That only leaves the 97 with out confirmation of a driver for 2008. When asked, he said he planned on running the monthly ECT TV Series also, next month will be a COT race with a football theme. Neises said he is leaning toward a KU Jayhawk scheme on his Chevy Impala SS.

December 10, 2007 - Neises Exits Early From Polar Express 100:
Dateline: Daytona, FL

Rob Neises didn't want to talk to reporters after his early exit from todays East Coast Thunder Polar Express 100. Luckily, no one seemed to bother him after he left the Infield Care Center. Neises qualified back around 20th, so not much attention was on him. He stayed back in the pack until the 11 and 011 got together and sent Neises spinning into the Infield grass. Neises was able to get the truck going, and back up to speed. Rob tried a fuel gamble to get the half-way bonus, but missed it by a bumper. Teammmate Bud Boykin exited soon after when he touched the apron and went spinning. With 35 to go, Neises again found himself near the 11. A wreck infront of Rob sent the field to their brake pedals, but the 11 decided the best path was to turn hard left into Neises, creating a bigger melee, that ending Rob's night when the 47 truck landed on top of Neises, forcing emergency crews to cut him out of the truck.
Neises did tell a reporter much later that he didn't know what the 11 had against him, but three times the 11 spun or wrecked him, the final one, was the one that hurt the most he said. "I hate to be rude, but I hope the 11 won't be at the January race," Neises said as he left Daytona International, on his way to a waiting plane heading back to Kansas.
Another effect of the big crash, Rob was forced to skip the ISRS Aerowars race at Richmond Fairgrounds because he was too sore.

November 26, 2007 - Neises Leaves Homestead A Champion - Times Two:
Dateline: Miami-Homestead, FL

After Sunday's Nextel Cup, Rob Neises not only hoisted the race trophy and the pole award, he hoisted the last ISRS Nextel Cup offline Championship trophy. Next year the title will be the Sprint Cup. Sunday turned out to be a repeat of Saturday, where Neises was crowned Champion of the ISRS Offline CTS series. Neises also took the pole and the victory there too.
The two Championships continue Neises' streak of ISRS offline series Championships to five of the last five. The streak started in the 2006/07 Winter Vintage Nascar series, then continued with a co-Championship in the Open Wheel Racing series, a one-point margin of victory in Late Models, and total domination of the year-long Nextel Cup and Craftsman Truck series'. Neises said he would next set his sights on the 2007/08 Winter Series - Aerowars 88.
The first Aerowars race is this weekend at Daytona. The following week, the Aerowars series will be at the Richmond Fairgrounds. While Rob also tries to qualify for tv races at Michigan and Daytona. The ISRS' Aerowars series will end at Atlanta on February 17th, Rob's 42nd birthday.

November 25, 2007 - Neises Announces Winter Plans:
Dateline: Miami-Homestead, FL

When Rob Neises returned to Homestead yesterday, he called an impromptu press conference. The subject was JGR's Winter plans. With the season ending for Rob next weekend, he said he thought it was time to release his plans for the winter.
Neises said that he would run a very limited schedule this winter. He said he would run the ISRS Winter Series if it still happened, and select races in sim500's Nocturnal Adrenaline and Midnight Thunder series. He said he might also make an appearance at a few Vintage Adrenaline races. Finally, he said he would again run as many Charity and internet TV races as possible. When asked, he said he was going to focus on testing with the new COT cars in his "spare" time. Neises said he would spend a lot of what would normally be "racing" time looking for sponsors for his sim500 FCS entries, and his duties as new sim500 Marketing Director.
When asked when Neises expected to next run a tv race, he told them he had a double-header weekend planned for December 8th and 9th. The 8th would be a cup race at Michigan in Nightstalker Motorsports action. The 9th would be East Coast Thunder's Polar Express 100 at Daytona in trucks. Neises also said he expects to be joined at the Polar Express by at least other JGR driver. Finally, he said the race on the 8th would be the debut of the 2008 JGR Chevy Monte Carlo's. Neises said with Outlaw Motorsports changing to Chevy's in '08, he would be running Chevy's a lot this winter to try to lessen the learning curve in '08.

November 13, 2007 - OMS Makes Change for 2008:
Dateline: Phoenix, AZ

Yesterday before the NASS Thunder race at PIR, Outlaw Motorsports President Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg and driver Rob "DaBandit" Neises met with the media. At it, Heidelberg announced that OMS would be returning to General Motors, more specifically, Chevy in NASS action in '08. That means next week at Homestead, an era will end, OMS ends its two year association with Dodge. Neises said he will have Ron Jon Surf Shop on the Charger at the Thunder finale' at Homestead next Monday. The Outlaw has been sidelined for a couple months now after injuring his knee. Nothing was mentioned about sponsorship for the Monte Carlo's and Silverado's that Neises and Heidelberg are expected to drive. They are expected to stay with the same numbers they ran this year, Heidelberg the 75, Neises the 07.
At the news conference, Neises announced to be more "in step" with his boss, he would return to his monicor, "DaBandit" in NASS action; on TeamSpeak for sure. Neises said that "DaBandit" will be displayed on the cars and trucks he drives next year, he just wasn't sure where. He said he was still finalizing sponsorship for his rides in cooperation with Heidelberg. Heidelberg said he wasn't sure if Neises would return to building and transporting his own cars at the planned JGR Race Park, east of Garden Plain, Kansas, his former hometown until his move to Wichita in mid-2000. "That's one of the details that we need to work out," Neises said. When a reporter asked Neises if this announcement meant he wouldn't be running the 97 full-time in FCS as rumored. Neises responded that his 2008 schedule will not be released until at least mid-January. "There are a lot of things up in the air about '08," Neises said. He said that he planned on running one or both series at NASS, at least part-time in 2008.

November 12, 2007 - Neises Makes 2008 Announcement:
Dateline: Phoenix, AZ

The media waited for Neises to arrive at Phoenix International yesterday, and he arrived before the AKM Cup race there. He first announced that he would be returning to PIR today to run the NASS Thunder race on Monday - his first Thunder race in over a month.
Then he turned his attention to James Gang Racing and plans for 2008. He first announced that JGR would expand to a six-car operation next year in sim500 Feature Cup Series action. In additon to '07's roster of the 07, 57, 70 & 77, Neises said that two more teams - the 7 and 97 would be added. The 7 car will be a cooperative agreement team between JGR and the current driver of the 07 car, Bud Boykin. Boykin will own 50% of the 7 car, and drive it. The cars will be prepared in Sedgwick County at the hopefully, soon-to-be completed JGR shops, a couple miles west of the current shop near Goddard, Kansas. Guy Snyder will return to the 57, Mike Kelley to the 70, and Dean Moll to the 77. The 77 will be another cooperative effort, this one a continuation of this years agreement between JGR and ECI Motorsports. No word yet if AMSOIL will return as primary sponsor of the 77. Neises did not announce drivers for the 07 or 97. Neises would not answer about the rumor that Neises would run the 97 full time in FCS next season.
Then Neises made the biggest bombshell announcement to date about 2008. Neises announced that JGR would forgo factory support in an effort to cater more to the sponsors and drivers. "In the long run it makes better business sense," Neises said. "I can make a lot more money than a single manufacturer can give me, by offering a sponsor a choice of car makes on his car," Neises finished.
Neises said he hoped to make an announcement about sponsors for the cars soon, but doesn't expect to by Homestead next week. He said he expect either to announce a sponsor of all six cars by early January, or car-by-car announcements as deals are completed - which ever the market dictates.

November 5, 2007 - JGR Puts All Four into FCS Race at Texas:
Dateline: Fort Worth, TX

Rob Neises was very pleased with the fact that tonight, all four James Gang Racing drivers made the main race on RLM TV, in sim500 Feature Cup Series action at Texas. Neises was only upset that he wasn't there to celebrate the historic moment. Neises was back in Wichita tending to business matters, and was unable to make the six-hour trip back to Texas Motor Speedway. "Maybe I need to stay away more often," Neises joked after getting the news that all four cars made the broadcast race.
Unfortunately, some bad racing luck meant that Mike Kelley's 10th place finish was the top of the class for JGR. Dean Moll ended 17th, and a lap 164 crash dropped Guy Snyder all the way back to 22nd when the car was unable to finish. Driver Bud Boykin, in an early altercation, limped home 23rd, 5 laps down. Texas was the first race for Boykin since Talladega in April.
Neises sent word through PR specialist Angela Raney, that he would be making announcements about 2008 at both Phoenix and Homestead, and also that he has signed with Ron Jon Surf Shop to attempt to make the finale' at Homestead.

November 3, 2007 - Neises Announces Paint Scheme Change:
Dateline: Fort Worth, TX

Rob Neises announced that in celebration of the 10th Birthday of his miracle daughter Ashley, he was forgoing the announced SCKL sponsorship scheme. In its place is a special pink and white scheme that replicates the scheme on the car Rob designed to celebrate the birth of Ashley. The commerative scheme will adorn the 77 JGR Camry Rob will pilot Sunday night in the AKM Cup at Texas.
Ashley was a normal child until gross medical malpractice during the delivery severely injured her brain stem, causing her to suffer from sever spastic quadraplegia, and epilepsy. "Ashley wasn't expected to make it through the nite, but she's tough, still here, and doing great,"says Ashley's proud Dad, Rob Neises. Ashley has to eat with a feeding tube, has a trach, and relies on others for the most basic of needs as the injuries left her without use of her limbs, or the ability to talk. "Every day I thank God for Ashley," Neises said at the announcement Saturday morning at TMS.

September 24, 2007 - Neises Announces Schedule Reduction/JGR News:
Dateline: Pocono, PA

Rob Neises announced that due to changes again in his personal, family, and business situation, his racing schedule will be reduced almost immediately. Neises said he would be reducing his schedule to two nights a week Neises says he expects the reduction to be permanent unfortunately.
In JGR news, Neises announced that the Coleman Outdoor Products sponsorship will be moving to his JGR team, and be on either the 57 or 7 car in sim500 Feature Cup Series action. He said that Target will be replacing Coleman on the Outlaw Motorsports Chargers. Neises says he will only be able to run a couple more races in the NASS Thunder and Truck series for Outlaw Motorsports in 2007. Neises said he would split the remaining Mondays between NASS Thunder and ECT's Spolier's Aerowars series.
In other news, Neises said he would be entering a car in East Coast Thunder's 5th Annual Helloween 500 race. Neises said he wasn't sure if it would be a DKR or JGR effort, or what make of car he would bring to the race at Talladega.

September 23, 2007 - DKR Splits, Changes Numbers:
Dateline: Pocono, PA

Rob Neises announced that due to contract issues, and a number mess-up by ECT, Dad's Kids Racing would be splitting, and DKR2 was formed to resolve several issues.
In a nutshell, Neises said that Dodge has not been supporting the Aerowars program as they switched focus to the Cup90 series instead. Dodge had let its factory teams know this a couple weeks ago when the Cup90 series began gearing up. Due to this, Neises said his LeBaron's were not as competitive as the GM's that are prevalent in the Aerowars series at ECT. DKR2 was formed to field 1989 Pontiac Grand Prix's in ECT's Aerowars series. All of the DKR and DKR2 rides of Rob Neises will change to the number 84 effective next week at Lowes, as the league admitted they messed up assigning Neises the 77.
Neises said that the change in aerowars would not have any effect on his contract with Dodge Motorsports in Cup90, Busch, and Trucks. Neises said that he was also moving away from promoting the First Shift Fury, and the 84 Grand Prix would carry sponsorship from the SCKL Virtual-Railroad for the remainder of the series.

September 18, 2007 - Neises Announces Agreement - Signs New Drivers:
Dateline: Loudon, NH

Rob Neises met with the media yesterday at Loudon to announce an agreement between James Gang Racing and Loisel Motorsports of Colorado. The agreement allows JGR to use the number 7 car, dormant since early in the season. That announcement was followed by the introduction of Mike Kelley, new driver of the number 7, and Guy Snyder, driver of the number 57 JGR Camry.
Neises said he was looking to expand at the least possible expense, and he had been running with Dan in another series, and a deal was struck. "We have the number 7 car for the remainder of '07, with the exception of Talladega," Neises said about the deal with Loisel. With the addition of the 7, that makes four James Gang Racing entries in the Feature Cup.
The second set of announcements were about the signing of Guy Snyder and Mike Kelley to JGR rides in sim500 FCS competition. Guy Snyder had driven the number 57 Driver Development car twice for JGR, making both races. Based on the performance of Snyder, Neises decided to sign him to finish out the season in the 57 car, prepping him for the '08 season.
Kelley is a former North American Simulation Series (NASS) Champion, and hails from Omaha, Nebraska. Mike will run the number 7, JGR/Loisel Motorsports Toyota in FCS competition. "I wanted to get ready for 2008, and the best way was to get a couple drivers who don't usually run in sim500, and let them get used to the competition level of the FCS without the added pressure of the points chase," Neises said.

September 3, 2007 - Neises Announces JGR2-DKR Merger:
Dateline: Daytona, FL

Describing the move as a move toward the future, Rob Neises announced that he had merged his James Gang Racing 2 team with Dad's Kids Racing, the team owned by his kids. "The move increases our usuable space, and allows the teams to focus on building one make of car, instead of multiple makes as they were doing. The merger means Neises will pilot Dodge's in East Coast Thunder and SOAR-Racing series, and that the trucks and cars for both series could be built together, instead of some building Dodge's and the rest building Ford's. The only problem Neises noted is that the team is gonna have to build their Chrysler LeBarons without any Dodge support as it was recently announced that Dodge is changing their "oldies" focus to the Cup90 Series.
In Cup90 series, Neises said he will pilot a Chrysler LeBaron with sponsorship from the First Shift Fury series in his foray into the Cup90 in sim500's Vintage Adrenaline.

August 28, 2007 - Neises Announces New Series:
Dateline: Bristol, TN

Rob Neises was excited as he met with the media following his meeting with sim500 owner Brian Cogan. The meeting was to finalize plans for a new series - "First Shift Fury". First Shift Fury is going to be a morning superspeedway series that will cater to sim-racers who miss a lot of races because they work second or third shift. The first season will be 8 points races and a Get Acquainted race in the cup mod. The races will be on Wednesday mornings, with qualifying starting at 11 am eastern time. The series will be a cooperative effort between sim500 and the Midwest Sim Series (MWST). The Get Acquainted race is scheduled for Wednesday, September 19th. The server should be open about an hour or so before qualifying.
Lead Admin/Series Director Rob Neises said that all sim500 rules will be in effect, including the three-digit number rule. The three-digit number rule at sim500 states you must run a three digit car number unless you have purchased a sim500 number license, or have a numbers owner's permission to use their number.
For more information, rules, and sign-up information, go to the First Shift Fury webpage on the MWST Homepage.

August 25, 2007 - Neises Goes for a Wild Ride:
Dateline: Concord, MA

Rob Neises was excited to be picked to run in the Nightstalker Motorsports Coca-Cola Challenge broadcast last night on RaceLM TV. Unfortunately, the excitement was relatively short-lived. After leading for five laps, Neises went high to just ride toward the back of the pack. A big crash insued in front of Rob, and even though he was able to avoid the wreck, he couldn't avoid getting plowed into from behind, causing the 07 Executive Security F-Series to barrel roll into the inside wall - ending his night and destroying the truck. "I just wanted to ride around till about 10 to go, but the 4 truck missed the wreck in front of us, and plowed into me full-speed, hard to call it a racing incident, but I guess I will," Neises said.

August 18, 2007 - Neises Fills in at Michigan:
Dateline: Brooklyn, MI

Rob Neises and Kevin Inglins tapped Rob Neises to fill in for regular driver Dean Moll at yesterdays qualifying session at MIS in sim500 Feature Cup Series action. They knew Dean had a previous engagement that would cause him to miss the race, but they didn't know that Rob would try to qualify the car until late Sunday night. Unfortunately, Rob's string of not qualifying held up, and the 77 did not make the show. "I was in sixth when I had no choice but do a splash and go, but miscommunication caused the crew to start changing tires, we did a two-tire stop, and I finished 12th, a couple spots out of qualifying," Neises said after the qualifier.

August 10, 2007 - Neises Exits Early at the Glen:
Dateline: Watkins Glen, NY

Rob Neises was in obvious pain last night, forcing him to park the Snickers Camry at Watkins Glen in Nocturnal Adrenaline action. Neises did not meet with the media after getting out of the 77 - a habit Neises has increased in frequency as the '07 season has progressed. Instead, Neises took a cart off the track, team spokesmen said he was getting a jump on the trip for tomorrow nights Midnight Thunder truck race at Blueridge Superspeedway. A member of the crew said they expect Rob to meet the team physician Dr Kris Goodnight at the Infield Care Center at Blue Ridge in the morning before getting into the Skittles Tundra.

August 9, 2007 - Neises Announces Sponsor for the 57 at the Glen:
Dateline: Watkins Glen, NY

Rob Neises announced earlier today that he hoped to be able to drive the 57 Monday in the sim500 Feature Cup Series at the Glen. Neises announced that the boys from Orange County Choppers would be on the hood of the number 57 JGR Camry. Neises said he wasn't sure how many, if any members of OCC attend the race. "I hope Mickey can make it," Neises said. "I relate to him,he's my fasvorite," Neises went on to say.

August 7, 2007 - Neises on Warwagon at Pocono:
Dateline: Long Pond, PA

Rob Neises kept his word, and skipped racing Monday himself. He was first seen on top of the 07's war-wagon during the qualifying race, which saw driver Bud Boykin miss the qualifier but three positions. In the evenings race, Neises was on top of the 77 AMSOIL/Executive Security war-wagon as he watched driver Dean Moll finish in second place. Moll has made both of the races he has entered, and moved ahead of the 07 team car in points.
Neises shoulder must not of been hurting him much this weekend, or the rest had helped, as Neises took the Pole and Checkers at both ORP and the Brickyard. After getting out of the Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe Camry, he was again complaining about shoulder pain, and took a provisional for Sunday's AKM Cup race at Pocono.
When asked by reporters, Neises said he would not get back into a car until late Thursday for the sim500 Nocturnal Adrenaline race at Watkins Glen. That means he'll miss Tuesdays race at Dover, and Thursdays NASS Truck race at Nashvile Superspeedway.

August 5, 2007 - Neises Crash Harder than Realized, Announces Will Miss Races this Week:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN

Rob Neises was involved in a pretty serious crash last night in the sim500 Midnight Thunder series race at Coca-Cola Speedway. Neises hit the rear of Wayne Owens late in the race when a lap car pulled in front of the two as the two tried to slow down for a caution. Though Neises finished the race, he was complaining of pain in his right shoulder - obviously agrivating an injury from earlier in the year. Neises said he would miss the SOAR STS race at Nashville Superspeedway, Monday's races, which would of been either Mosport in NASS Thunder, or Nashville Superspeedway in ECT's Aerowars series. He also expects to miss Tuesday's SOAR Aerowars race at Dover. "I am gonna have to run only the essentials, the ISRS races this weekend, and the AKM Cup at Pocono Sunday. I'm worried about O'Reilley Raceway Park tomorrow (Saturday-today) the most," Neises said.

July 28, 2007 - Neises Announces Merger:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN

Rob Neises met with the media yesterday and announced that James Gang Racing and ECI Racing had signed a memo of understanding, combining the two teams and AMSOIL lubricants to form AMSOIL/ECI Racing. The number 77 car of JGR will be the car, and NASS Lightning Champion Dean Moll will drive the AMSOIL/Executive Security Toyota Camry in the sim500 Feature Cup Series. The first race will be this Monday at Indianpolis.
The deal is just for the remainder of the 2007 season Neises announced. He also said the 77 still remains the property of James Gang Racing, and Neises expects to retan the rights to the number, and put a driver in the car in 2008.

July 16, 2007 - Neises Called to Trailer-Again:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises was called to the AKM Trailer after a crash took out AKM President Jeff Hale. "I was taken out and forced to pit by 019 lagging back then brake checking me on the restart. I blew a tire and had to pit. I went high to let the field pass, and I got grabbed by the safer-barrier. I let off the gas and it sent right into the pack, I apologized, but I don't think it cut the mustard," Neises quipped.
No, it didn't. Neises was put on notice that another incident on track and he's looking at sitting a race or two, according to AKM sources.

July 15, 2007 - Neises Announces Parking of 77:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises held a news conference at Daytona before the start of the AKM Cup practice yesterday. At it, Neises announced that the 77 team was going on hiatus. Team driver Chuck Nagy was given his unconditional release, and most of the crew was also released to look for new employment. "It saddens me to do this, but I couldn't afford to foot the bill for two full-time teams any longer," Neises said. Rob did tell the media is working on a few package deals to get the 77 back on the track. "I am talking to a few drivers who have a partial sponsorship package that might make it feasible to run the 77 again," he said. He did announce that all 77 team members were given a severance package that should allow them to be okay till next season if necessary.
When asked how this affected the new 57 team, Rob said it didn't. He is sticking to the plan, with the exception of adding Indy to the schedule for four possible races for the 57 in 2007. The other tracks are Kansas, Talladega, and Homestead.

July 13, 2007 - DKR Announces New Driver:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises met the media with DKR Team Co-Owner Kaitlyn Neises yesterday as weekend practice opened up for the ISRS Cup weekend at Daytona. Rob Neises spoke first, and announced that he was proud to announce that Dad's Kids Racing was adding a second car to this weekends action. "Let me announce that DKR will have a second entry into this Sunday's ISRS Cup race, team Co-Owner Kaitly Neises will pilot the My Littlest Pet Shop Dodge Charger, carrying the number 01," the obvious proud father announced. The duo answered many questions from the suprised media. This is the first of an expected two-race schedule for Kaitlyn. She said she hopes to qualify for the race at Talladega also. When asked was anyone else going to run for DKR this season, Kaitlyn said that her brother CoCo plans on running his Dodge Ram possibly later this season in a truck race.
Kaitlyn is the six-year-old daughter of Rob and Angela Neises. Kaitlyn will be a first grader at McCullom Elementary in Wichita, Kansas, and has an older sister Ashley(9), and younger brother Robert Cole (4)-all three are the owners of DKR. DKR lured driver/father Rob Neises away from his James Gang Racing team to run for them earlier in the season. Rob is in 7th place in SOAR STS Truck Series racing.

July 9, 2007 - Neises Penalized, JGR Shut Out:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises was penalized late in his qualifying race this afternoon, ending any chance he had of qualifying for the race this evening at Daytona. A pit road incident that sent him onto the racetrack after accidental contact with the 24 brought an extra one-lap penalty for the 57, and a trip to the sim500 trailer. Neises was not the only driver called in as the driver of the 24 was also called in for intentinally retaliating after the contact. After leaving the trailer, Rob said said they talked it out, and he doesn't expect any additional penalties for him or the 24. "I didn't see him beside me on the exit of pit road, and the pack was coming, and I pulled into him - the wreck was my fault, and I told him so and apologized," Neises said as he departed the big black trailer.
Crashes by Chuck Nagy in the 77, and some bad luck for Bud Boykin in the 07 marked the first sim500 Feature Cup Series Superspeedway race without at least one JGR car racing. "We're having a bit of bad luck, its time to sit down, look at everything, and go from there," Neises said as he jumped on a golf cart back to his motorhome.

July 9, 2007 - Neises Announces New Team:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises finally met with the media early this morning after returning from the AKM Cup race in Loudon yesterday. Neises finished the race in 20th place.
At the newsconference, he again apologized for not being as available as he'd like, and the media is used to. After that, he announced that James Gang Racing has expanded to a third car, the number 57 that he plans on running in the qualifying race later today. He said he expects to run it maybe three more time, at Kansas, Talladega, and Homestead. He would be the driver.

July 8, 2007 - Neises Attempts to Qualify at Daytona:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

The mystery is over, the number 57 Toyota Camry emerged from the tent-works between the 07 and 77 haulers this evening, and the name above the door was again Rob Neises. Carrying sponsorship from Ron Jon Surf Shop, Neises clocked in the 8th best time in first round qualifying Friday night with a 186.405, down a bit from his best practice time of 186.765. Soon after the 57 car took to the track, a plain white hauler pulled in-between the 07 and 77 haulers. The 57 is the third JGR driven car attempting to qualify at Daytona. Neises has not made himself available to the media yet, so its still not known if JGR and Neises own the 57 or not.

July 6, 2007 - Neises Arrives Early at Daytona:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises arrived yesterday at Daytona International. If it was one of the team trains, it wouldn't be unexpected, but Rob himself arrived also. Rob hadn't been expected at DIS until early Monday morning.
The early arrival of Neises, and what seemed to be an extra hauler car added to the JGR Special was the buzz among the media and fans already at Daytona. Neises did not make himself available to the media, instead he took a golf cart directly to his motorcoach in the drivers area.
As observers watched, only the haulers for the 07 and 77 cars unloaded. Nothing seemed out of place other than the fact that they left a spot between the two haulers. Speculation is that the teams were trying to save some extra space to work on things before the garage opens Friday afternoon. Soon after arriving, the teams set up a closed tent between the two haulers.

June 26, 2007 - Neises Tries to Qualify at Infineon:
Dateline: Sonoma, CA

Rob Neises made a suprise qualifying attempt yesterday at Infineon. The biggest suprise was that it wasn't in either the 07 or 77 car, it was in a Toyota Camry wearing the number 57. There was no team associated with the car in the sim500 owners list, so its not known if Neises had bought a new number from sim500, or was running someone elses car.
Unfortunately, Rob was unable to make the 10th transfer spot, and immediately jumped in the JGR Cessna and flew to Milwaukee where he ran the NASS Thunder race there for Outlaw Motorsports. There, Neises was forced out with engine problems again, the second week in a row. Neises was credited with a 17th place finish.
After the race at Milwaukee, Neises announced that Del Monte Foods would be on the JGR 77 Camry as the AKM Cup makes the changeover to the COT car. Other than the Florida races, which will be sponosored by Ron Jon Surf Shops, John Deere will be the primary sponsor on the 77 Camry.

June 18, 2007 - Neises Not Only One Missing Races:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises had returned to Wichita when he got the news that the 07 car would not be running tonight in the Feature Cup Series. Neises said he was very perplexed. "When I left the track last night, I thought Bud was good to go. He ran a qualifying lap, but he had missed most of practice, and the lap was slow. But Bud did not say anything about not returning to the track when he headed to Pocono for the AKM Cup race," according to owner, Rob Neises. By the time Neises found out, there were no drivers available to run the 07. Neises said he would be at Infineon next Monday, ready to jump into a car if needed. He said he would probably fly out there on Wednesday and test at the 2.52 mile road course in his native California.
In other online racing, Neises was not cleared to run the Meet & Greet Races or the COT race opening the second half of the AKM Cup season as he expected late last week, but hopes to be cleared in time for tomorrow's SOAR-Racing Aerowars race at Talladega.

June 13, 2007 - Neises to Change Number in AKM/sim500/Announces New Sponsors:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises sent off the JGR and SCKL Specials today before he met with media in the media center at the James Gang Racing shops. The trains were carrying Toyota's to Talladega and Michigan. This week is the Meet and Greet weeks for the Nocturnal Adrenaline and Midnight Thunder series.
Neises announced to the media he would be moving into the 77 in AKM and sim500 racing action. He said nothing is to be read into the decision, other than Bud Boykin runs the 07's, and he had earlier offered him one of the JGR numbers instead of the triple digit number he runs in those series'.
While he had everyone online, Neises also announced that Buffalo Wild Wings was taking some time off as primary sponsor on the Camry's and Tundra's. Rob announced a deal with M&M Mars. The deal will put Skittles on the number 77 JGR Tundra, and Snickers on the 77 Camry. Neises also announced that for the first time, JGR would be running the new 2007 model Tundra's. "We ran '05's till we ran out as a cost-saving move, waiting if a new "COT" truck was coming, when it didn't seem so, we switched over to the '07 model," Neises answered.
In a final announcement, Neises announced that JGR would be fielding an entry in the second half of the AKM Cup series, the first to go all "COT". Neises announced that John Deere had signed on to run the 13 race second-season in AKM, the 77 will be a COT Toyota Camry.

June 12, 2007 - 07 Car Sits at Pocono:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

With Team owner Rob Neises not able to make the trip to Pocono, and the unexplained absence of driver Bud Boykin, the 07 Executive Security Toyota Camry sat untouched Monday. When notified by the crew of the missing Blaster, Neises made frantic calls trying to get someone into the car, to no avail. No one has heard from Boykin, and its yet to be seen if he'll make the Meet and Greet, no-points races Thursday in Nocturnal Adrenaline, or Friday in Midnight Thunder.
When asked, Neises said he expects to be back in an online car soon, maybe as soon as this Thursday. "I know I'll be at Michigan on Monday, and I'll have my helmet," Neises said. I am hoping it was a miscommunication relating to the teams entry into Pocono, not a bigger issue, he also said. Neises said he'd talk to Boykin on Thursday or Friday he hoped, and get his committment to the 07 team.
In other news from Monday, the 77 car, driven by Chuck Nagy was caught up in an early wreck and didn't make the main at Pocono.

June 6, 2007 - Neises Releases Statement:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises, through the JGR PR, released a statement to race fans and the media. In it, Neises apologized for missing races unexecpectedly, and not being available for the media as usual. Neises admitted that running his business interests, work he's doing, and the fact his wife just started a job has all combined to physically and mentally wipe him out. He hopes to be up and moving soon, but admitted he'll probably run some offline races first. He says he hopes to be back at the track in an online car by the NASS Truck race at Michigan, on June 14th.
(Here's the explanation: I was working 3rd, and had to be at work early - thats why I started races and exited quickly. After the online race at Dover, my 4 year old accidently broke my race disk - he survived, me not so good. Since that time I did get the no-cd program, but cannot run online. Nascar2003 is not only hard to find - it's EXPENSIVE !!! I have been trying to get the game I bought delivered, but you know ebay. I have switched to first shift, working 4-10 hour days, and my wife already got promoted to a new position, and works second shift, so, as soon as my new game comes in, I'll be back at the track online.....Rob)

June 5, 2007 - Neises Missed More Races:
Dateline: Dover, DE

Rob Neises did not speak directly to media as he arrived late Monday for the NASS Thunder race. OMS had another driver qualify the car for Neises.
Neises ran 7 laps before getting out of the car. No relief driver was available. A team spokesman said Neises was complaining about severe headaches earlier, and parked the car for other drivers safety. Neises was taken to the hauler by golf cart, and left the track before the event was over.
No one is exactly sure what has happened to Neises, but he missed the weekends offline races at Lowes and Mansfield.

June 1, 2007 - Neises Not at Dover:
Dateline: Dover, DE

Rob Neises was not at Dover last night as expected. No calls were returned when the JGR Shops in Kansas were called, though the lady answering the phone offered to take a message.

May 28, 2007 - Memorial Day NASS Race Postponed:
Dateline: Charlotte, NC

NASS Thunder Officials announced late yesterday that the Memorial Day race was postponed and an announcement about the new date would be forthcoming. This according to Outlaw Motorsports PR came as a suprise, but would help as it would give the driver of the 07 car a couple more days off. Neises has been spotty in the last couple online races and it has been attributed to exhaustion.

May 28, 2007 - Neises Co-Champion:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises, by virtue of his second place finish, tied with Matt Shinoski at 42 driver points each. The Championship is Neises 21st. "I am proud of the whole number 17 JGR/Cricket Wireless team, they did what had to be done, and we ended up tied for first," Neises said. "We'll settle it in a couple months in the ISRS Champ Car Series," Neises said in response to a question of who was the better driver of the two. Neises actually complimented Shinoski on the season, and said he was proud to be tied with Matt, a many-time open-wheel champion.

May 24, 2007 - Neises to Miss Races:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises met with the media yesterday at the James Gang Racing shops. This was unusual because he was supposed to be in Mansfield, Ohio already. Rob announced because of work and exhaustion, he would miss the next three scheduled races. Tomorrow's NASS Truck race at Lowes, the AKM Midnight Thunder race at Thunder Bay, and Saturday's SOAR-Racing Superspeedway Series debut at Joe Gibbs International Raceway. Rob will get provisional points for the NASS Truck race, but will get no points in the other two races.
Rob said he hopes to make the remaining three races this weekend: the ISRS CTS race at Lowes, the ISRS Open Wheele finale' at Indianapolis, and the SOAR STS truck race at Mansfield. "I apologize to my teams and fans. I am so exhausted that I fall asleep eating a meal," Neises relayed to the media. He went on to say that he needed to be rested for the OWR finale' where he is only 2 points out of first.
He finished the newsconference by announcing he would run a special scheme for Monday's NASS Thunder Memorial Day race at Lowes. SCKL Supports Our Troops in a desert camo will be this years special scheme. In years past he has ran US NAVY And Kansas Air National Guard schemes. Neises said he would qualify and start Monday's race, but expects to get out of the car at the first opportunity. He said he isn't sure about Thursday's NASS Truck race at Dover, but he will at least start. Neises said he plans on hopefully returning to full-time racing by Friday for the Midnight Thunder finale' at Talladega.

May 12, 2007 - SOAR Approves Truck-Number Change for this Week:
Dateline: Richmond, VA

SOAR-Racing has allowed Rob Neises to change entries and drive the number 17 DKR/The Littlest Pet Shop/Kaitlyns 6th Birthday Dodge Ram in tonights SOAR-Racing STS race at Richmond. Neises said they transported both team on the JGR Special, and SOAR agreed, if he changed the number to 17, so they switched the numbers. Cheerios will make its debut on the 07 DKR Ram next week at Lowes Motor Speedway.

May 10, 2007 - Neises Sign with New Team:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Wednesday afternoon, Rob Neises held a news conference to announce that he would not be running the number 17, Skittles Toyota Tundra any longer. He then announced that he had signed on to run the remainder of the SOAR-Racing STS Series, and select CUSH races for a new team - Dad's Kids Racing (DKR). DKR will put Neises in Dodge Rams and Chargers carrying the number 07. Cheerios will be the primary sponsor on both rides. The change becomes effective after the Richmond race this weekend.
When questioned by the media about the change, He responded that his kids were always "fixing" his car and wanted to be the "pit crew". "They got together and formed a new team, then asked me to drive. Bobby Labonte and Petty Enterprises are both family favorites, so the Cheerios sponsorship makes perfect sense," Neises said. Neises said the new team is renting space in the JGR Shops in Western Sedgwick County, Kansas, and Outlaw Motorsports is providing the Rams and Chargers. Associate sponsors are the SCKL Virtual Railroad, Valvoline, the US NAVY, and Executive Security.
In other news, Neises announced that The Littlest Pet Shop/Kaitlyn's 6th Birthday would be the primary sponsor in the JGR Tundra in this weeks STS race at Richmond.

March 13, 2007 - JGR Adds Car - Denied Again:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Saturday afternoon, Rob signed the contract, Monday was the first race for new James Gang Racing driver Chuck Nagy. Unfortunately, neither Chuck nor Bud made the race. In his heat, Chuck missed transfering by only two spots. Bud was caught up in an accident and was a non-factor in his heat. "Racing in a series as big as this takes luck, unfortunately, the luck has been all bad," Neises said. Neither driver took advantage of their qualifying attempt on the weekend, and Neises said logistics and time contributed to that. Neises promised that his drivers will attempt the weekend qualifies for each race, instead of relying strictly on the race-ins on Monday.
Neises reminded everyone that Chuck and Bud will be running every race for the rest of the season, and that Chuck, will be the only driver to of run the 77 more than once. "With them both working together, they will be able to help each other, in qualifying and during the races," Neises added in later comments.
When asked by the media what putting Chuck into the 77 does for his run at the superspeeway money, Neises laughed - with only 30 points, I'm already 165 points behind there. But I might try to hook a ride for the other 3 races he said. Earlier, Rob piloted his number 07 Coleman Dodge Charger to a 14th place finish.

March 7, 2007 - A Conversation With: Rob Neises:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

By: The Kansas Sim-Racing Weekly
This is the transcript of an interview James Gang Racing President Rob Neises did yesterday returning from Mexico City with John Hamilton.
KSRW: Thanks for sitting down with me today - RN: No problem, glad you guys could come down with us.
KSRW: Were flying at 35,000 feet with Rob Neises aboard the JGR jet, Rob you seemed upset yesterday when you got out of the Coleman Dodge. - RN: I had an issue, but I spoke with NASS Officials, and they were understanding about the issue, and promised to work on it.
KSRW: What was the issue ? - RN: I felt that some of the Thunder-Wackers were entirely too agressive, and then they had the nerve to talk trash about us Thunder regulars, I felt it was unprofessional and rude.
KSRW: Was anything promised by NASS, say restricting Lightning drivers from Thunder events ? - RN: I would be against that. There are a couple that run both series, that is cool. When a driver who hasn't ran Thunder in at least 3 years comes down, punts some Thunder drivers, then bags on them - I have a problem, and that's what happened in Mexico.
KSRW: 2007 is being discribed as a transitional year for you and James Gang Racing, could you explain ? - RN: Since 1995, when I formed JGR, I have been the only driver for many of those 12 years. This year, I purchased a license with the sim500 series. I planned on running the car myself, but when I seen the investment necessary, I realized I needed a driver that would make all the races. When I looked in the mirror, I didn't see myself as that driver. So I hired Bud "Master Blaster" Boykin to drive the number 07 Toyota Camry.
KSRW: How is that working out ? - RN: Bud is a great driver, we had a hiccup at California, Bud had to jump on the brakes to avoid someone elses wreck, he flat spotted the tires, and couldn't recover. But with the new format changes, I expect that is the only race he'll miss.
KSRW: You have a second car too, right ? - RN: Yes, JGR has a second car, the number 77. As part of my transition from owner/driver, I knew if JGR was to prosper, we needed an R&D car. Plus, sim500 added the bonus money for the different sub-series, and I am a good superspeedway driver, so I figured I'd drive the four superspeedway races, and let other drivers drive the 77 to see if I might find a second driver for 2008. Unfortunately, I missed the transfer at Daytona by two spots, and Steven Fast had an incident mirroring Bud in his qualifier at California, and also missed the race.
KSRW: So the transition for you is from independent owner/driver to team owner/manager, right ? - RN: Exactly John. I am not hinting that I'll be hanging up the helmet anytime soon, but a good owner knows when he isn't the best driver for a car. If all goes well, I want a second car full-time in the Feature Cup in 2008, with an eventual goal of as many as four cars by '09. Sponsorship is the key, and right now, we don't have any. Executive Security will be on the 07 as long as I am paying all the bills, but I will gladly move them back to the rear quarter if and when a real sponsor steps up.
KSRW: Other than sponsorship issues on the sim500 cars, seems like you're off to a great start in 07. - RN: Yes I think we are. I am in the lead in the ISRS's Truck and Nextel Cup series, with three wins in the four races we've ran there. Next week we start the Open Wheel Series, and return to action in NASS Trucks where I run for Outlaw Motorsports. I'm in 8th in points there, in the 20's in Thunder, but I'm running better there too, just not getting the finishes.
KSRW: Thanks for your time Rob, I'll let you get back to working on the logistics for this weeks action. Thanks Again. - RN: Thank you John, every week I love to hop on the web and read your articles and the pictures - you guys are the best.
Neises went back to working on the logistics for next weeks action as The weekend sees Rob at Homestead in OWR action, California for SOAR Trucks, Las Vegas for Midnight Thunder, then to Atlanta Monday for NASS Thunder action.

February 27, 2007 - JGR Shut Out at California:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

Rob Neises stood in disbelief as the qualifying races for last nites Feature Cup Race at California ended. Neises was upset that neither of his cars would make the televised event that evening. Both Bud Boykin in the 07, and Steven Fast in the 77 missed the transfer due to someone elses errors. In what must of seemed like deja vu, Neises watched his drivers, in seperate heat races, forced to jump on the binders and flat spot their tires. Worn tires and too few laps combined to keep JGR from putting a driver into the broadcast. "I'll be going back and looking at things," Neises said. Neither team has a sponsor after the California race Neises admitted, but said the 07 and Bud would be at Vegas in two weeks, he said the 77 would be staying home until a sponsor and full-time driver could be found. "I wanted to enter the 77 in all the races, but I have not been able to find the right driver/sponsor, and two weeks into the season, it doesn't look good for the team running full-time," he said.

February 24, 2007 - Neises Names Driver for 77 at California:
Dateline: Indianapolis, IN

Rob Neises announced last night before the Midnight Thunder race at Indy that he had chosen Steven "SFAST" Fast to run the number 77 Wichita Garden Show Toyota Camry at California in sim500 Feature Cup action. Fast was chosen by being the first driver to cross the finish line in Thursday's Nocturnal Adrenaline finale' at Atlanta that didn't already have a FCS ride or sim500 license. "Steven is a great driver, and should be a great compliment to Bud in the 07 car," Neises said. Fast is a proven winner, finishing in second place in the final points in AKM's Nocturnal Adrenaline series that ended last night. Neises drove the Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Ram at California, then flew to Atlanta for the finale' last night. Though he did complain of some stiffness and soreness, he says he plans on running the Coleman Charger at California on Monday, and then be on the wagon for the Feature Cup Series race there later that evening.
Neises did tell the media that he was looking to put someone into the 77 that would be interested in funding part of the operations, a partnership on the car. Rumors swirling around the garage say Neises has recently been dealt a serious financial blow, and is looking for an infusion of cash to get the team financed as sponsorship ends after California. Neises didn't comment on the rumor, but said he did not have a sponsor lined up for either car yet for Las Vegas, or beyond. But he re-iterated that Bud Boykin and the number 07 car will be at every race. Neises did say he was still actively looking for a sponsor, and if he had to fund the car himself, he would return Executive Security to the hood as long as he and JGR were personally paying for car entry fees and expenses.

February 20, 2007 - Neises has Rough Night at Daytona:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises said he was feeling the pain last night when he left the infield care center. The pain was radiating in his right shoulder he said, but didn't think it should affect him at California, a fast, sweeping D-shaped oval.
Neises' day started okay as he entered his qualifying heat for sim500's Feature Cup Series. He was running around 18th to 20th, waiting for it to get closer to the end of the race before making a move for the front. A large accident ahead of him caused him to slow down, and he was passed by about 10 cars. Neises caught a draft and fought hard, missing a second wreck, and finishing 20th, not making the transfer. "My spotter told me accident ahead, cautions out, but there isn't any cautions in the qualifiers. He made a rookie mistake, and I was fully into race mode, and didn't even question - I could of ran through that wreck and been in the Top 5. Maybe I need to fire us both !" Neises said. All kidding aside, Neises said they are only planning on running 4-8 races in the 77 car. "We'll work harder on pits and stuff for the next one," Neises told the media and guests aboard the SCKL Railroads JGR Special's press room car, parked outside Daytona International.
Not qualifying for the FCS race, Neises jumped into his Outlaw Motorsports, Ron Jon Surf Shop Dodge Charger, placing it solidly in the field in 11th qualifying position. Again, Neises stayed back in the pack in an effort to miss the big one. When a few cars back where he was running in 17th to 20th called for pits, Rob went with them. As they exited pit road, a caution came out, placing Rob a lap down. Since he had just pitted, they stayed out and he was the first car on the tail end of the field. On the restart, the lapped car of Jeff Lyden turned right into Neises, putting the 07 machine hard into the wall and spinning wildly through the tri-oval. Neises took the 13 and the 17 with him when he spun, but they were able to make repairs and return. Neises limped the car back to the garage, and was sent to the infield care center by JGR Team doctor, Dr Feelgood. The motor was ruined, and there was no nose to the car by the time Rob returned to the garage area, just in time to see what was left of the car being loaded onto the Outlaw Motorsports team hauler. Neises went into the hauler and did not respond to media requests for interviews, instead sending out the OMS PR rep making the statement about his shoulder hurting, and that it shouldn't affect him at California next week. Neises was credited with a 21st place finish.

February 19, 2007 - Media Doesn't Have to Wait Long, Neises Announces sim500 FCS entry:
Dateline: Ontario, CA

Rob Neises held an impromptu newsconference this morning before the drivers meeting for the final ISRS Vintage Nascar race at Ontario. Neises wrapped the Championship up a couple weeks ago, but that wasn't why he held the gathering. He announced that James Gang Racing had bought a second number from sim500, the number 77. Rob said he would use the 77 to make a run at the $1000. bonus for earning the most points on superspeedways in the FCS.
He said the car was available the other 32 races, and would be willing to talk to anyone interested in renting the car for a week, or whatever. He didn't rule out using the 77 for a R&D or driver development car either.
Neises announced that the Wichita Garden Show would also sponsor the 77 car at Daytona. Finally, Neises announced that the Wichita Garden Show would be on the newly renumbered 07 Toyota Camry in Thursdays final Winter Nocturnal Adrenaline race at Atlanta.

February 18, 2007 - Rob Neises "Puts Crowbar into Checkbook", Announces sim500 FCS entry:
Dateline: Ontario, CA

Rob Neises held a press conference at Daytona International Speedway yesterday. At it, he announced that James Gang Racing would indeed field an entry in sim500's Feature Cup Series. In the SCKL Special, he anounced that Bud Boykin, better know as Master Blaster would pilot the number 07 Toyota Camry in the 2007 Feature Cup Series. Though no full-time sponsor had been signed, Neises announced that the 40th Annual Wichita Garden Show would be on the 07 Camry at both Daytona and California. "I had been wavering on whether a car in FCS was a viable option, I looked at the dollars, and they made sense! So I took my own advise and put the old crowbar into the checkbook and got my license," Neises said in a prepared statement. When asked why he wasn't putting himself into the car, Neises said he wanted a driver that would make the show every week, and he knew Bud would do the job. Neises admitted he would probably be a liability in sponsorship negotiations, as he only has 3 online wins, and didn't qualify in any of the four races he attempted last year.
Neises took a minute to promote the 2-race sponsor, the Wichita Garden Show. "I got started with the show when I returned from the Islands, my Mom worked for them 10 years ago. My security company started doing their security work 9 years ago, and now I assist in the day-to-day show operations as a contractor. Its the premier Garden show in the nation, and I'm proud to assist Alex Lingg and the rest of the board in promoting the 40th Annual show," Neises said.
Neises, though in a hurry was cordial, and answered all but two questions, one was when someone started singing Happy Birthday to Rob as it was his birthday, he didn't answer how old he was, he said 39 and holding - ala Jack Benny, and he didn't answer if he would race any FCS races himself for someone else, or if he would eventually get a second car.
Neises did tell everyone that he plans on running the 07 most likely in the Nocturnal Adrenaline and Midnight Thunder series'.

February 12, 2007 - JGR Finishes Well/DNF's at RfV:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

It was all about timing for James Gang Racing this weekend at NASS' 2nd Race for Victory. In one heat, driver Allen Ebert won, qualifying for the main event on Sunday evening. In the other, Rob Neises stayed out a lap to long, and came out 12th, just missing qualifying by 2 spots. In the B-main, Neises took the Executive Security F-Series to a 11th place finish. Sunday seen Rob compete against 25 other drivers in the last chance race. Electrical problems put Rob 9 laps down, the he and the number 1 truck got together - putting Neises into the wall, and out of the race. He finished 17th.
Sunday night, with Rob Neises on the war wagon, Allen Ebert was consistent, leading laps, and staying near the front. Ebert was making a move on the leader with 5 to go when the yellow came out. He crossed the line in second place. The race was not to run another green flag lap. Ebert and Neises celebrated the runner-up finish after the race. "I knew when I hired Allen to drive for me, he'd get in the show. His awesome finish is a great source of pride for the Executive Security and James Gang Racing organization!" Neises beamed.
In the post race interview, Ebert announced that he had lost his sponsor for the sim500 Feature Cup Series just last night, and asked Rob to sponsor him. Neises chuckled and told him to call him on Monday.
Truth is James Gang Racing had just signed "Master Blaster", Bud Boykin to run a JGR-prepared Toyota in the Feature Cup Series. Neises said he hoped to have an announcement later in the week to announce sponsor and car number. Neises also revealed he would not run for the Superspeedway bonus series part of FCS, and that he was going to focus on making Boykin's team a contender weekly.

February 11, 2007 - Neises announces JGR's FCS Plans:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

After not qualifying for the NASS Race for Victory for the second year in a row, Neises held a newsconference in the press room of the JGR Special. Neises announced that James Gang Racing had applied for a license to compete in the sim500 pay series'. He also announced that JGR is still planning on running Toyotas in the sim500 series. He then announced Bud "Master Blaster" Boykin as the newest James Gang Racing driver. "Bud is a solid driver who will put the JGR Camry in the show every week, and that is what is going to land a full-time sponsor to add more cars and drivers in the coming years," Neises said.
Neises then took questions from the media. He answered that the number has not been assigned by sim500 yet, but expects its by late in the week. The car does not have a full-time sponsor, but Ron Jon Surf Shop will be on the 2007 Toyotas at Daytona on the 19th. He said he would not run the Feature Cup Series in 2007, as he would be spending a lot of time getting sponsorship, and building infastructure for the future. He also said he would not be running for the Superspeedway series bonus money in 2007. Finally he said plans were to expand to a 2 to 3 car team for 2008. He did also say that if things developed quickly enough, he would put Boykin, or someone into a HITS Series Toyota Tundra in 2007.
Neises admitted that this has come together rather quickly, that is why details about Boykins deal, the teams number, and a full-time sponsorship cannot be announced yet - because all of the details or deals are not finished. Someone even asked him what about the ride he was to have with Dickert Motorsports, to which Neises said he did not have an answer.

February 9, 2007 - Neises Announces Final 2007 Plans:
Dateline: Bristol, TN

Rob Neises apologized to race day media that had gathered yesterday before the AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline race at Thunder Valley - Bristol Motor Speedway. He said he had hoped that everything for 2007 would have been finalized months ago, but situations and issues arose that prevented that from being the case. But he said he could now lay out his 2007 plans, to the best of his abilities. He said he would go by day of the week the series ran on to make it easy.
Monday is a tricky day according to Neises. He has signed on to run the entire NASS Thunder series, racing again for Outlaw Motorsports. Coleman returns with the number 07 in a combination Neises says he hopes will bring back the magic of 2005. He says there is a small chance he will run the four superspeedway races in sim500's Feature Cup Series. He also reported that James Gang Racing has signed Bud Boyton to run the JGR Toyotas in the FCS, but sponsorship and funding are the major stumbling blocks according to Neises.
Thursday's will see Neises doing double duty. He returns with John Deere on the hood of the number 07 OMS Dodge Ram in NASS' Truck Series. Then Neises will hop a jet and run in AKM's Nocturnal Adrenaline Series in a JGR prepared Toyota Camry. Toyota TRD is on the 017 this winter, but earlier last week Neises reported that Buffalo Wild Wings will return for the regular season sessions starting in late February/early March.
Friday sees Neises and James Gang Racing attempting to qualify for the tough Midnight Thunder series of AKM Racing. Buffalo Wild Wings is on the 017 Toyota Tundra as the first session of the 2007 season is now three weeks old.
In offline, Neises said he will field a Dallara/Honda in the ISRS OWR series. Primary sponsorship will switch between Cricket Wireless, the SCKL Railroad, and Del Monte Foods at Infineon. JGR will work with Ratt Pack Racing in some limited SOAR-Racing action in 2007, fielding Toyotas in the STS and Cush series. Neises said he will also return as Director of SOAR-racing's Nascar 3 division. He said he would also attempt some SOAR-Racing online races as well as some Charity TV races.
Other than AW88 and Vintage Nascar, Neises said James Gang Racing will field Toyotas, most carrying the number 17 or 017. In AW88 and Vintage, Neises has an agreement with Dodge Motorsports to provide assistance with the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler Lebaron for AW88, and the Dodge Daytona and Charger in vintage racing. For internet-tv charity races, Neises has signed with Ford Motor company to run F-Series, Fusions, T-birds and Torino's. Currently, Rob leads the ISRS Vintage series by over 15 points after last weeks dnf at Richmond Fairgrounds. Other sponsorship deals Neises has in place for 2007 include: Ron Jon Surf Shop at all Daytona and Homestead points races, Del Monte Foods on any Rob Neises piloted vehicle at Infineon, and the SCKL Railroad upped its primary sponsorship to not only Kansas, adding Texas races also. Associate sponsorship changes include Valvoline becoming the official oil of JGR, Bosch becoming a minor associate, and Orange County Choppers returning as a mid-to-low level associate. Cox High Speed Internet has not resigned in 2007 as of this date, and RC Cola and Havoline oil are leaving JGR after the ISRS Vintage Nascar series. Country Time Lemonade and Jones Soda Company left as AW 88 sponsors, and John Deere reduced its sponsorship to trucks only in 07. The US NAVY left as the primary on the Ratt Pack Racing Chevy Monte Carlo in N3 racing, but remains an associate, where associate NuComm has left JGR and OMS after negotiations failed on a FCS sponsorship package.
After fielding questions about the announcement, Rob left for the drivers meeting. This weekend is the 2nd Anual Race for Victory, presented by Executive Security. The qualify and heat races are on the 10th, a last chance race on Sunday morning the 11th, then the 250 lapper on Sunday afternoon. Someone asked when Rob's birthday is - the 17th. He didn't answer when someone blurted out, "How old are you!"

February 5, 2007 - Neises,"No Comment," on Ebert No-Show:
Dateline: Darlington, SC

James Gang Racing President, Rob Neises had no comment for the media today upon arrival at Darlington for the final SOAR SROC race of the season. Team PR staff handed out a release that basically stated that JGR was committed to having two entries for the Race for Victory Qualifying sessions that begins Saturday at California Speedway. Team President Rob Neises would be one of the drivers the release said.
The second part of the release said that JGR was delaying the rollout of the 2007 website due to too many unresolved issues with the 2007 season. No other comments were released either verbally or through releases.

February 4, 2007 - Ebert a No-Show at RfV Practice Session:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

New James Gang Racing driver, Allen Ebert was a no-show at last nights practice session for next weekends NASS, Race for Victory. Ebert's number 97 Executive Security Silverado was there, but he wasn't. JGR President, Rob Neises was not scheduled to be at the practice as he had committed to being at Richmond Fairgrounds for Sundays ISRS Vintage Nascar race there. Neises did not return calls left for him in Richmond.
JGR PR staff said that they were not able to comment on the situation, but did admit they were there to work on a media package with Ebert.

February 3, 2007 - Neises Returns to Track:
Dateline: Concord, MA

It was a much happier Rob Neises who climbed from the number 017 Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra last night after qualifying. Instead of cleaning up and heading to the booth, he made the race, even leading some laps before avoiding the big one at Coca-Cola on the next to the last lap. He ended up crossing the line in 15th. "The James Gang Racing, Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra was a little low on power, but we had some lucky cautions," driver Rob Neises said. Next week the Midnight Thunder series will be at Blue Ridge Superspeedway, a track many describe as Michigan on steroids. Neises says he hopes he can qualify a bit better than he did at Coca-Cola, but as long as he makes the show, he said he'll be very happy.
Rob's return wasn't without some controversy though. In what he describes as a spill-over from an argument the previous night, Neises was ordered to change the way his numbers read on both his Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra, and his Toyota TRD Camry. A driver began complaining to AKM/sim500 officials about drivers such as Neises who were running the new three-digit numbers in the series. So league admins asked Neises and others, though Neises said he wasn't given a choice, to make all three digits close to the same size so it is easy to determine the true number in race control. Neises said he would comply, and plans to roll out the new numbers this week at Bristol and Blue Ridge Superspeedway.

February 1, 2007 - James Gang Racing makes RfV Announcement:
Dateline: Rockingham, NC

Shortly after Rob Neises arrived at the Rock, he held a short newsconference. There he announced that James Gang Racing, in cooperation with Ebert Motorsports, would be fielding a second entry into next weekends NASS, Race for Victory. JGR had already entered Team President Rob Neises in the number 07 Executive Securty, Ford F-Series. Allen Ebert, who qualified and ran in last years event will pilot the second JGR entry, the number 97, Executive Security Chevy Silverado.
"We at Executive Securtity and James Gang Racing are proud to have a proven online race winner like Allen Ebert driving for us in the Race for Victory," Rob Neises told the gathered crowd.

January 28, 2007 - Neises Benefits from Broadcast:
Dateline: Wilkes County, NC

Its seems missing a race may have benefitted Rob Neises more than actually running it. That wild conclusion was made by Rob Neises, and conveyed to motorsports media as Neises practiced his number 17 James Gang Racing, RC Cola Ford Torino for Sundays ISRS Vintage Nascar race at North Wilkesboro. Seems representatives of his 2006 AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline and Midnight Thunder sponsor Buffalo Wild Wings was listening to last nights broadcast on racing radio, and noted how easily he was able to weave his sponsors name into his broadcasting, and how well the public responded to him in the booth. In response to last nights action, Neises received an email response from the PR department at Buffalo Wild Wings, inquiring if it was still possible to return as primary sponsor on the Toyota Camry's and Tundra's Neises drives in the two AKM series. Neises said the deal was just signed a couple of hours ago.
Neises said plans are to run selected races in Nocturnal Adrenalines Winter series that ends in mid February, then run the entire mini-series' with Buffalo Wild Wings on the Camry. He said that Buffalo Wild Wings would replace the SCKL Railroad Tundra in the Midnight Thunder Series as early as next Friday at Coca-Cola Superspeedway in Massachusetts, they would continue as long as Neises ran Midnight Thunder in 2007. Neises said the deal is a one-year deal with up to two option years if both sides agree.

January 27, 2007 - Neises Misses Race - Ends Up in Booth:
Dateline: Homestead-Miami, FL

Rob Neises thought he was ready for the banks of South Florida last night, but was off a bit. AKM started the first points race of the Midnight Thunder series at the oval last night. They changed the format to get in on qualifying time instead of heat races, and Rob ended up with the 20th quickest time, outside the required 18th place. Missing the race got Rob an invite to help call the racing action instead. "I would of rather been racing instead, but Kunze and Night made me feel right at home," Rob said. Sim500 President and lead announcer, Brian "NightV" Cogan said, "We hope that Rob makes the rest of the races, but if not, we'll save a chair for him up here!" Neises last racing broadcast was in 1993 at Wichita, Kansas' 1/3d mile dirt track, 81 Speedway.

January 26, 2007 - Neises Plays Both Sides with Announcement:
Dateline: Homestead-Miami, FL

Rob Neises met with the media earlier today before practice for the AKM Midnight Thunder race at Homestead. He said he has spent most of the week contemplating some tough decisions. And the toughest relates to the sim500 Feature Cup Series. After getting some clarification from league officials, Neises announced to the media this afternoon, that if he could get sponsorship, he would probably only attempt the four Superspeedway races, and make a run at the $1000 Superspeedway bonus. "I'm confident I can make the races and run well at Daytona and Talladega, and no one so far, is willing to even make a commitment to a 9 race schedule this late in the season," Neises said. He said he will try to possibly get someone else to run some HITS races and maybe a few other FCS races if he can clear some cash at the Superspeedway races himself, or he can turn his business and personal fortunes around.
When asked, Neises said he had to be fair to Outlaw Motorsports, and allow them time to get him the cars needed to run the entire NASS Thunder series. He also said the fact that Coleman Outdoor Products agreed to come aboard for 30 races on the 07 Outlaw Motorsports Charger has causing him to lean toward running NASS Thunder only. "Instead of being ineffective in 2 series, focus on one," Neises was quoted as saying. He said all plans were not yet final, but he promised OMS and Coleman an answer by February 5th.

January 19, 2007 - Neises Announces Sponsor:
Dateline: Darlington, SC

Rob Neises didn't shy away from media as some thought he might upon arrival at "the Lady in Black", Darlington. Neises was there for race 8 in the ISRS Vintage Nascar Series. Going into Darlington, Rob holds an 8 point lead over second place Don Ruth, and 11 over third.
Neises met with the race media there, and said he had an announcement. When the media got together yesterday afternoon, Rob announced that Coleman Outdoor Products had agreed to sponsor Neises' OMS Charger in NASS Thunder action. The deal is for up to 30 races if Neises does run the entire NASS Thunder series as he announced was a possibility yesterday in Kansas. "We have Ron Jon Surf Shops and SCKL already signed on for six races in 2007, the addition of Coleman will add to the excitement," Neises said.
Coleman is not a stranger to Neises. Coleman was the primary sponsor on Rob's 2005 rookie-season in NASS. Sponsor is not the only change on the OMS ride for Neises. In an effort to regain past successes, he changed the number back to 07, and all the cars will now be prepared at Outlaw Motorsports California shops. John Deere, the sponsor last year on Rob's Charger has moved over to sponsor the entire NASS Truck schedule in 07, sans a few races for Ron Jon Surf Shop and the SCKL Railroad.
Rob announced that the OMS Dodge Rams he plans on running in the Truck series will change to the number 07.
He said he would most likely have a press conference this coming week at Talladega on either Monday or Thursday about the Ford deal announcement.

January 18, 2007 - JGR Crisis Expands:
Dateline: Wichita, KS
Press Release from James Gang Racing

The previously announced financial crisis, mixed with the fact that the sponsorship deal lined up for the JGR/Toyota TRD Camry fell though, make it entirely likely that James Gang Racing will not be able to field a full-time entry in the sim500 Feature Cup Series in 2007. Team owner Rob Neises had this to say, "JGR had two commitments for sponsorship that would have allowed us to run at least one full time car in Feature Cup action, but one pulled out at the last minute, and the other has just disappeared. If some money isn't found soon - it could all be over!"
Neises was refering to the fact the two-car deal with NuComm International had failed in late December. The other, was an offer to combine efforts with another team. That option would of allowed, with the Toyota money, for Rob to make all the races. Its usually hard to get a sponsor for a new team this late in the season, and Neises said his personal/business financial crisis makes it unlikely he could afford to run unsponsored. Neises did say he was going to check with sim500 officials to see about running a few marquee races to see if that brought a sponsor. Cost he said would be the determining factor in that decision Neises said.
Neises said this current problem will not create an issue for Executive Security's sponsorship of NASS' 2nd Annual Race for Victory. "We will be able to cover the two races we set up with NASS, but we might have to re-evaluate this fall's Mike Langston Memorial sponsorship if things don't improve," Neises said.
Rob Neises did want to let fans know that even if he didn't run any Feature Cup races, he has been talking to Outlaw Motorsports President, Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg about running the full NASS Thunder series as a back-up. "The Outlaw said he'd love to have me full-time in the OMS Charger, and I appreciate it," Neises said.

January 17, 2007 - Problems at James Gang Racing:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises looked worried as he met with local media yesterday at the GP Race Park Media Center. He announced that severe cash flow problems have halted the refurbishing of the DTR/JGR shops near Goddard. The huge former-warehouse was supposed to get modified before Toyota brought in the equipment for new car building they supply for factory-supported teams.
For those who missed the announcement early last season, Neises was planning on selling the warehouse to an undisclosed buyer and building a huge, all-in-one race/industrial park further west, between the current GP Race Park and the SCKL Yard in Garden Plain. The land had been cleared, and improvements like roads, sewer, etc were progressing when the crisis struck. "We got the land cleared, and utilities to the site, the equipment was working on the roads and the footprints for the shops when this happened," Neises said. He continued on to say that he hopes to get the equipment rolling again soon, but now expects that it could be the end of the year, or the winter months before the new GP Race and Industrial Park is ready for occupancy. Neises didn't elaborate on what had caused the financial crisis he and his businesses are having, but its obviously a serious one.

January 12, 2007 - Neises Pads Lead - To Miss Another Race:
Dateline: South Boston, VA

Rob Neises was happy that Don Ruth chose to skip South Boston this weekend. Rith not being in the lineup, and Rob's 4th place finish, allowed Rob to open up an 8 point lead over Ruth, and an 11 point lead over third. "We got the trunklid fixed, but I just couldn't get the car to rotate out of the corners enough, and that was the difference in taking fourth, but I did get my 150th Pole of my racing career here, so I can't be totally upset," Neises said.
After the race, he also announced that he would be forced to miss tomorrow's SOAR SROC race at Atlanta. Conflicts between work needed to be done in Kansas, and the race, is forcing this cancellation. He says he plans on making Talladega and the remaining two races at Michigan and Darlington.
Finally, Rob said he was pretty sure he would not make the NASS Test at Talladega, or the AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline race Thursday, but he said there was a slight chance he might make the Texas Midnight Thunder Race on Friday, so the JGR Special was on its way to Texas with the SCKL Supports the Troops Tundra in case he does.

January 12, 2007 - NASCAR Orders Changes:
Dateline: South Boston, VA

Vintage Nascar Officials threatened to penalize Rob Neises is his number 17, James Gang Racing - RC Cola Ford Torino doesn't meet decal specs by the start of Sunday's race. Neises laughed it off, and had the team bring a new trunklid for the car. Neises' car was at odds with standards that expect the trunk to be the car number, Rob had major associate sponsor, the SCKL Railroad there. "I think its funny, the season is over half over, and they just notice," Rob Neises laughed. Actually, its believed another team complained, so Nascar demanded the change for this race, and all remaining races. A new trunklid and a smaller SCKL sticker are on their way by jet from the JGR shops in Kansas. Neises said that all the trunklids on the SCKL Special had the SCKL logo on them, so he had to have a special one flown in
Neises announced that he plans on flying to Mocksville, North Carolina this afternoon and run the AKM Midnight Thunder race at Joe Gibbs International. "I have a special SCKL Supports the Troops schemed Toyota Tundra waiting for me," Neises told the media before heading to the airport for the trip to Mocksville. PR Staff for Neises released to the media that Rob will run the SCKL Supports Our Troops scheme at selected races during the Winter session of the Midnight Thunder Series. They said Toyota TRD will stay on the 017 Camry's in the select Nocturnal Adrenaline races Rob makes this winter.

January 11, 2007 - Neises Struggles:
Dateline: Homestead-Miami, FL

Rob Neises was obviously not pleased when he exited the 017 Toyota TRD Camry this evening. Neises had just finished 11th in the AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline race at Homestead. Earlier in the day, he finished 6th in another Camry at Talladega. Neises' problems and frustrations began in the NASS WinterTest race at the recently repaved Talladega Superspeedway. Like Daytona earlier, he had troubles keeping up with the draft, though it seemed to be engine, not body issues this time. "We worked on the body almost a month preparing for this - we wind-tunnel tested, and it was slick, but about 50 laps in, the motor started loosing significant power," Neises said about the early race at Talladega.
After hopping a jet ride to Southern Florida, Rob took another Camry out to try the Homestead track in an AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline points race. The Camry performed a bit better, drafting better at the flatter 2-mile oval. About 15 laps in, an electrical issue caused him to go two laps down. Frustrated, he let the safer barrier grab the car with about 20 to go, and he was a non-issue in the race till the end, when he went low to miss the leader, and was rear-ended by the second place car. "I guess he and his spotter missed me," Neises said when asked by the media. "I went low when the leader chose to go high, I didn't know the second place car would try to sling-shot low past him - and he obviously didn't know I was down there," Neises ended the discussion with. The car ended up with a lot of front end and tail damage. Neises said he would take both cars back to Kansas, and have them worked on. He was perplexed though about the engine issue earlier he confided to one of the newsmen.
He said besides the ISRS Vintage Nascar races he didn't know when his next racing appearance would be. He said he has all but given up on making a SOAR SROC race because of work scheduling. He was overheard asking if the Special was enroute. A quick look at schedues shows AKM's Midnight Thunder running a get-acquainted race Friday at Joe Gibbs International Raceway in Mocksville, North Carolina.

January 1, 2007 - Neises Rolls with Ford:
Dateline: Rockingham, NC

Rob Neises was dancing again in victory lane yesterday at "the Rock". After taking the pole by almost a second, Neises said he was confident going into the race on New Years Eve Day. The confidence was the difference as Rob took his second straight race and pole. An incredible 100% average on poles and wins since making the switch to the Ford Torino's. Rob said he knew it would almost be impossible to keep up that pace, but he thanked the Ford engineers for the three (3) point lead he now holds in the Vintage Nascar series going into the mid-point of the winter series, Riverside. The road-course, the only one of the Vintage series, Neises said would be quite a challenge. Next week's race will also be the only jaunt west of the Mississippi the series will make till the finale' at the Ontario Superspeedway.
In other racing news, Neises announced he would miss the SOAR SROC race at Kansas on January 8th. Scheduling by his work was messed up, and he couldn't get free of the commitment on the 8th. Neises is now set to debut a week later on the 15th at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

December 30, 2006 - Neises Holds Press Conference:
Dateline: Rockingham, NC

Rob Neises met with the motorsports press yesterday after arriving at "the Rock" for the ISRS Vintage Nascar Race at "the Rock". Neises was feeling good after sweeping the pole and the win on Christmas Eve at Nashville. After touching a bit on the win and the feel of the Torino, Neises went into the real purpose of the get together.
Rob said unfortunately 2007 plans are almost completely up in the air at this point. He said that the cold weather had slowed down the refurbish on the DTR/JGR shops. The old NWST shop though he said was very busy building Camry's and Tundra's for 2007. What he said, is that tentatively, he would attempt the entire sim500 Feature Cup Series in a 2007 Toyota Camry. Primary sponsorship on the as-of-yet un-numbered Camry will be Toyota TRD for most of the season. Other primary's will be: Ron Jon Surf Shop for the four Florida races, Del Monte Food for the Infineon race, and the SCKL Railroad at the Kansas and Texas races. The signed associate sponsors are: the SCKL Railroad, Valvoline Oil, Executive Security, the US NAVY, and Bosch. He said the back-up plan for Monday's is a return to the NASS Thunder series for a third year with Outlaw Motorsports of California. He is scheduled to run the 07 Dodge Charger with sponsorship promised by Coleman Outdoor Products. Associate sponsorship for the OMS Charger are: US NAVY, the SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, and Havoline Motor Oil. Plans are to run Thunder races when the Feature Cup Series is off, or if Rob didn't qualify for the FCS race. Offline, Rob said James Gang Racing will prepare Dallara/Honda's for the ISRS's Open Wheel Racing Series. Other than Ron Jon in Florida, Del Monte at Infineon, and the SCKL Railroad at the Kansas and Texas races, Neises said no other sponsor had signed for the remaining 8-10 races.
The only other set in stone plans, is that Rob will run Ford F-150's and Fusions in a couple charity races in early February. On the weekend of February 10th & 11th, Rob will run an Executive Security sponsored Ford F-150 in NASS's Racing for Victory 2, in a race that his own Executive Security will underwrite the race broascast. The next weekend, Rob will pilot a Ford Fusion in the Sim-Racing Against Cancer event. Rob did not name a sponsor for the SRAC event yet. Before the first hand was raised, Neises stopped to announce that James Gang Racing and Ford Motorsports had signed a deal that Rob would run Fords in all special charity races for internet-tv in 2007.
Neises prefaced the next segment as hopeful, or possible racing endeavors in 2007. If scheduling allows, Rob plans on running full-time in NASS Truck series in an Outlaw Motorsports-California prepared Dodge Ram, with sponsorship from John Deere. Associate sponsorship on the 07 Ram is to be provided by the SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, the US NAVY, and Havoline Motor Oil. Offline, Rob said JGR will prepare Toyota's for occassional SOAR races, including some online with Dodge providing factory support for Vintage and Aerowars races.
Neises apologized to the media about not being able to be more concrete, but said the fluincy of his life currently is the source of the inability to sign sponsors and set schedules for 2007.

December 25, 2006 - Merry Christmas:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises sent a note to motorsports media. It wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. He also announced that he has chosen Friday afternoon, December 29th at Rockingham for the site of his promised news conference about 2007.

December 16, 2006 - Neises to run Fords:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL - Breaking News !

Rob Neises together with officials from Ford Motorsports held a newsconference this morning. At it, it was announced that James Gang Racing and Ford Motorsports had signed an agreement that puts Rob Neises in Fords for the remainder of the ISRS Vintage Nascar series. Rob will run a Ford Torino starting next week at Nashville. The car will remain number 17, and RC Cola has agreed to continue as primary sponsor of the car, with support and additional sponsorship dollars being provided by Ford Motorsports.
During the question and answer session that followed, it was revealed that the deal all came together since the announcement by Dodge on the 13th. Dodge has signed off on the deal, and Neises will return to Dodge's, with the promise of factory support, in any 2007 vintage racing that JGR would attempt. It was also insinuated that this could be the beginning of some sort of relationship between JGR and Ford Motorsports, though nothing was concretely discussed, or has been agreed to both sides confirmed. Rob also said that Santa Claus would be joining RC on the number 17 JGR Torino at Nashville since the race is on Christmas Eve.
When reached for comment, a Dodge spokesman confirmed that Neises came to them to discuss the deal last night and has Dodge's blessing. He also reiterated Dodge's support of the Vintage series and plans to factory support the series, cars, and more specifically, Rob Neises and JGR. When asked about Dodge's planned support for the Aerowars series, the spokesman confirmed that Dodge still plans on providing factory support of the Dodge Magnum and Chrysler Lebaron in Aerowars series racing.
Neises also took this opportunity to announce that he would hold a newsconference between Christmas and New Years to announce his preliminary 2007 racing schedule and sponsorship packages up to that point. He also announced that he would not be able to make this weeks SOAR SROC race, but plans on joining the series at Kansas on January 8, 2007.

December 15, 2006 - Neises Disappointed:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises did not seem a happy man after the conclusion of the OTR Racing Open Server race last night. Rob started 8th in the first competitive action for the new James Gang Racing Camry. Rob limped home 5th, two laps down in the crash-fest at Daytona. "I was not very happy, the JGR Toyota TRD Camry was sluggish, and would not stick with the draft. We'll be putting in some extra hours before this car sees the track again," Neises said about the effort. Neises was asked if he thought that the Camry's issues was stopping him from obtaining sponsorship, he said he had primary sponsorship in place from Toyota, but that he was hoping to add a second car - and sponsorship will be tight.

December 14, 2006 - Dodge Drops Support:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises arrived at Daytona International yesterday and was met by representatives of Dodge Motorsports. He and the rest of the Dodge/Plymouth drivers running in the ISRS Vintage NASCAR Series were informed that to better prepare for the upcoming 2007 Nextel Cup season, they were changing directions and temporarily will not be providing factory support for the Vintage series. No time frame was given for the suspension, but Dodge did give the drivers the okay to change manufacturers for the winter series only. Rob Neises said he had known this was a possiblity, but had thought that the winter money was okay. Rob is scheduled to run the RC Cola Dodge Charger Sunday at Bristol Speedway. Neises was called to Daytona for the meeting, so he brought his JGR Toyota Camry. The OTR Racing series was holding an Open Server race there. Rob said he thought it might be a good opportunity to shake down the new Camry.

December 10, 2006 - Neises Chosen for SROC:
Dateline: College Station, TX

Rob Neises arrived Friday for warm up for the second round of the ISRS's Vintage Nascar series at Texas World Speedway. While the JGR crew unloaded the number 17 Dodge Daytona, Neises met with the media. One of the announcements Rob made was that he was going to miss the first two rounds of SOAR's SROC series. Personal family business created a situation that requires Neises to be unavailable for racing through Christmas. (aka - If Rob didn't take a second job - there'd be no Christmas this year) Rob said he would pick up the series after New Years. Rob will make his SROC debut at his home track - Kansas Speedway on January 8th. Rob also announced that other than the ISRS Vintage series, Rob would not be running any other races till Christmas at least.
In other Rob's Racing News: There was a rumor floating around that Rob would not finish the 2006/07 ISRS Winter Vintage Nascar series in the 17 RC Cola Dodge Daytona. When Rob was asked about it, he said he'd heard that rumor - but he'd also heard Elvis was in the building... That comment got laughs from most of the gathered media. Rob said he will be at Bristol next Sunday in the number 17 James Gang Racing/RC Cola Dodge Daytona - Period !

December 4, 2006 - Neises Chosen for SROC:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises announced yesterday before the kick-off to the ISRS Vintage NASCAR series race at Daytona, that he had received an invitation to race in SOAR-Racing's SROC - Sim Race of Champions. The SROC is an IROC based series featuring Pontiac Firebirds for Champions of SOAR Racing Series, and past Top 3 points finishers from previous SROC seasons. 21 drivers will take to the high-banks of Daytona on December 11th. Neises was very happy about the invitation, and announced he would be driving a maroon colored firebird with his name in gold "snow-capped" lettering, his number in black will be 19. This is Rob's first invitation to an IROC based series, he earned it with his 19th Championship - his first SOAR Championship, in this years Nascar 3 offline series.
The SROC actually will run a no-points shakedown race on Monday the 4th, but Neises had prior commitments.

December 2, 2006 - JGR Winter Plans Announced:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Rob Neises brought his factory-prepared Dodge Daytona to the high banks of Daytona, arriving yesterday. The number 17, complete with snow-covered numbers was rolled out to the media when Rob had his promised Winter racing press conference. The Daytona had Ron Jon Surf Shop on the sides for Sunday's race. Beside it was an identically painted car with RC Cola on the quarters. Rob announced he would pilot the Daytona for all 12 races of the ISRS Winter Vintage Nascar series. RC Cola will be on the car the remaining 11 races Neises announced.
In other winter racing news, Rob announced that Toyota TRD will be the sponsor of the JGR entry in the AKM Open Server Series. The number 07 Camry is expected to make its first appearance this week Neises said. No word from NASS about any Winter action - which Neises said most likely meant they will take off December. He did announce that during the Winter, if NASS ran a stock car series, he would run Toyota's, as OMS doesn't prepare cars for winter racing.
Neises also took this opportunity to talk about sponsorships for 2007. Rob announced that Ron Jon Surf Shop has renewed its contract to be on all Rob Neises driven cars, in all points races at Daytona and Homestead. He announced that this included OWR this year. He also announced that the SCKL Railroad would transport all JGR teams to the tracks, and will remain an associate sponsor on all Rob Neises driven cars. As part of the deal, the SCKL will be the primary on all Rob Neises racing endeavors at Kansas Speedway. In previously announced deals, Bosch has signed to be on the JGR Camry's run by Neises. Valvoline has signed on to be the oil supplier/associate sponsor on all JGR cars. Ratt Pack Racing had announced earlier in the week that Valvoline would be on RPR cars in 2007. Outlaw Motorsports announced also this week that they had renewed another year with Havoline. Del Monte Foods signed on late in 2006 to be the primary sponsor for all races Rob Neises runs at Infineon Raceway.
Neises had no word on 2006 associate sponsors Executive Security, Cox High Speed Internet, or the US NAVY. He also said he would be announcing primary sponsorships as they are signed. Neises did say he was pretty close to being able to announce his tentative 2007 plans, and said he will around the first of the year.

November 29, 2006 - JGR Announces Associate Sponsors:
Dateline: Atlanta, GA

Before last nights SOAR-Racing Aerowars finale', Rob Neises met with the media to make a few more announcements in relationship to 2007. Neises announced that JGR has signed Bosch and Valvoline Motor Oils as associate sponsors on the JGR prepared Toyota Camry's they will be campaigning starting February at Daytona. They both also agreed to associate sponships for Winter Series action too. Bosch is new, but its a bit suprising that Valvoline signed with JGR as Rob left Valvoline for Havoline three years ago. "The oil associate sponsorship game is constantly revolving, and with our current sponsorship issues, we have to maximize our associate sponsor dollars, and Valvoline had the best package for a new team like us," Neises told the media.
As of this date, Neises has only announced previous to this announcement that Del Monte would be on all JGR cars that race at Infineon. None of the other current DTR associates have signed sponsorship deals with JGR for 2007, though its expected that the SCKL Railroad will soon.

November 28, 2006 - Neises Announces Winter Plans:
Dateline: Atlanta, GA

Rob Neises met with the media this morning and discussed his winter racing plans. Though it wasn't expected till Friday in Daytona, Neises said enough ink was dry to roll it out early. And is if on cue, with that, an engine roared to life, and Rob formally announced what all knew, he would be driving for Toyota. Rob took this opportunity to show off the 2007 Camry in its "Winter" colors. (see below) Neises announced that James Gang Racing would be running the number 07 Toyota TRD Camry this winter in sim500 open server racing. "I will attempt one race a week in open track racing," Neises said. TRD has signed on for as many races I run this winter in AKM and sim500 action.
In other winter news, Rob announced he would try to run the entire ISRS Winter Vintage Nascar series, featuring the GN70 cars. He said Ron Jon Surf Shop would be on the car this Sunday, but didn't have a sponsor the remainder of the season yet. Rob said an announcement on any NASS winter racing would be coming as soon as the schedule is released.

November 24, 2006 - Mediator - Neises, Dodge Suprise All with Agreement:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

On a morning that many were cooking their family Thanksgiving meal, and planning their shopping strategies for today's shopping, Rob Neises held a press conference to announce a breakthrough with Dodge. Via a satellite hook-up with Detroit, Rob Neises and Dodge announced that they had worked out an agreement to end the hostilities between the two.
Basically, this is what the two sides announced: The Outlaw Motorsports Dodge's that Rob is running in Thunder and Trucks in 2007 will be prepared and built in the OMS shops in Southern California, Rob will just basically drive them. Dodge is covering the cost of the move, adding the additional space at OMS-CA, and also paying rent on the old OMS-KS shops in the Garden Plain Race Park until a new tennant is found, up to 12 months. In years past, Rob had built his OMS cars in Kansas, and transported them via the SCKL Railroad. In 2007, the cars will be built in the California shops, and hauled in OMS transporters, much the same as Rob's Ratt Pack Racing cars are. Rob can run any type of manufacturer in any series with Dodge's blessing, including a possible four-race superspeedway schedule in NASS's Lightning Division. That opens the door door for Rob to run a Toyota, if approved to run.
Dodge also pleadged full factory support for James Gang Racing's GN70 and Aerowars programs. That would allow Rob to run Dodge Daytona's, Chargers, and Plymouth Roadrunners in GN70 action, and either Dodge Magnum's or Chrysler LeBaron's in aerowars action. Dodge is the leader in GN70 factory support in sim-racing, and has promised to provide the same level of factory support in Aerowars. This will allow Rob to build with Dodge Motorsports assistance, cars for JGR action in those two racing series. There is a void for teams running Toyota's in those two series. The three major American manufacturers are clammering to sign these Toyota drivers. Before this agreement, it seemed General Motors had the advantage, as Rob runs Olds and Pontiacs for Ratt Pack Racing, so the relationship was there.
After all the questions were answered, Rob said he would be making a preliminary announcement on 2007 the first week of December, probably at the JGR debut at Daytona in the ISRS's GN70 Winter Series. Rob said he was waiting on other league's winter announcements before announcing his Winter 06-07 campaign.

November 22, 2006 - Shops Close for Refurbishing/Good ?:
Dateline: West Sedgwick County, KS

The Dad's Time Racing and Outlaw Motorsports - Kansas Shops at the GP Race Park shut down yesterday, and the crews given off for the holiday. A different type of crew will return to the DTR, as well as the Outlaw Motorsports shops on Monday. Crews will be refurbishing the old DTR shops in preperation for the change to Toyota and James Gang Racing in 2007. A lot of the old equipment and machines will be removed, and new Toyota-supplied equipment will replace it. "Some of the body hanging equipment has been in use in the old NWST shops, building cars in preparation for this winter's shakedown runs and getting a jump on 2007," Team owner Rob Neises stated. Toyota is bringing in all new stuff for the new JGR shops. They will remove the equipment from the old NWST shops after that. JGR Winter Series cars will come from stock left over from Ratt Pack Racing. Rob drove Daytonas from RPR for part of the SOAR Superspeedway series. They will be prepared in the Connecticut shops and then transported by the SCKL Winter Special. The new Toyotas running this winter will continue being prepared in the old NWST shops till the James Gang Racing shops reopen, scheduled for early-to-mid January.
The Outlaw Motorsports shop will be gutted, and the contents of the shop moved to a new building at the Outlaw Motorsports facility in Southern California. There is no word on what will happen to the building afterwards as no new tennant has been announced. "We're moving the stuff per our deal with Dodge, they are paying rent for up to 12 months, if we can't find someone else to move in by then, the shop will stay dark," GP Race Park owner Rob Neises said. The GP Race Park is a large facility in western Sedgwick County Kansas, next to the SCKL Railroad tracks. The sprawling complex has eight buildings, four train sheds, and a cold-weather car loading facility. It currently has three full sized, state-of-the-art race shops, the Rob's Racing Museum, James Gang Racing warehouse, admin, misc storage buildings, and the James Gang Racing, race fuel depot. The park enjoys both railroad and highway access.

November 19, 2006 - Mediator - Neises Did Nothing Wrong:
Dateline: Phoenix, AZ

On a morning that Rob Neises is close to clinching the 2006 SOAR N3 Title, he woke to the news that the mediator in his dispute with Dodge had ruled in his favor. The mediator reported that there was no proof that Rob had shared any Dodge information with Toyota, or any other manufacturer. Furthermore, Dodge was ordered to pay with interest and penalties the entire balance of the 2006 contract with Dad's Time Racing. Outlaw Motorsports was awarded $300,000 dollars for money lost and penalties relating to the parking of the number 7 truck Thursday at Homestead. And finally, the mediator ordered Dodge Motorsports to honor all contracts with OMS and their drivers through the entire 2007 season without any delay or dispute.

November 18, 2006 - Neises 0-7:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

Refusing to answer any questions from last night, but promising a response soon, Rob went about the task of prepping the Buffalo Wild Wings Toyota Tundra ready for the qualifying race. Unfortunately it was again for naught as Rob was his worst enemy again. He worked himself up to 9th before he pitted. Exiting the tricky California Speedway pit road, 2 right side tires crossed the white line, causing him to be black flagged for improper blending. Two laps down, and within 2 seconds of 18th place, Rob touched the apron and sent the back end a wiggling causing him to make contact with the 68, then sending him hard into the inside wall. He limped the truck back to the pits and was unable to complete repairs before the checker flag flew. Rob ended four laps down in 20th, and again sent home early.
Rob is heading to Phoenix for Sunday's SOAR N3 race at Phoenix. Rob only has to lead a lap, and finish fourth or better, to clinch the 2006 N3 title.

November 17, 2006 - Neises Parked at Homestead:
Dateline: Miami-Homestead, FL

In an what is being described as the most blatant form of extortion, Dodge Motorsports forced Outlaw Motorsports to pull the number 7 entry to last nights NASS Truck finale' at Homestead. No reason was given other than they wanted the truck pulled. Driver Rob Neises refused to meet with the press after the incident, instead he chose to fly out to California to get some rest prior to tonights AKM Midnight Thunder finale' at California.
OMS President, Bill Heidelberg, released a statement saying he was delivered a notice to pull the truck from the race or loose all Dodge support for Outlaw Motorsports. Rob will receive provisional points for entering.

November 15, 2006 - Neises vs Dodge:
Dateline: Detroit, MI

Rob Neises, Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg, and representatives of Dahlmer-Chrysler - parent company of Dodge Motorsports sat down. At issue is whether Rob broke a no-compete with the company. Rob has always contended that he has been open and drove different makes with different teams, that never did he share any trade secrets with any other manufacturer. Furthermore, he acknowledged that he had paid the price in lost endorsement contracts by running several teams/makes. Neises told the media, "This is all about Toyota ! Dodge never had any problem with me running GM or Ford products."
Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg made very little comments, other than to say he is 100% Neises, and he wants him driving for, not against OMS in 2007.
Dahlmer-Chrysler countered Rob's claim that it's just a Toyota thing. They responded that other endeavors of Rob had not involved running non-Dodge in a series that Dodge is actively participating in thorugh the DTR shops. Rob countered that argument with the fact that Dodge pulled their factory support in Trucks, therefore he didn't violate ant contracts.
The case went before the mediator around noon, and a ruling is expected within 72 hours.

November 14, 2006 - Neises 0-6:
Dateline: Phoenix, AZ

Rob Neises was left with a big goose-egg in the qualifiers last night after again he failed to qualify for a sime500/AKM main event. Though Rob was in the Top 13 for most of the first half of the race, he came out of the pits in 14th after the last pits stop, several seconds behind 13th. "I was trying so hard to catch him, I was using the safer-barrier to get extra speed outta the corners," Neises said after the race. Neises has two more opportunities to prove himself in preparation for 2007. Friday nite he takes the Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra to Southern California for the final Midnight Thunder race, and Monday, Rob will be in Southern Florida, hoping to qualify for the Feature Cup finale' at Homestead.
Rob plans on purchasing a sim500 license for 2007, driving in the Feature Cup series on Monday nights himself, while putting someone else in a HITS truck, or other division possibly.
Finally, rumors have it that Rob and the Outlaw will meet with Dahlmer-Chrysler as early as this afternoon to iron out issues for 2007.

November 11, 2006 - Neises Runs Short:
Dateline: Fort Worth, TX

Dad's Time Racing driver/owner Rob Neises took a gamble last night, and failed to qualify for the second Midnight Thunder race in a row. Rob has had a string of bad luck in the qualifying races for sim500/AKM.
Last nites trouble began when Rob and crew miscalculated laps remaining to gas available. That, complicated by the fact he rode without a drafting partner most of the final run, caused Rob to run out of gas on the backstretch with 1 to go. "I thought I was coming to the checkers," Neises admitted after the race. He coasted, then pulled into the pits. As he was lapped coasting through the pits, he was still in a transfer position. But bad luck struck again when his Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra came to rest eight pit stalls from the start/finish line. By the time he got across, he had been passed, and finished 19th.
Rob finished 19th last week in the qualifier when he was taken out by an over-aggressive driver mid-race. "I've been snake-bit," Rob said about the string of five non-qualifying efforts between Midnight Thunder and the Feature Cup Series.

November 8, 2006 - Neises Returns to Alabama:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Joking that it must be DeJavu, Rob met again with the racing media at Talladega Superspeedway yesterday. He had gotten here in preparation for tonights SOAR-Racing's Night Moves truck race here at the 2.66 mile superspeedway. He said Buffalo Wild Wings will return to the number 19 Chevy Silverado. He also commented that he wasn't sure how many more Night Moves races he'll run in '06, or who would be on the truck if he did run.
Rob said he was gearing up for busy weekend, but not as busy as he's been lately. Rob will leave Alabama tonite for Phoenix, and the NASS Truck race there. Friday he has to be in Massachusetts for the qualifying race for AKM's MIdnight Thunder race at Coca-Cola Superspeedway. If he finishes in the top 18, he'll move on the the main Midnight Thunder race at Coca-Cola. He takes off Saturday, but will run Sunday in the SOAR N3 series at Texas. Finally he returns to Phoenix on Monday for Feature Cup qualifying race, and the Feature Cup and NASS Thunder races at the flat one-miler at Phoenix. Rob needs to finish in the Top 13 in the qualifier to move up to the TV broadcasted race Monday.
In Feature Cup related news, he wanted to quell the rumors that McDonalds has already bailed on his '06 efforts in Feature Cup. Neises said he hadn't had time to make the announeement that McDonalds had agreed to be an associate sponsor last Monday so he could run his annual birthday celebratory car for his daughter Ashley's 9th birthday. McDonalds will be on the car this week at Phoenix, and Ron Jon Surf Shop will be the primary on the James Gang Racing Pontiac at Homestead. Ron Jon's has been a long time sponsor of Neises when he runs at Daytona and Homestead, and he noted all sponsorship contracts acknowledge that fact. Rumors of McDonalds departure started swirling after they were not on the car at Texas, and due to the fact that bad luck, some of his own making has caused him to miss all three Feature Cup broadcasts he has attempted. Rob did admit that the string of bad luck has slowed down and even ended some sponsorship negotiations for 2007. "I got taken out at Talladega, got loose and smacked the wall at Atlanta, and took a wild ride through the grass and took out the 66 car at Texas while riding in the 13th position," Neises said about his string of bad luck. He further commented that he needed to learn to just make laps, have clean pit stops, and not be too agressive, and be there at the finish. Other than Texas, we were there at the end, we were just laps down because of this issue, or that issue. He said he believes if he has good qualifying races at Phoenix and Homestead - where he has an online win, he can make the broadcasts and become a viable sponsorship avenue for a company looking to enter sim500 racing.
Rob ended the get-together by announcing that he and Outlaw Motorsports President Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg will meet with Dahlmer-Chrysler representatives to see if things can be resolved, and Rob and OMS can finalize '07 plans.

November 3, 2006 - Neises ends run with Top 10 finish:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Looking scruffy, Rob Neises appeared at a media conference this morning after flying in overnight. Rob was in the Chicago area last night for the 2006 finale' of the Nocturnal Adrenaline series - Season 2. Rob was fourth going into the nights event, with Niagrafats trailing him by only two points. When the dust had settled, Rob had brought the Buffalo Wild Wings Pontiac Grand Prix home 9th. Unfortunately, Niagrafats crossed the finish line ahead of Neises. Awaiting any penalties, etc; Rob is unofficially in 5th place in final season standings. More will be known by next Thursday.
Neises told the media that he planned on crashing in the motorhome until practice this evening. Its not known for sure if there will be qualifying races or not this week. Rob said he was proud to drive the Levy Special Ed School/Ashley's 9th Birthday Tundra tonight. He further explained that the truck is pink because Ashley's favorite color is pink, and he'd drive a pink trunk for her anyday. With the announcement last night, Rob told the media he will try to run the three remaining Midnight Thunder races to finish out 2006. Rob also said he expects that Buffalo Wild Wings will continue after this week on the Tundra if he runs the remainder of the season.
When asked, Neises commented that he would spend a lot of the winter break prepping for 2007. With the change at DTR/JGR to Toyota, and the Car of Tomorrow, Neises said he expects most online racing this winter to be geared toward preparing for the Feature Cup series, and making all of those races. Neises said he was close to making an announcement on a sponsor, but didn't want to make a premature announcement. He admitted he has a couple offers, but he's trying to do what's best for the prospective sponsors and the team.

October 30, 2006 - Neises Announces Special Paint Scheme:
Dateline: Atlanta, GA

Looking very rested, Rob Neises appeared at a media conference this morning at AMS in preparation for todays sim500 Feature Cup race. He answered questions about this weekend when asked. When given the mic, he announced that Friday nights entry into the AKM Midnight Thunder race at Talladega will have a special paint scheme. He reported, as with the other two childrens birthdays, there would be a special commemorative scheme for Ashley's 9th birthday. The Dad's Time Racing Buffalo Wild Wings Tundra will change to the Levy Special Education Center Tundra. Apria Home Health will be an additional associate sponsor for this one time. The tail and lower rocker panels will also carry a special birthday wish to Ashley.
For any who may not know Rob or the family: Ashley was the first born of Rob and his wife Angela. Due to severe medical malpractice, she spent the first 30 days of her life in intensive care/hospital. Though they lost the trial and appeal, Rob says "We were there, we know what they did, they know what they did." Due to the malpractice, Ashley has spastic quadraplegia (cerebral palsy with high spasticity and no use of any of her arms/legs - the most severist form) and epilepsy. She eats through a feeding tube and needs oxygen. She has a trach, but with love and support, and some great extra help from family, friends, and nurses, she has done well considering they didn't expect her to live through the nite, week, year, etc... Ashely is currently a 3rd grader at Levy. Levy is a school in Wichita, Kansas that allows children with severe disabilities to go to school with the extra support they need. In Ashley's case, Rob said that he can tell when she's missed school because she misses the interaction with her classmates. All the students in her class have CP and are in wheel chairs. Most eat through a feeding tub, and all rely on others for the most basic of needs.

October 29, 2006 - Weekend Naught for Neises:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

The last weekend was a wash for Rob Neises. Rob was forced to bed from extreme exhaustion this weekend, causing him to miss one race. While Rob still plans on running at Martinsville, he was just notified that the Helloween 500 was cancelled due to weather.
Citing extreme exhaustion from meeting all the demands of a sim-racer, small-business owner, supervisor, contractor, and divorced father, Rob Neises missed this weekends SOAR-Racing CUSH-Nextel Cup Race at Daytona. Rob had been up since Wednesday when he passed out (Fell asleep Sunday due to no sleep). The medical team found it was in the best interest to all involved and he was not cleared to run (woke up 4am for work Monday). Neises was unavailable for comment, but it was reported he would make the run to Martinsville to run the N3 race there. Rob cannot afford to miss that race as he holds a 30 point lead with 5 races to go.
In other weekend racing, East Coast Thunder was forced to cancel Sunday Nights Helloween 500 when the RaceLM TV studios and most of the upper Northeast of the US lost power associated with the storms that ravaged the area. The race has been rescheduled for next Sunday, November 5th. Rob believes he can make it, though he will probably miss most practice due to Saturday being his oldest daughter's birthday. Ashley turns 9 on the 4th. Neises will fly back to Wichita from Talladega Friday night after the AKM Midnight Thunder race there. He said he'll probably leave Wichita overnight Saturday/Sunday for the now mid-afternoon start.
Finally, JGR staffers confirm Rob still will be in Atlanta early Monday for the qualifying race at sim500's Featured Cup Series. If Rob makes the cut he'll run Monday night in the FCS race, to be broadcast on RaceLM TV.

October 28, 2006 - Neises Returns Home:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, FL

Reporters caught up with James Gang Racing/Ratt Pack Racing/Outlaw Motorsports driver Rob Neises last night as he did an appearance in Orlando's Church Street Station Entertainment District. Neises seemed happy as he signed autographs and shook hands inside Phinious Phoggs along the tracks. Phoggs, was one of Rob's favorite hangouts when he lived in Orlando. Neises was in town before todays SOAR CUSH-Nextel Cup race at Daytona. Neises continues his hectic weekend with a trip to Martinsville in SOAR N3, and then tomorrows 4th Annual East Coast Thunder Helloween 500 at Talladega.
Monday, he keeps up the hectic schedule as he is scheduled to run a qualifying race at Atlanta for sim500's Feature Cup Series. If he places high enough, he'll run the number 017 McDonalds Pontiac Grand Prix in the RaceLM TV broadcast race Monday evening. He takes off till Thursday where he'll see double duty at Texas in the SCKL Dodge Ram for Outlaw Motorsports, and Chicagoland, for the AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline Seaason 2 finale'. Rob didn't answer when asked about Season 3 action. He did say he would also run Friday, November 3rd at Daytona in the Asher's 9th Birthday Toyota Tundra in AKM's Midnight Thunder truck race. Midnight Thunder will be wrapping up its 3rd season in a couple weeks.
Finally, Neises portrayed a wait and see attitude when asked if a date had been set between him, Outlaw Motorsports, and representatives of Dahlmer-Chrysler. The Outlaw was absent at Thursday's truck race that seen Rob go out early with a bad motor. Neises did tell the media that he would be able to announce preliminary '07 plans after resolving the Dahlmer-Chrysler issue.

October 25, 2006 - Neises and Dodge at Impass:
Dateline: Detroit, MI

Dahlmer-Chrysler representatives responded today to remarks made by Outlaw Motorsports/Dad's Time Racing driver Rob Neises yesterday. They said that they had not planned on meeting with Neises personally, and accused him of using the media to push his own agenda. Outlaw Motorsports President Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg was out of the area, and unavailable for comment. Calls to the OMS offices in California and Kansas both were answered with the same response, both said they would not have anything to say, and that only Heidelberg would be able to comment on the situation.

October 25, 2006 - JGR Gets Spooky Number:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises, flew in yesterday morning to Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport, and met with local media who filed this report:
Rob Neises, owner/driver of James Gang Racing announced he got confirmation of his number for Sunday's East Coast Thunder Helloween 500. He got the spookiest of numbers, the number 666. Neises said he wasn't concerned, he had requested it as a 5th choice as a joke, well the joke was on him he said. The Pontiac Grand Prix will carry sponsorship from Kaitie's Pumpkin Patch. The car is a blackish purple with lightning down the sides and top. An extra scary pumpkin adorns the hood, with sponsors name and numbers both done in Elphinstone font. "Kaitie's Pumpkin Patch", the roof numbers, front valance, side valance, and rear spoiler will be pumpkin orange, while the door numbers are lime green. The number set is being shipped to Talladega to meet the car. Two identically painted Grand Prix's are on their way to Alabama now aboard the newly recommissioned JGR Special.
The JGR Special returns to service in a mish-mash color scheme, but Rob said it would be painted as one unit train over the winter. The JGR Special will also head to Atlanta, Georgia after dropping off the cars for the Helloween 500. Rob will try to qualify for the sim500 race at Atlanta on Monday, the first of four straight Feature Cup Series starts Rob hopes to make to prepare for '07. The '06 JGR Special will have cars painted from the old JGR Special, the E&K Special, the NWST Special, as well as Raney-Neises Family Racing Special. These cars have been used as fill in cars lately, but also serve as displays at the racing complexes Racing Musuem.
In un-related news, Rob said he and his lawyers, as well as Outlaw Motorsports representatives were planning on meeting with Dahlmer-Chrysler representatives soon. Problems with them are holding up the '07 contract between Neises and Outlaw Motorsports. Rob is hoping to drive a partial schedule for OMS in NASS Thunder/Lightning, and the full NASS Truck schedule. OMS made the switch to Dodge starting with the '06 season, and plans on continuing with Dodge. Problems between Dodge and Neises arose when Neises chose the Toyota Tundra to race for his personal Dad's Time Racing team in AKM/sim500 league action. The two parties stopped talking after Neises removed the Dodge and related logo's from the Dodges Neises was running with DTR. The fracus hadn't spilled over to the OMS ride untill the '07 contract talks started earlier last month.

October 18, 2006 - JGR Adds TV Race to Schedule:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

Rob Neises, arrived yesterday at California, a day earlier than expected. He said he'd came out to see some family friends up north, but before he boarded the AMTRAK train, he met with the media. Neises confirmed that he had registered for East Coast Thunder's Helloween 500 - or he hopes he did. Neises reported he signed up for the October 29th televised race at Talladega, but forgot to make the payment. He sent it in yesterday, hoping they received it. Rob said he has tried to access the drivers page and email ECT, but have not had any success. "I hope they got the payment, and I can race. I love running at Talladega and RaceLM TV broadcast races, and I was even able to get a Halloween-themed sponsor for the JGR Pontiac," Neises said. Neises said the James Gang Racing Pontiac will be sponsored by the SCKL Railroad and Kaitie's Pumpkin Patch. The team has yet to receive the number they will use since they are not regular ECT racers. He said he hopes to get the 01, 17, 66, or the 84. Rob said he's sure that he will have more info and a team card prepared hopefully by next weekend.
In other news, Rob said he'll fly out to Phoenix later today and run in the SOAR-Racing Night Movs race at Phoenix. RC Cola will be on the Chevy Silverado for the race - most likely the last Night Moves race Rob will make this season.

October 14, 2006 - JGR Announces sim500 Schedule:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Rob Neises met with the media earlier yesterday before arriving for a full weekend of racing at Talladega. "Feels like we just did this," Neises said to the assembled media. Neises had called the get-together to announce that he and James Gang Racing had put together a four-race schedule for sim500's Feature Cup Series on Mondays. "I decided not to wait till next year," Neises said, mired in the mid-20's in points in NASS Thunder. I was gonna wait till next year before making the move, but being outside the points in NASS, I figured the best thing was to get a start on 2007. He also said. Running only 5 races allows him to remain a rookie next season.
Rob announced Atlanta, Texas, Phoenix, and Homestead as the other races he'll attempt to qualify for. Rob was unsuccessful in his first outting on Monday here at Talladega, finishing 17th after a bad pitstop and poor timing in the lone caution put him a couple laps down in the qualifier. "I thought I'd qualify, I have always ran pretty well at restictor plate tracks - when I finish," Neises said.
Neises announced that McDonalds agreed to the four race deal, and was the final catalyst in pushing him to make the jump early. Neises said he hopes to run better in the #017 Pontiac Grand Prix's. With a goal set of qualifying for the televised race in each of the four planned outtings. "I don't expect as high a car count at Phoenix and the others as we seen at Talladega," Neises answered to a reporter.
In sim500/AKM racing news, Rob said he would be purchasing a 2007 sim500 drivers license soon. He wouldn't devulge the number he wanted, but said he had a wish list of 3-5 numbers. The license gives him exclusive rights to use the number he gets. Setting JGR up to find another driver to run that number in sim500/AKM series that Rob doesn't run in. Neises said, "Right now I'm running three different numbers in the four series I run, it'll be nice to have one number like I do in NASS, SOAR-Racing, and other series I runs in." In a final note, Rob didn't answer a question from a reporter asking if he and JGR would be running as a 1-car team or if he'd been approached to run for someone else in some cooperative agreement.

October 9, 2006 - Neises to Run Unsponsored, Unmarked Rides at Talladega:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Rob Neises announced that he would be running unsponsored Dodges in both the ISRS Truck race and Nextel Cup race this weekend at Talladega Superspeedway. He will also run the number 19 Buffalo Wild Wings Silverado in SOAR-Racing STS competition, also at Talladega.
Running unsponsored is unusual enough for Neises, but announced that it also would not have the word Dodge, Charger, or Ram on them. This is part of the ongoing battle between Dodge and Neises.

October 7, 2006 - James Gang Racing to Run Car in Sim500 Feature Cup Series:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Rob Neises met with the media earlier today to announce he would be running tonight in SOAR-Racing's SuperSpeedway Series. Rob had the number 19 RC Cola Chevy Chevelle brought to Talladega to run. "I feel pretty good about tonight," said Rob Neises. "I usually do pretty well at Talladega," he also said.
Then with the firing of an engine, Rob Neises unveiled the true reason for the press conference - his return to the seat of a James Gang Racing Pontiac. Rob announced that McDonalds would be on the '03 Pontiac Grand Prix Monday as Rob hopes to make his debut in Sim500's Feature Cup Series here at Talladega. "I was hoping we could debut the new Camry at this race, but it still hasn't been fully approved," Neises said. He said the car, numbered 017 for Feature Cup action, was the 217 that Dan Lyons drove to victory here a couple weeks ago in NASS's Mike Langston Memorial Race. Its a racey car that has already won here this year, Neises told the media.
When asked, Neises said that the deal at Talladega is a one-off sponsorship, not necesarily a preview for 2007. "We were able to make it happen with McDonalds for this race, and they brought along a couple major associates, what more could an owner ask for," Neises responded.

September 17, 2006 - Dan Lyons Wins Mike Langston Memorial:
Dateline: Talladega, AL

Dan Lyons made the return of James Gang Racing a roaring success; leading the most laps, and winning the second annual Mike Langston Memorial, presented by Executive Security.
Dan lead the field to the green flag, and paced the field most of the night in the James Gang Racing prepared Pontiac Grand Prix. The car, built by Dad's Time Racing, was one owner Rob Neises is to run later in the season in AKM's Nocturnal Adrenaline series. "Dan shook the car down for us, and I can't wait to run it in a couple weeks," owner Rob Neises said. The 217 will be reskinned a Toyota and be renumbered 17 for 2007.
In other MLM news, Rob Neises was not able to make the race. "The scheduling with my contract didn't allow me to catch an early enough flight to get there for the start," Neises said. Neises said he is planning on running in the Extreme Racing Halloween race on the 29th of October. The race is supposed to be broadcast on RaceLM TV. He did not specify who would be the sponsor, or if tonights winning car is the car he will ride.

September 14, 2006 - JGR Enters Two Cars in MLM:
Dateline: Miami-Homestead, FL

Rob Neises met with the media today as he landed in sunny Southern Florida. Neises said he was going to have to take a provisional at the NASS Truck race at Loudon. He said he hoped by focusing on the AKM race at Homestead, he could contend for the win.
He then announced that Dan Lyons has been cleared to run in the Mike Langston Memorial for James Gang Racing. Dan will pilot the number 217 James Gang Racing/Executive Security Pontiac Grand Prix. Rob said he also has entered the number 7 Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Charger in the race also. He does not know if he'll make the race, but he is going to try he said. Dan's Grand Prix will be painted in the new red and navy blue colors, while his Charger will be painted in the darkgreen, black and gold of the original Executive Security scheme. Rob said even if he was to fly in time for the race, he would have to start shotgun on the field as he knows he'll miss qualifying and the drivers meeting.

September 8, 2006 - Neises Announces Mike Langston Memorial Driver:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises did something he hadn't done in a while, slept in, and in his own bed. With the night race at Kansas, just a couple hours from his apartment on Wichita's west side, Rob had his best friend take him from the track to his apartment by helicopter. After waking up, he drove to Wichita's Mid-Continent Airport. There he met with media members. He announced that Dan Lyons would be driving the James Gang Racing's entry in the Mike Langston Memorial race next Saturday at Talladega. The car originally scheduled to be the number 17, will probably be numbered 217 or JGR will borrow the number 7 from Outlaw Motorsports. Executive Security will be on the Pontiac Grand Prix. When asked, Rob said he has not heard anything from the contract that is preventing him from running that they will not still be open the 16th. Rob said he is still waiting for approval for Dan to drive from NASS, but since he is known from the Feature Cup Series, he should be approved soon Neises said.
Asked what he would do if his schedule did open up, Neises said he would probably offer to help with the broadcast if an open ride was not available.

September 4, 2006 - Neises Announces scheme change and Truck Sponsors:
Dateline: Fontana, CA

Rob Neises met with the racing media congregated for the evenings NASS Thunder event under the lights at California Speedway. First he announced that the number 7 John Deere would be changing schemes, besides a "Construction" scheme, the remaining four races that John Deere will be on the car will be the original "wave" scheme the car started the season in. Besides the five John Deere sponsored races, the OMS Charger will carry primary sponsorship by the SCKL Railroad at Kansas and Texas, and Ron Jon Surf Shop at the season finale' at Miami-Homestead.
In related news, Rob Neises announced that a revolving sponsorship will finish out the NASS Truck season. Outlaw Motorsports will be on the hood of the number 7 Dodge Rams for the next two races as all the details are ironed out, but here's how its looking now: 1 race each for Executive Security, the SCKL Railroad, and Ron Jon Surf Shop, and 5 races for NuComm International. If everything goes as planned, the rotating sponsorships will begin at Las Vegas with Executive Security on the Ram.

September 1, 2006 - Neises Announces New Sponsorship Package/Plans for Mike Langston Memorial:
Dateline: Sonoma, CA

Rob Neises met with reporters on the concourse at San Francisco International Airport earlier today. There, he first announced that Del Monte Foods, where his father worked for 15 years just across the bay in Berkeley in the 60's and 70's, would be the sponsor on the Dad's Time Racing Dallara/Honda in tomorrow's ISRS OWR race at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma. "Its part of a marketing plan between DTR and Del Monte Foods," Neises said. For the next three years, all motorsports endeavors Rob or DTR undertakes at Infineon will be sponsored by Del Monte Foods.
Afterwards, Rob took questions from the media. Neises was asked by one if he was going to try to run the Mike Langston Memorial. Rob said he was trying to move some major committments around so he could run the number 7, Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Charger at Talladega. But wasn't very sure he was gonna make it happen. "I will be sending the OMS Special with a couple Chargers to Talladega, whether they'll see the track is another story," Neises responded. Rob did say he was close to signing someone to drive the number 17, Executive Security/James Gang Racing Pontiac Grand Prix. This will be the first time a James Gang Racing prepared ride will participate in NASS since NASS went online only. "I have my commitment to the Outlaw and OMS, but next year, Dad's Time Racing will go through a re-organization, and start 2007 as James Gang Racing," Neises said. In 2007 JGR will field Toyota's in competition, but with the Camry not approved yet, DTR/JGR will enter a Pontiac Grand Prix. Neises said the plan was to put someone competitive in the 17 with Executive Security sponsorship, if he is able to make the necessary changes, he will pilot an Executive Security sponsored Dodge Charger prepared by OMS. The 17 will carry the new colors and logo of Executive Security, where the 7 will carry the original dark green, gold, and black colors, complete with the original "city-scape" logo. Rob would not name the driver, but said its someone who doesn't currently race NASS.
For those who are relatively new to sim-racing, Rob started sim-racing in 1995 under the the James Gang Racing banner. Even though has ran for several teams in his racing history, he's always ran a personal team out of the Wichita, Kansas area. That changed in 2002. In 2002 he drove for both his daughters running races for GoAsher and Tater Tot Racing before announcing in late 2002, the forming of Neises Family Racing. In 2002, Neises ran for James Gang Racing, Neises Family Racing, GoAsher Racing, and Tater Tot Racing, all teams owned by him or the girls of the house. In 2003, all of those teams combined in one shop under the Raney-Neises Family Racing banner. In 2005, in response to changes in family climate towards racing, Rob renamed the team Dad's Time Racing. The name was symbolic of what racing had become - Dad's Time, It was not longer a Raney-Neises Family endeavor. James Gang Racing will return Rob to its roots when in 2007 he changes to Toyota's, and begins running more races for himself instead of other teams. Or at least that's the plan.

August 31, 2006 - NASS Announces Mike Langston Memorial:
Dateline: Pocono, PA

In a joint video-conference, NASS Officials and Rob Neises got together and announced plans for the Second Annual Mike Langston Memorial. The race is scheduled for September 16th at Talladega, and will be a 50% length race featuring the Cup Mod.
Rob Neises was there to announce that Executive Security would again underwrite the broadcast of the event on RaceLM-TV. "Its a great honor for myself and the employees of Executive Security to bring exciting NASS sim-racing to Internet TV again, especially for such a special race as the Mike Langston Memorial," Neises said. Neises, who didn't qualify for the February race on RLM-TV, said he most likely won't be able to participate this time. "Executive Security and my other business committments have taken me away from online sim racing unfortunately, but I'll be there in spirit," Neises said. Rob said he is hoping to find someone to carry the Executive Security colors in the race.
The Event this time will be a one-day event. Qualifying begins at 6pm, with the race at 8pm. The race will be broadcast on RaceLM-TV again, with the cost being underwritten by Executive Security. AMZOIL will be providing prizes and winnings. No word on any special event merchandise, but some will surely be offered.

August 28, 2006 - Neises Announces Sponsor Change:
Dateline: Bristol, TN

Rob Neises retuned late last nite to Thunder Valley, and alerted the media to a newsconference he held earlier today. At it, Neises announced that per contract, John Deere would be leaving the number 7 OMS Dodge Ram. The last race was last Thursdays race at Bristol. John Deere originally signed on for no more than 15 races, but ran 17 when they agreed to move two race date sponsorships from the Thunder program to the Truck program. Neises did not announce an immediate replacement sponsor, but hinted he was close to signing one for most of the remaining 10 races Rob hopes to run. Barring a quick, successful search, Neises said that Outlaw Motorsports would be on the Dodge Rams starting at Nazareth.

August 18, 2006 - Neises Taken Out in Make-Up Talladega Crash-fest:
Dateline: Talladega, AL
After assuming the lead for the second time in the race, and confident he had a car to contend for the lead, Rob Neises was taken out by over-aggressive driving by another driver. "I was just riding along, waiting for the 20-to-go mark, when the 28 came right across my nose, sending me skyward", said Neises. Motor was toast afterthat he added. Neises was releagated to 19th place and another Nocturnal Adrenaline dnf. The wreck left Rob in 8th place in the final standings in season one.
Season two begins next week at Bristol and lasts 11 races. Neises told the assembled media that Buffalo Wild Wings would be back for season two, but the revolving car make will continue. "We are waiting for AKM/Sim500 to approve the new Toyota Camry," Neises said. "Till then, we run what we have, or can pick up on the cheap." Neises confided to reporters that thay have been so busy, they have not been able to repair all the wrecked Fusions he'd bought from the now-defunct NWST Motorsports team. Neises said that for Bristol at least, Buffalo Wild Wings will ride on a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix. The Grand Prix is still legal through the end of the 2006 NASCAR season. Neises said he still has 6 left after crashing one in Houston in SOAR's CUSH Series. The six could carry Rob through the 11 race season if not too many, or the wrong ones are lost. He says he plans on running the Fords and Chevy's if there's a third season before NASCAR approves the Camry. Rob also runs Toyota Tundra's with Buffalo Wild Wings as a sponsor in the Midnight Thunder series. Rob has slipped out of the Top 10 there after being forced to drop out because of business commitments.

July 31, 2006 - Neises Returns to Online - Announces Sponsorship Deal:
Dateline: St Louis, MO
Rob Neises accompanied his Outlaw Motorsports, John Deere Dodge Charger to the track for the first time in almost a month. Out of provisionals, and another change in Rob's busy personal schedule, opened up a lot of time this week, and Rob announced he would try to make the most of it.
If all goes according to plan, Rob will leave after tonight's NASS Thunder race at Gateway, and fly to Talladega where he will enter in SOAR's Aerowars Online series for the first time since May. Wednesday he'll follow SOAR to the Pocono Mountains and run the Buffalo Wild Wings Silverado in the Night Moves series. Thursday nite Rob returns to AKM action as he will try to qualify his Buffalo Wild Wings Fusion at Daytona. The weekend sees him in New York and Michigan for offline SOAR CUSH-Busch and ISRS Open Wheel races. Sunday night, Rob will end the week with a return to SOAR and Talladega as he jumps into the RC Cola Chevy Monte Carlo for the first time in the All-Pro series. The series made the move to session three and the Cup cars a couple weeks ago.
Rob announced also that Tuesday night he'll be attempting to qualify a mid-80's Pontiac Grand Prix with Jones Soda Company on the car. The black Pontiac was Rob's entry for last weekends SOAR Server Race, but picking up a new client for his business - Executive Security, made it impossible for Rob to run at the 500 miler at Michigan Saturday night. This is Rob's first race in the Aerowars Series since May - that race was also at Talladega. Rob qualified well, but was taken out of contention early when he was put into the wall by an impatient driver.
Finally, Rob also announced he would have to pull out of AKM's Midnight Thunder and SOAR's Superspeedway series while fulfilling his new contract.

July 9, 2006 - Neises announces sweeping changes for 2007:
Dateline: Wichita, KS

Rob Neises called the local media together to the GP Race Park in Western Sedgwick County. Neises called them together before heading out for the weekends activities.
Neises started out the presentation with a timeline. It started in August of 1995 with James Gang Racing, Pontiac, and NASS (NASSCAR) and followed his team/car make/league history through the present. At the end of the timeline was a large square with "2007" over it. After a bit of fanfare, Rob pulled the square off. The square covered "2007 - James Gang Racing - Toyota - TBD". With the unveiling, Neises explained he was returning home, so to speak. Dad's Time Racing would make the change back to James Gang Racing with the start of the 2007 regular season. And JGR would pilot Toyota Tundra's and their new stock car entry - the Camry. "Being in company with Michael Waltrip and Bill Davis Racing, and with such drivers as MW, Dale Jarrett, and possibly Bill Elliott, is very exciting. And Toyota is going to tackle Nextel Cup like it did the Truck Series; success and excitement is expected," Neises said. Neises said he would pilot Toyota's in the AKM/Sim 500 Series, and part-time in ISRS action for sure. Rob still has a year plus options with Outlaw Motorsports in the NASS Series, plus is the number two driver at Ratt Pack Racing in SOAR-Racing action. Rob said he has no plans on leaving RPR, and will continue at OMS as long as the Outlaw will have him. Neises said Toyota understood his other commitments, and hasn't asked him to terminate either. Neises pilots GM/Chevy's for Ratt Pack Racing and Dodge for OMS. Past problems with Dodge are not expected to affect his OMS ride Neises said.

July 3, 2006 - Neises announces changes:
Dateline: Houston, Tx
Though it could be considered understandable, no one expected yesterday that Rob Neises would announce that after talking with team owner Robert Belles, that Rob would quit driving a Dodge Daytona for Ratt Pack Racing, and return to a GM product. Neises had broke camp with others at RPR only in the SOAR Superspeedway series when choosing a Dodge Daytona over the Chevy Chevelle in the GN70 Superspeedway Series. With RPR not receiving Dodge assistance as a GM Team, and DTR, Rob's personal team, loosing factory support, it made better business sense to rejoin the RPR fold and pilot only GM products. The two said they expect to have a Chevelle ready for Rob next week at Atlanta.
In non-related, but similar news, Rob also announced that he would be taking a 4-6 week hiatus from NASCOR's GN70 series. Rob has only made a handfull of races, and said his busier schedule, and wanting to spend more time with his kids brought about the decision, not the fact he ran a Plymouth Superbird in the series.

June 30, 2006 - Dodge Pulls Support of DTR:
Dateline: Watertown, MA
Rob Neises was met at the track this morning by paperwork from Dahlmer-Chrysler, parent company of Dodge. The notice informed Rob that Dodge Motorsports would no longer provide factory support to Dad's Time Racing, owned by Neises. Neises immediately called a newsconference to release the news to the press. "Due to your choosing to run non-Dodge equipment in series we provide support in, we must regretfully pull all Dodge Factory support from Dad's Time Racing." Neises read. It went on to order DTR to remove the MOPAR sponsorship decals from all DTR equipment and advertisement.
Neises said he understands the letter to be related to him choosing to run a Toyota Tundra in the AKM Midnight Thunder Series. Rob said he plans to comply with the wishes of Dodge. When asked how this would affect DTR, Neises said the effects would be minimal. DTR was running Dodge Chargers only a couple races in the ISRS Series in 2006. Neises explained that he knew this was coming, and is why he chose to run Ford Fusions in AKM's Nocturnal Adrenaline series.
Rob said this would not cause him to change car makes necessarily in 2006, or next week at Daytona where DTR is scheduled to run a Charger with Ron Jon Surf Shop on the car. When asked, he said it also shouldn't affect his Outlaw Motorsports rides, because Dodge knew when they agreed to the change that Neises also was planning on running Ford and Chevy's in 2006 for other teams, just not DTR.
Neises would not comment on the rumor that DTR would change over to all-Toyota in 2007, instead only saying that he plans on sticking with Dodge for the very limited schedule DTR will run the remainder of 2006 in ISRS.

May 9, 2006 - Neises Updates Progress:
Dateline: Talladega, AL
Rob Neises held a newsconference this morning from the track - its one of the few since Speedweeks. Rob started out by apologizing, but said he's had a lot of issues both personal and professional this season, making the weekly press conferences of old, a thing of the past, unfortunately. He said he wanted to give a quick run-down on the morning of the last AKM Midnight Thunder race of the season.
In AKM, the newest league for Rob to enter, he is doing okay. He had the lead in Friday's Midnight Thunder till a rash of bad racing luck relegated him to second place with just a firing of the engines tonight. The newest endeavor, and one that fits better into Rob's schedule till this week anyways is Thursday night Nocturnal Adrenaline. In the Cup based series, Rob has run 5 races, and finds himself in 19th, 200 points outta the Top 10 - Robs goal for the series. Buffalo Wild Wings sponsors both the Toyota Tundra and the Ford Fusions Rob pilots in the two series. Though Toyota TRD, University of Florida, Kansas University, Wichita State University, Kim Possible TV show, and Hooters have all taken turns on the Tundra's in this season.
In the NASS Series, Rob is mired back in the mid to upper 20's in positions. Several provisionals, large fields, and a couple missed races in both series have contributed to the poor showings. John Deere is the primary on the Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Chargers and Rams, with Ron Jon Surf Shop, the Kansas Air Guard, and Executive Security seeing time as primary on the Thunder Chargers. After switching to Dodges this year, the team was shook up when team president Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg retired about 6 weeks ago. Rob has been teamed up with Ron Knox in the Thunder Division, the Outlaw was his teammate in Trucks
In what must be called Rob's busiest league - SOAR-Racing, smaller fields and a liberal provisional policy has kept Rob in the Top 15 in most series. Rob runs both online and offline divisions in SOAR. Offline, Rob sits in third in the NASCAR 3 division which he also directs. The US Navy Monte Carlo's he pilots, as well as all SOAR racing, he runs for Ratt Pack Racing out of Connecticut. All carry the number 19, and are Chevy's except for the Dodge Daytona Rob runs in the GN70 Superspeedway Series. Rob has also run a Chevy Chevelle in the GN70 offline series, and a race in the STS Truck series. Online for Ratt Pack, Rob has run a few Aerowars races in an Oldsmobile Cutlass with sponsorship from Country Time Lemonade. He runs as close to full-time in the Night Moves Truck series in a Buffalo Wild Wings and Executive Security Silverado, the GN70 Superspeedway series mentioned above, and returns to the All-Pro Series, running a Chevelle, Silverado, and in the last session, a Monte Carlo, all with primary sponsorship from RC Cola.
In the ISRS, formerly the SSCRA, Rob has ran Daytona in their Cup series offline, and is running the entire Open Wheel Series in a Cricket Wireless sponsored Dallara/Honda. Rob did miss the Montegi race as he was unable to make the trip to Japan. Currently Rob sits 5th in the series.
The last racing endeavors for Rob - Internet TV racing has been put on hiatus because of the above named issues. Rob was supposed to run in the charity event in March, but had to give up his seat because of scheduling conflicts. Rob has run Chrysler LeBarons, Toyota Tundra's, Dodge Chargers, Intrepid, and Rams in the TV races. Rob said he hopes to get back into TV racing this fall.
Finally, in response to a question, Rob said the NWST is dead. No one would step up to help, and he didn't have time to run it well, and with the dwindling car counts it just made sense.
After the conference, Rob left and went to get ready for final practice for tonights Midnight Thunder finale'.

April 16, 2006 - Neises Makes Changes:
Dateline: Wichita, KS
Rob Neises released a press release yesterday. In it he announced that he would be running the remaining of the AKM Nocturnal Adrenaline series on Thursdays. The Dad's Time Racing Shops is preparing Ford Fusion's for the endeavor. Neises said they had a few superspeedway Fusions that had been built for NWST racing. When the NWST folded, most of the assets of the NWST Racing team were purchsed by Rob Neises. "We've ran a couple races in an extra Monte Carlo, and did well, and the series fit better with my changing schedule," Neises said. Buffalo Wild Wings will sponsor the Fusions. The Buffalo Wild Wings Fusion will make its debut on May 1st at Pocono. Neises had just announced last week that Buffalo Wild Wings would sponsor the DTR Toyota Tundra for the last four AKM Midnight Thunder races. Currently, Rob is second in Midnight Thunder points. AKM's Midnight Thunder is a truck series that runs on superspeedways.

February 16, 2006 - Neises Finalizes 2006:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Neises held a newsconference yesterday before his first 2006 points race, the SOAR Night Moves race here at Daytona. At it he discussed his 2006 plans on the day the season begins.
Before he went into 2006, he talked about Winter and non-points racing to date. In Winter action, it was mixed, as he had no wins and one pole with only one race left in the Winter Series, this weekend at Laguna Seca in the ISRS's Road Racing Series. In that series, Rob is currently in second, Rob's only points podium finish this winter. Rob talked a bit about being disappointed in not making the big-race in NASS's Race for Victory, a race underwritten by Rob's business - Executive Security. From the race, he was invited to run in the Sim Race Against Cancer Qualifier on Friday, with the race Saturday.
Rob pointed out that tonight his his first points race in SOAR in 2006, he pointed out that he actually began point racing for 2006 in AKM's Midnight Thunder - Friday Nights/Saturday Mornings. In that, he is running a cooperative effort between Toyota and Dad's Time Racing. Toyota will sponsor the truck with its TRD label, with some races being sponsored by the University of Florida Gators. Last Friday at Daytona, Rob finished 6th.
After talking about the AKM/Toyota deal, Rob went on to preview the rest of 2006. He did this by Ruling League Body. First was SOAR-Racing, where Rob moved over to become the Director of N3 racing. In SOAR, Rob will run two full time online series, and five partial schedules, two online and three offline. In 2006, Rob signed with Ratt Pack Racing from Connecticut to run the number 19 Chevrolet / General Motors rides. In All-Pro, Rob will campaign a Chevelle, Silverado, and Monte Carlo with primary sponsorship provided by RC Cola. In SuperSpeedway action, the other full-schedule ride, Rob will pilot a Monte Carlo with sponsorship by Buffalo Wild Wings. Part-time divisions and sponsors are: Online: AW88 - County Time Lemonade Olds Cutlass and Night Moves - Buffalo Wild Wings Chevy Silverado. Offline: Nascar 3 - US NAVY Chevy Monte Carlo, Late Model - Buffalo Wild Wings Chevy Monte Carlo, and GN70 - RC Cola Chevy Chevelle. Associate sponsors are: Buffalo Wild Wings/RC Cola, US NAVY, Havoline Motor Oils, Executive Security, and the SCKL Railroad.
Secondly he went over NASS action. In NASS, Rob will again drive for Outlaw Motorsports. He'll run a Dodge Charger, and moves into the number 7 car. Primary sponsorship will be provided by John Deere. John Deere will also be primary on the number 7 Dodge Ram that Rob will run a partial schedule with. During the season, US Navy, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Executive Security, and the SCKL Railroad will also be on the hood as primaries as part of their sponsorship deal.
In NASCOR racing in 2006, Rob will run for his own Dad's Time Racing Team in two partial schedule deals. In GN70 Online, Rob will pilot the number 84 Plymouth Superbird with sponsorship from the US NAVY. The SCKL Railroad, Cox High Speed Internet, and Havoline Oils are associates.
In ISRS (formerly SSCRA action, Rob will run full-time in their Open Wheel Racing series in a Dallara/Honda sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Rob will also run limited schedules in the ISRS's CTS and Nextel Cup Series in Dodge Rams and Chargers currently both are unsponsored, though Rob said Ron Jon Surf Shop will be on the #66 DTR machines at Daytona.
Finally Rob announced that the NWST, the league he Directed for the last two seasons has suspended operations hoping to find someone to run the leagues day-to-day operations as the league is scheduled to enter its 11th season of action. Rob said if the league was able to restart, he would run a few races in the number 10, NWST Motorsports Ford Fusion. When asked, he said he had no plans to run the NWST Fusions in any other series other than the NWST, and that he had heard the rumors of him teamming with Ford to campaign the Fusion elsewhere.
After taking a few questions, Rob retired into the crew area of the SCKL Special. This week, Rob has several races at Daytona International, the qualifyer and Race Against Cancer race at Homestead, and the final Road Race at Monterrey, California's Laguna Seca race track. He said he would have to skip the NASCOR GN70 opener at Daytona to make the qualifier at Homestead on Friday, but plans on being at Riverside next Friday.

February 1, 2006 - Neises Talks 2006:
Dateline: West Sedgwick County, Kansas
Rob Neises held a newsconference this morning at the GP Race Park in Western Sedgwick County, Kansas. The planned event was for Rob to announce his 2006 race plans. Rob stresed that most of this information is preliminary, and that all plans are not finalized, but he would discuss as much as possible.
Rob began with NASS racing first. In NASS Thunder, Rob said he will race the complete schedule. With a change to the new Dodge Charger, and switching numbers to 7, Rob announced a week ago that John Deere would be the primary for 30 races. The US Navy, SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, Del Monte, and Ron Jon Surf Shop will cover the remainder of the schedule. The associates include: US Navy, SCKL Railroad, Havoline, Mopar, Executive Security, and Cox High Speed. In NASS Truck action, Rob says he plans on running between 10-20 races this year. John Deere will be the sponsor on the number 7 Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Ram for up to 15 races. The same associates will be on the trucks as are on the Thunder cars.
In SOAR-Racing, Rob will be the busiest. Besides moving over to Direct the N3 Division, Rob has signed to drive Chevy's for Ratt Pack Racing out of Connecticut. Carrying the number 19, Rob is expected to participate full-time in the All-Pro and Superspeedway divisions. RC Cola will be the primary on the Chevy Chevelle, Silverado, and Monte Carlo's in All-Pro, while Buffalo Wild Wings will be the priamary on the number 19 Chevy in Superspeedway action. Rob also expects to run a limited schedule in SOAR's Nite Move truck series and AeroWars88 divisions. Buffalo Wild Wings will sponsor the Nite Moves Silverado, and no sponsor has been named for the AW88 car. Rob also hinted that he might even run some GN70 offline races along with a very limited Nascar 3 offline schedule.
In ISRS (formerly SSCRA) action, Rob says he plans on running full-time in the Open Wheel Racing division, and again, very limited schedules in the Nextel Cup and CTS divisions.
In NASCOR league racing, Rob said he was trying to put together a GN70 program. Offline Rob plans on running some AW88 and CTS races, no sponsors announced for NASCOR racing.
When asked at the end what about the NWST, Rob said he is trying to keep the NWST alive, but is having a hard time finding someone to run it. He also noted that the NWST's N3 division merged with SOAR-Racing, and that he would be directing it.
Rob promised to give a complete rundown of his 2006 plans as soon as everything was in place.

January 24, 2006 - Neises Announces Sponsor:
Dateline: Talladega, Alabama
Rob Neises held a newsconference yesterday after arriving at Talladega. At it, Neises announced he had signed a sponsor for the next three years for NASS competition.
Rob told the media that John Deere would continue their relationship, but as sponsors of his number 7, Outlaw Motorsports, Dodge Chargers and Rams. The sponsorship of the OMS Charger in NASS Thunder action will be for up to 30 races per year, for three years. In NASS Truck, John Deere will be on the hood of the OMS Rams for up to 15 races. Rob has announced earlier that he will run only a partial schedule in the Trucks, somewhere between 12 and 20 races.

January 20, 2006 - Neises Misses Transfer Amid Controversy:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Neises missed out on qualifying for the Cashalot 250. Rob was sitting in 17th bidding his time with 25 to go. The 014 Chevy drifted up and put Rob's US NAVY Intrepid into the wall, and for some reason, no caution came out. With the need to pit, and no caution, Rob went down a lap. Without anyone to draft with, he lost a second lap with two laps remaining.
After talking to league administrators, they agreed not throwing a caution was wrong, and a driver taking someone out, and they qualifying was wrong, but didn't know if Rob would qualify for the sim-TV race on a provisional. When asked by the media of what he thought about the last 25 laps, Neises responded that he wasn't going to make any comment until sim500 had released the final race roster - if at all. Rob was taken by golf cart back to the Daytona International Airport, where he headed to Talladega on the DTR Learjet.
DTR PR Director Angela Raney told the assembled media and fans that Rob was very disappointed, but was going to Talladega to meet the SCKL Special. The SCKL Special brought a 2006 Dodge Charger for the GKTC 250. Angela also told the assembeled that if Rob is allowed to run tomorrow, by design, the US NAVY will not be the primary. She wouldn't devulge who the sponsor was, but said it wasn't Del Monte Foods or the NAVY.

January 20, 2006 - Neises gets seat time - Explains last 24 hours:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 4pm ET.
Rob Neises met with media aboard the DTR Special outside Daytona International at approximately 3pm eastern time. He explained the fact that the sim500 Superspeedway series had pretty much wiped out the car reserve at the shops. The builders are busy working on 2006 Chargers he said. "I knew we had a specially prepared Charger in route to Talladega for Saturday's race should we make it," Neises said. We didn't have a car, nor were there any available. A couple years back Neises said he had given a complete 1st generation Dodge Intrepid to a friend in Orlando. She agreed to give the team the car back, problem was, it needed heavy modifications to pass inspection. All night the crew labored within the confines of the garage to change the 2002 Intrepid into a 2004 Intrepid. "What you seen come out of here this afternoon was made possible due to friendships and hard work and sacrifice on the crews part," Neises said.
Neises then left and headed back to the track to practice the US NAVY Intrepid. The DTR PR staff handed out two 8X10's, one of the #84 US NAVY Intrepid that went into the garage under the tarp, and the other was the final product, the #66 US NAVY Intrepid. The car kept its original scheme for the most part. Below are copies of the two publicity photos released to the media.

January 20, 2006 - DTR garage opens 30 minutes late:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 1pm ET.
As reported by Orlando Race Times

The doors still hadn't opened, or the windows uncovered as the garage began to busy with race day preperation. It wasn't until nearly 12:30 that a couple engine guys entered the garage and opened up the DTR area. The awaiting crowd was suprised to see a yellow and navy blue Dodge Intrepid nose smiling back at them. The cameras and video cameras rolled and clicked to get a picture of the front of the car as the guys made preparations to fire the engine. It was just 15 minutes ago that the engine fired on the DTR/US NAVY Dodge Intrepid.
Soon after the engine fired, a crew of 10 returned to the garage to make last minute adjustments before the car was scheduled to hit the track. No word on who will shake down the car for DTR, most likely one of the engineers. The DTR PR staff member announced that Rob would be in the garage around 3 to get some seat time, she promised a full release at that time

January 20, 2006 - Neises and most of crew leave garage:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 10am ET.
As reported by Orlando Race Times

It was around 9:30 eastern time that a very tired Rob Neises and at least 10 crew members left the garage area at Daytona International for some much deserved rest. Three DTR golf garts arrived and picked up the crew and headed toward the tunnel. Rob stayed for a couple minutes and talked to the assembled crowd and media.
"I can't believe you all stayed here all night -its for you that we were able to make what just happened - happen," Neises said. The two sim500 officials did tell the media that they overlooked all the work, and that Rob Neises' car would be able to run in tonights qualifing semi tonight. That was all they said before a gold cart picked them up and took them back to the sim500 trailer. All Rob would tell the gathering is that the US NAVY would be the sponsor for tonights semifinal race on the DTR Dodge. Rob said the windows would stay covered until the garage officially opens at noon eastern time. Due to rules, the engine could not be fired and tuned, that will have to be done after the garage opens. Rob said he would have a relief driver shake down the car this afternoon, as he planned on going back to the motorhome and sleeping. Rob said he will practice the car in the final practice late this afternoon though. About that time, Rob's golf cart arrived and whisked him away toward the motorcoach area.
An OTR reporter will stay at the garage until noon and report any activity after the garage area officially opens at 12.

January 20, 2006 - Work Continues in #66 Garage:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 6am ET.
As reported by Orlando Race Times

The sounds of air tools and saws ended a couple hours ago in the garage of Rob Neises' #66 US NAVY Dodge. The lights have been on, and the sound of hand tools and the hushed tones of a very tired crew have been reverberating throughout the otherwise empty garage area. The crowd had thinned down to probably 50 or so when a DTR truck arrived about 30 minutes ago with a paint sprayer, suits, masks and what looked to be a set of NAVY decals in navy blue.
About 10 minutes ago, Rob Neises himself emerged from the garage, watched the sun rise over the beach for a few minutes, then signed a few more autographs and talked for a couple minutes before the haggared looking driver returned to the garage.
On his way in, he gave the fan we spoke to earlier, Renee' a thumbs up as he disappeared into the shop.

January 20, 2006 - Work Continues in #66 Garage:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
of saws and air tools was overheard all the way in the vendor area according to a fan in the garage area at Daytona International. "It was so loud, I could hear it over the partying and music," said a women named Renee.
Quite a few fans have made there way from their campers and parties to cheer on Rob Neises and his crew as they try to get a car ready for tonights qualifying semifinal race. Rob came out about 10 minutes ago and thanked the crowd that had gathered for their support. He signed a couple autographs and shook some hands before returning back to the garage. He told the assembled that they would be at it all night, and they should go back to whatever they were doing, or get some sleep, it would be morning before he'd be able to say much. Very few left, all seemed intrigued by what was going on. Rob did tell a reporter that they had gotten a car and that the work was being done under supervision of sim500 officials. He said he didn't want to give anymore details till he was sure everything would work. The reporter was overherd telling a collegue that it looked like bondo and fiberglass chips on Rob's Dodge overalls.
Since the car arrived, a DTR parts truck arrived and dropped off what looked to be a nose and an engine.
ORT will stay here and report any news as it happens.

January 20, 2006 - Neises finds a car:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 10pm ET.
As reported by Orlando Race Times

A truck pulled up and backed up to Rob Neises' stall in the garages at Daytona International Speedway just 30 minutes ago or so. As soon as the tarped car was unloaded, the truck left and the doors were closed, and the window to the stall covered. Witnesses said they were unable to see anything. "They moved so fast, we didn't get a chance to see what was being unloaded," said one man camped out near Neises' garage. Another female fan told media that Rob Neises was seen entering the garage in red work overalls and a hat. She said he didn't sign any autographs, he jumped out of a golf cart and went right into the garage. When asked to describe Neises' mood, she said he had a concerned look on his face from what she could tell. Another fan reported that two sim500 officials were with Rob and also entered the garage with him.

January 19, 2006 - Neises Qualifies on Points - Has to scramble:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida 6pm ET.
Rob Neises made another trip to the infield care center tonight as he and his US NAVY Dodge Charger were taken out with 40 laps to go in the final qualifying race. The DNF placed him 27th in the final standings for the race, and 28th overall in points - placing him in the qualifying-semi tomorrow night at Daytona. "I was fine, I was running high and moving up. I seen a car come off the grass from no-where, it hit someone, and they caught me, causing me to flip and pirioette a couple times. I have to thank my crew for building me such safe racecars," Neises told the media after leaving the infield care center.
Rob has now been put in a very difficult situation. He's wrecked all the Dodge Chargers he had at his disposal. He has been invited to the dance tomorrow, but he has no Tux. After hearing the news of his qualifying, Neises immediately started getting on the phone, looking for a car to run tomorrow in the qualifying semi race. Biggest obstacle to Rob is the fact that the attrition and crash out rate has been high, and he doesn't know of any Dodge teams with even one extra car. Neises told the media he hoped to announce to everyone in the morning he had found a car for the evenings race.

January 19, 2006 - Neises Has Rough Time in sim500 Action:
Dateline: Concord, MA
Rob Neises has had a rough couple days on the sim500 trail, and is now waiting on news to see if it was all for nought.
On Tuesday, sim500 went to Talladega. Rob was running around mid pack in the 38 car field. He was able to lead a couple laps, but his problems started late in the race during the only green-flag pit stop. Another car got inside of Rob despite the warning he was pitting. Rob locked up the brakes and ended up spinning in the grass - getting a 30 second pit penalty for avoiding a certain wreck. Just a couple laps later, Rob's motor blew going down the back stretch.
Yesterday, Rob was having a much better day as sim500 invaded the north, and Coca-Cola Speedway in Concord, Massachusetts. Rob qualified 10th, led a couple times, and was in 8th place with only five laps to go. When the last caution came out, Rob didn't pit to get to eighth. On the restart, Rob had a hard time getting up to speed on the 3-lap shootout as his US NAVY Dodge Charger sustained a bit of nose damage trying to slow for the last caution. Rob was still in eighth going onto the backstretch of the last lap, when he ran out of gas, and had to coast to the finish. He was the last car to cross on the lead lap, in 16th.
Then the fireworks started. League founder Brian C was flamed by the driver of the 21 car. A lot of false accusations were spit out by the driver, and in anger, Brian pulled the plug on the whole series. The annoucement was made early this morning. There is still one round of qualifying and the semi's on Friday at Daytona leading up to Saturday's race at Talladega. The race is supposed to be broadcast on RLM-TV. Rob headed back to Daytona optimistic that the issues will be resolved, and there will be racing tonight and the rest of the week. When asked by a member of the media on the DTR jet for a comment, Rob said, "I wasn't there, but I understand it got pretty heated in there. I put a lot of time into this week, and hope we at least get to finish the week. I really enjoy racing with sim500 and the guys. They're pulling 60+ drivers a night, to me that is pretty successful."
Rob will keep his schedule open to complete the series. Maybe we'll run Friday's semi's if things can't be resolved early enough tomorrrow.

January 17, 2006 - Neises crashes at Daytona, finishes 32nd:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Neises was taken out twice in last nites race under the lights at Daytona. The last one, caused Rob's motor to grenade, and he parked it in 32nd.
It wasn't a good nite from the get-go. Rob qualified 22nd in the twilight, and wasn't able to lead a lap before the motor went. Rob talked to the assembled media after leaving the infield care center. Rob said he is planning on running today in the second race at Talladega. "I'm pulling out a different car for tonight, not that I have a choice," Neises told the media later. He said it was the backup for the fall Talladega race in NASS. The battleship grey car will be a change from the navy blue car Rob ran at Daytona. "I sent cars to Talladega as a precaution, I was concerned that the two days at Daytona would be a crash-fest, and I lost both cars, so I was right," Neises said. Besides he told the media, maybe a change in scheme and a change in track will equal a change in luck.
Off the record, Rob was overheard saying that if Talladega was another crashout, he'd have to evaluate whether he woud go to Coca-Cola and run or not. But he then qualied that statement by saying he had the NASS Special already in route to Massachusetts, and the crew should arrive there by this afternoon. A feeder train is to leave Kansas with cars for Rob to run Thursday and Friday at Daytona.

January 16, 2006 - Neises finishes 17th at Daytona:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Neises finished the race yesterday at Daytona, but it took several Lucky Dog's to get back on the lead lap, and some wild driving by others to get Rob back up to 17th when the checkered flag dropped. Rob had qualified the number 66 US Navy, Dodge Charger 16th, and had been as high as second in green flag racing. He stayed out during a caution to get the five bonus points and led one green flag lap. He would need those points as he dropped as low as 33rd, three laps down. Rob, who cooperates with AKM during the sim500 races was estatic under the circumstances. "I was really concerned, I wished I had gotten to the track in time to run the earlier race," Neises said. There was only 22 in the first race, 38 in mine. Rob said he plans on again running in cooperation with AKM today and will run the earlier race tonight. If Rob finishes in the Top 5 tonight, he'll only run at Talladega late Tuesday night to get accustomed to the track.
Wednesday the series goes to Coca-Cola Speedway, and then returns to Daytona Thursday for the last qualifier before the semi's on Friday.

January 15, 2006 - Neises Crashes Hard at TWS, Heads to Daytona for simm500:
Dateline: Daytona Beach, Florida
Rob Neises only finshed a fourth of last nights Lone Star 200. Neises was a victim of equipment failure (game froze) causing him to crash hard in the number 7, Dad's Time Racing Counrty Time Lemonade, Chevy Lumina, 25 laps into the 100 lap event. Neises was taken to the infield care center and released. Rob was caught leaving the ICC and reported he was okay, and was heading to the airport.
A spokesman for Rob said he was flying to Daytona Beach and was planning on running most of the qualifiers for the sim500 Superspeedway Series, which will culminate in a RLM TV broadcast of the King Cashalot 250 race at Talladega on Saturday, January 21st. To make Saturday's TV race, He'll have to either finish in the Top 5 in one of the five qualifying race, or finish in the Top 20 in also-rans points. That will qualify him for the semifinal qualifiers Friday nite at Daytona. The Top 16 from the two friday qualiers will make the race on Saturday. Rob would like to make it in on a Top 5 race finish, but if not is ready to run all five qualifying races for the points.

December 30, 2005 - Neises Qualifies for $200 Poker Shootout:
Dateline: Sonoma, California
Rob Neises qualified for tonights sim500, $200 Poker Shootout at Daytona last night with a 14th place finish on the road course at Infineon. "I'da liked to of gotten a Top 10 to make a statement after Atlanta, but I stayed out of most peoples way, though some still found my rear end, and I qualified," said Rob Neises of qualifying for the Shootout. The 14th place finish, moved Rob into the 25th position in qualifying race points, assuring him of a start. "I had some trouble with the Del Monte Charger during practice, almost went to an Intrepid, but with a lot of adjustments during practice, the Charger got me to Daytona," Neises answered to the question about the rumor he wanted to change cars.
Neises left after the race to fly to Daytona, where an advance party was waiting in case he did qualify. Rob talked about that a little last night, "I sent the SCKL Special east with cars for Atlanta and Daytona, I sent the DTR Special west in case I didn't qualify at Atlanta, which was the case." Rob said he never considered running at Richmond for points, and he wanted to let the crews spend the holidays with family, that's why he didn't run Talladega. By qualifying for the Shootout, Rob will have to miss the NASCOR AW88 race at Talladega. Rob said he would have the car qualified by another driver, but not start unless something weird happened that kept him from the Shootout.
The $200 Poker Shootout by sim500 will be broadcast on RLM TV.
Rob's answer to the question on how this would effect the rest of his race weekend, is that he didn't think it would. He still plans on running the NWST 500's on Saturday, then flying to Ohio for the SSCRA Road Racing event at Mid-Ohio. Rob admitted the next couple weeks would keep him pretty busy. Monday and Tuesday find Rob at Riverside and Eight Bowl for NASS action, Saturday he'll be running the practice for the LoneStar 200, plus SOAR action in the SWS and Hooters Pro Cup. He'll take off the next Monday, then race Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that week. Saturday being the LoneStar 200 at Texas World Speedway, presented by Steel Horse Racing, that race will be broadcast on SRN TV.

December 24, 2005 - Neises to make Sim-TV Debut:
Dateline: Wichita, Kansas.
With the family gathering at the Raney-Neises household in west Wichita for Christmas, Rob Neises made an appearance at Wichita's only all-sports radio station, AM1410, KGSO. Rob was a guest on the "Morning Blitz with Chris and Steve". During the interview, Rob announced he was leaving Monday for Atlanta where he was attempting to qualify for the $200 Poker Shootout in the sim500 race league. 36 drivers will come out of the 4 race qualifyers. Rob says if he doesn't qualify at Atlanta, he'll run Thursday nite the 29th at Infineon. If he makes the cut, Rob will pilot his number 66, Dad's Time Racing Del Monte Foods Dodge Charger in his first simTV race, Friday the 30th at Daytona.
Rob also announced that if he doesn't make this race being broadcast on RLM TV, he has been invited and will race in Steel Horse Racing's LoneStar 200 at the Texas World Speedway. The 200 will feature 30 drivers from across America racing an AeroWars88 race. Rob announced that Country Time Lemonade will be the primary on the number 7, Dad's Time Racing Chevy Lumina. The LoneStar 200 will be broadcast on SRN TV on Saturday January 14th at 7:30.
Chris Allison then suprised Rob when he asked him about the Racing for Victory 250, February 11 and 12th at California Speedway. Chris asked Rob if it was true that NASS was considering putting the race on Sim-TV. Rob said he couldn't give a lot of details yet, but he and NASS Officials were working on a deal that Executive Security, Rob's security company, would underwrite the cost of broadcasting the race. The Racing for Victory race is a truck race scheduled to run at California. The 11th will be qualifying heat races and a last chance race-in, and the 12th would be the actual race, under the lights. Rob did tease the guys by announcing that he would enter his number 7 Outlaw Motorsports - Kansas Dodge Ram in the event, and hoped to qualify for the race, whether its broadcast or not. Rob said that Executive Security and Buffalo Wild Wings would be the sponsors on his OMS entry.
Rob had to leave the interview abruptly as station owner, and Rob's new boss Greg Steckline asked him why he was on the radio, instead of selling advertising. Rob took off, hoping to end the week with one more sale.

December 22, 2005 - Neises Been Busy - Takes time to Celebrate the Season:
Dateline: West Sedgwick County, Kansas.
Though Rob Neises will be racing on Christmas Day, it will be a slow week. The driver/owner of Dad's Time Racing sat down and discussed 2005, the Winter Series so far, and a plethera of changes for 2006.
First Rob talked about 2005 - a bunch of wins and poles, including his first online win at the SOAR Night Moves Finale' at Homestead in November. When the dust had settled, Rob had won two Championships of the five available in the NWST. Rob had clinched the points in N2K3 Trucks and ARCA in October, and cruised to the Championships in both. He lost narrow points races in the NWST's N2K3 Nextel Cup and N3 Nextel Cup.
This Winter has been pretty busy so far, with Rob taking his first online pole, and his second online victory last weekend. Saturday Rob took the pole at Talladega in SOAR's SWS Series. Sunday, in dramatic fashion, Rob drove under two pireoting cars to take the caution and rode out the caution to victory at Five Flags Speedway in Pennsacola, Florida. Rob has also ran both NASS's Blast From the Past - AW88 series in a 1981 Dodge Magnum, and the Draft Masters in a 2005 Dodge Charger with sponsorship from Papa Murphy's Take and Bake Pizza. In the NASS Winter Series, Rob debuted his new number for Outlaw Motorsports - number 7. Rob talked about the announcements the last couple weeks coming out of OMS headquarters that Bill, the Outlaw, Heidelberg will not retire, and the signing of three new drivers, and the return of another, bringing the OMS stable up to six drivers. Rob is running one off-line series this winter so far, the SSCRA's Road Racing Series. Rob currently is in third. He has driven a Chevy Corvette with Hot Wheels as a sponsor, and currently is driving a Texaco sponsored Jaguar. Plans are for Rob to run two races in each make of car, preparing for 2006. Rob has two races with the Dodge Viper, and two with the Ford Mustang after Christmas Days race at Mid-Ohio.
Rob admitted he didn't have a lot of info for 2006. He did want to announce that Tuesday he had been offered, and accepted a ride with Ratt Pack Racing out of Connecticut. Rob will be driving the number 19 Chevy/GM's in SOAR's All-Pro and Super Speedway Series close to full-time, while making appearances in the RPR Chevy/GM's in SOAR's Night Move Truck Series, AeroWar88 Series, CUSH offline, and GN70 Series.
The other '06 announcement Rob had was he was moving the NWST Nascar3 series over to SOAR-Racing, and would direct it for SOAR. The NWST which Rob is planning on Executive Directing, will focus on N2K3 racing. Rob admitted he will also change some of the structure and divisions before handing the day to day operations to an as-of-yet unnamed Director. Rob also announced he was severely curailing his off-line racing in 2006. He will run a Ford Fusion for NWST Motorsports at select NWST races. Rob also reports he will run the entire SSCRA OWR and Road Racing series off-line. His final word on 2006 was that he still will participate in the same core series as in 2005, but not as frequently.
Rob promised to sit down and lay out his complete 2006 plans in mid-January.

November 18, 2005 - Outlaw Announces Retirement: Outlaw Motorsports President, Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg, announced after the completion of last nights race that he would be retiring from NASS racing. Now he'd made this claim before, but had always had a change of heart. But OMS driver Rob Neises told reporters that he's sure the Outlaw will make a few apperances next season, but doubts he'll run anything regularly. Neises also said he was looking forward to the Outlaw's promised announcement soon, where he will hopefully announce a new teammate for him at OMS.

November 17, 2005 - Neises Gets First Online Victory: It took a day, but Rob Neises was finally awarded the Checker Flag, and credited with his first online victory. It started Wednesday night in the SOAR Night Moves finale at Miami-Homestead Speedway. Rob stayed in the front pack most of the night, but after the final round of green flag stops, Rob found himself in fourth place, several seconds back of the three-truck, lead pack. Caution came out, allowing Rob to catch up to the other three. On the restart, Rob got a jump on third place Rob Belles, and almost rear-ended him. Rob jumped on the brakes to avoid the slower Rob, and lost the pack on the start. With 8 laps to go, Mike Perry spun coming out of the pits, bringing out the yellow. Being the last truck on the lead lap, Rob pitted, he was the only one on the lead lap. The green dropped with four laps to go. Rob kept his number 84, Ron Jon Surf Shop Dodge Ram tucked in behind the other leaders, biding his time. On the last lap, leader Ed Eastly got loose and spun, taking himself and the next two trucks with him up the track and into the wall. Rob pointed his nose to the yellow line and got through, grazing the left rear of Rob Belles. The caution came out, and Rob crossed the finish line first. Wile Rob was doing his attempt at victory burnouts, the official scoring showed him fourth, one lap down. Because of this, and the need to sort it out, there was no Victory Lane celebration. This afternoon, the official confirmation came from SOAR Control that Rob had indeed won the race and the 2005 Night Moves Truck season was complete, with Rob winning one race of the 10 he entered. The win is Rob's first online race win.

October 31, 2005 - Neises Gets A Jump on Winter Action: Rob Neises made some of his winter plans knows last week when he debuted the Cricket Wireless Ford Taurus in the SOAR Hooters Pro Cup Winter Series. The No-Points race at Ace Speedway was an equipment shakedown race. "The car would stick, but I set the brakes a little soft, and we were able to get on the gas a little better than others, so spins were plenty. Yesterday Rob was to run the first points race at Jennerstown, and other duties kept him from getting there. Rob will make his points debut this Sunday at USA Speedway. At Ace, Rob also announced that he would run a partial schedule in the SOAR Saturday Winter Series. Business commitments will keep him from making every weekend, where the racers run a two tracks a weekend, very short races. John Deere will be on the hood of the number 84 Dad's Time Racing Dodge Charger.
Rob said he would announce the rest of his winter racing plans at Homestead on the 27th of November, with a January 2nd conference planned to lay out his complete 2006 racing plans. One rumor has it that Rob has been offered a couple of rides with different teams. When asked, Rob didn't comment.

October 24, 2005 - Neises has a Record Setting Week: Friday, Rob Neises met the media after flying in late from Thursdays NASS truck race at Martinsville. Thursday night Rob piloted the Cox Cable Silverado in his 200th NASS series start. He continued his week of records by starting his 1300th sim-race Sunday in the NWST's HCGR race at Lowes.
Rob began racing in NASS in 1995, and had left it when they left offline racing a couple years back. Rob returned this past winter to run a couple online races, then rejoined NASS as a member of Outlaw Motorsports, competing for Rookie of the Year honors in the Thunder and Truck divisions. Though its been a rocky season, with several on-track incidents early in the season, Rob is second in Truck Series ROTY behind teammate Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg, and just moved into the Top 10 in points.
After starting in NASS, Rob moved full-time to the NWST because his equipment was all Nascar 1. Rob shopped around several leagues, and in 1998, started a NAscar 1999 team. In 2000 when Nascar 3 started, he began running in it, and continues to. Since Nascar 3, Rob has ran all the Nascar by Papyrus series. Currently, Rob fields cars in Nascar 2003 and Nascar 3. He has stock car, truck, open wheel, and is currently planning on running some road course races in Trans Am or GTP this winter. Though Rob has never hinted of not racing, he did announce this summer that he would be consentration on online racing in 2006, and probably not run any one series full time in stock cars. He has committed to running the entire Open Wheel Series next year, otherwisw its partial seasons except for online in '06.

October 9, 2005 - Neises Starts 600th NWST Race: Long time NWST driver, and current NWST Director Rob Neises started his 600th NWST race yesterday. When he fired the engine on the John Deere Dodge Intrepid in Saturdays ARCA race, and pulled onto the track, it was his 6ooth NWST race in a career that began in 1997, and isn't expected to end in the near future. "I'll always be proud of my accomplishments here in the NWST," Neises said. "I really learned to race, and developed into the Champion I've become in the NWST." Rob has announced earlier that he plans on running only a part-time offline NWST schedule in 2006, and plans to give over the day-to-day operations of the league to a NWST driver. Rob will move to Executive Director of the league, and pilot a special 2006 Ford Fusion numbered 10 in select races in 2006 in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the NWST's beginnings in 1996. The Fusion will wear the red, white, and blue livery of the NWST Racing League. The number 96 car will bew made available for the incoming director.

September 26, 2005 - Neises Breaks 200: Sundays NWST N3 race at Loudon was the site of another milestone in the sim-career of driver Rob Neises. When he beat Eugene Gafford across the finish line, it was the 200th sim-victory for Neises. "I can't believe the year we're having," said Neises after finishing on top for the only time that weekend. "Rob shows no sign of slowing down his racing, and therefore we hopt to see many more victories for him," said Crew Chief Lug Nutt.

September 20, 2005 - Neises Reaches 100: Friday was the beginning of a wonderful weekend for Rob Neises and his Dad's Time Racing Team. It started when Rob put his John Deere Dodge Ram on the pole - his 100th sim-Pole. He went on that evening and won the race in a specially painted John Deere Construction Equipment Dodge Ram. His weekend only got better as he won the pole in Saturday's ARCA race, and Sundays N2K3 Nextel Cup race on way to winning 5 of 5 at Richmond International Raceway. The five wins put him 1 shy of 200 overall sim-racing victories. Rob announced with scheduling, and his drive toward the N3 and N2K3 Nextel Cup points titles, he has decided not to run the CTS, ARCA, and HCGR races at Loudon. Rob currently has a 60 point lead over Eugene Gafford in N3, and moved into second over Tim Benway in N2K3, 55 points behind leader Don DeJaynes, with 10 races to go.
Rob announced he would still be busy this week, Wednesday he'll pilot the number 84 DTR Oakland Raiders Dodge Ram at Pocono in the SOAR Night Moves division, Thursday he'll be in Vegas as NASS Trucks tackle the flat mile and a half. He'll stay in Vegas and run the Orange County Ford F-Series in NASCOR CTS action Friday. Saturday, he'll be in New York for the SSCRA's Open Wheel race at Watkins Glen, the next to last race of 2005, and the last road course race. Sunday will be NWST Nextel Cup races at Loudon, then Monday its Dover as Rob pilots the number 07 Zyprexa Grand Prix in the NASS Thunder race there.
Rob was asked if he had winter racing plans. He said he will run the NWST 500 in December, some SOAR and NASS online races, and he's heard that the SSCRA is planning a road-racing series for the Winter. On the road racing venture, Rob said he heard it would either be GTP or TransAm styled cars, and has a couple of each being built for "fun" racing.

September 14, 2005 - Neises Clinches Another - More Changes Expected: Rob Neises sat down with members of the media yesterday on the NWST Special before it left for Richmond, Virginia, and this weeks NWST races. Rob talked about his mathematical clinching of his second 2005 NWST title. Rob said he was notified last night at Richmond that he has enough of a lead that he will repeat as NWST CTS Points Champion. It was just 2 weeks ago that he clinched the ARCA title. Rob said he was also notified that he had been mathematically eliminated in the race for the HCGR title. When asked if this changed his approach to the remainder of 2005, he replied, "With three of the five titles decided, I will focus on the remaining two for the rest of 2005." He further elaborated that he would run all the races this week at Richmond, and next week at Loudon, the beginning of the "Chase". He said that after that he would be be using his provisionals as much as possible. He did say he would run all races at Talladega, Kansas, and the season finale' at Homestead.
When talks moved away from the NWST, Rob steered them back so he could talk about the NWST in 2006. He says he may of found someone to do the day-to-day operations of the league, and he would become Executive Director, with overall oversite. He said his duties would include updating website, carset design and updating, and final word on any disputes. He said that even though he plans on retiring from offline stock car racing, he will pilot a special NWST 10th Anniversary Ford Fussion in 10 races in 2006. "The 96 car will be available for the new Director to run, but at special races I plan on running a NWST sponsored Ford Fussion. The number will be 10," Neises said about possible plans for 2006.
Rob then allowed the conversation to move away from the NWST and his other racing endeavors, including the battle for Rookie-of-the-Year honors in the NASS online Truck series. Rob is currently in third, 10 points out of second, and 24 behind leader, and teammate, Bill Heidelberg. He also announced that plans have his number in NASS next year changing from 07 to 7, as team President, Bill Heidelberg changes his teams number to 75. Preliminary '06 plans also include returning to Chevy, and possible sponsor changes for the Outlaw Motorsports team. Rob also hinted that he has been in conversations about joining a couple different teams in non-NASS racing in 2006, but wouldn't elaborate any further.

August 30, 2005 - Neises Clinches Title, Makes Changes: Rob Neises held a newsconference last night after completion of the NASS Thunder race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Neises had just finished 8th in a crashfest that saw the destruction of the 8th OMS Grand Prix since the change. "I figure we'll be able to get it straightened and reskinned as a back-up, but it'll probably wait and get it reskinned for next year," Neises told the media. Plans are for Rob to take over the number 7 in NASS Thunder racing next year as Outlaw Motorsports President, Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg moves to the number 75. Next year is the final year of eligibility for the 2003 Pontiac, so plans are to have Rob run the redesigned 2006 Monte Carlo.
The main reason Rob took time for this newsconference was not to talk about 2006, his weekend was so hectic, that he hadn't been able to till today. He wanted to celebrate mathematically clinching the NWST N2K3 ARCA title, his 17th Championship. "I didn't get to take time to celebrate the guys here and at the shop that gave us the dominate equipment to already clinch," Neises said. After the announcement, he said that with the early clinching of the title, he would be allowed more time to rest and because of that, he would be adjusting his schedule and some sponsorships. The first change will be that Rob may not run the entire remainder of the ARCA schedule, allowing him more time to practice in other cars. In order to reduce costs, those he does run, will be with last years Dodge Intrepids. "We had a lot of cars left at the end of last year, and we didn't have time, or energy to reskin all of them, and we had been renting and selling some of the Intrepids," Rob responded to a question about Intrepid availability. Also, as a concession to primary sponsor John Deere, they will become primary on the Nextel Cup Charger the last 5 races leading up to Homestead, where Ron Jon Surf Shop will be on the car. Orange County Choppers had been looking to scale down on sponsorship expenses, so all the sponsors walked away happy according to Neises.
In other sponsorship news, Ron Jon Surf Shop will end its run as primary sponsor on the OMS Grand Prix driven by Rob in the NASS Thunder Series. With fall, Coleman returns along with a few special schemes for Diet Pepsi, Zyprexa, and the SCKL Railroad at Kansas. In NASS Trucks, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe ends its summer sponsorship, and Cox High Speed Internet/Central Kansas Cox take over for the rest of the abreviated truck schedule Rob expects to run. In more NWST sponsorship news, John Deere will highlight its construction equipment division at Richmond in the N2K3 Nextel Cup, and CTS Divisions.
Finally, Rob announced he would race all three of the remaining OWR races in the SSCRA OWR Division. The Dallara/Honda's will run at Chicagoland, Watkins Glen, and California Speedway. The US Navy will continue as primary sponsor with Havoline Motor Oil and the SCKL Railroad as associate sponsors on the number 66 DTR entry.

August 9, 2005 - UPS to race the truck: Rob Neises announced yesterday that Dad's Time Racing and United Parcel Service would be fielding an entry in the SOAR Server Fund 500 this Saturday at Michigan International Speedway. Rob said he was not planning on running the race till UPS approached him about co-running a truck for the 500. "UPS called and said they wanted us to race the truck. They said they liked the way we raced at Michigan in the NASS Truck Series a few months back, and asked if we'd be interested in teaming up with them," Rob Neises said.
The number 84 Chevy Silverado carrys associate sponosorship from the US Navy, Havoline Motor Oil, Executive Security, the SCKL Railroad, and Cox High Speed Internet. There is no word if this is the beginning of a possible associate sponsorship, or just UPS wanting to race the truck. With the rumor around the garage that Rob would be scaling back most racing activities in 2006, its anybody's guess. Its becoming more common that sponsors are becoming part owners of the teams they sponsor, Jasper Engines and Valvoline Motor Oil are two that have or are part owners in the cars they sponsor.

July 27, 2005 - Neises resumes racing: Rob Neises released a press release to inform the media that he intends to resume racing tonight at Pikes Peak International in Fountain, Colorado, near Colorado Springs. He returns to racing after over a week away due to his oldest daughters surguries and recovery. His first race will be in the NASS Truck series, one that he has taken several provisionals in. Rob expects to run a full schedule this weekend at Pocono, Memphis, and Indy, among others. Rob had sent the OMS Special out earlier in the week in anticipation of racing there.

July 19, 2005 - Neises won't race this week: Rob Neises has announced that he will not be at the track this week, After Sundays NWST races, Rob got a call from his wife that their oldest daughter was having complications from a surgery performed last week, and required returning to the hospital. It was found out earlier today that Ashley has developed an obstructed bowel, and it would require a secod surgery. So to be with the family, and help his wife with Ashley and her younger brother and sister, he will be staying at the hospital. Rob said he would return to the track after Ashley returns home and is doing well.

July 11, 2005 - Neises wins number 175: Rob Neises won his 175th overall sim race yesterday at Daytona International Speedway in the Ron Jon Surf Shop Dodge Charger in the NWST's N3 division race there. In an aqua Charger with a wave along side it, Rob took the pole, and rode the wave to victory lane. A jubulent Rob Neises said, "Wheeeeeweeeeeeeee! I can't believe we did so great here this week, and 175 sim-wins, there was a time 8 years ago I wondered if I'd win a second. This is awesome !!" Neises was congratulated by team members and other racers as Rob nears the record for most career wins by a NWST driver. Rob currently has 141 NWST victories. Next week Rob and the team head to Chicagoland to start the treck to 200.

July 8, 2005 - Sponsorship changes begin at Daytona: Rob Neises took an opportunity yesterday to talk to racing media upon arrival at Daytona International Speedway. The upcoming weekend begins the two weeks known as Summer Speedweeks. At it, Rob announced that a sponsorship restructuring, as well as sponsorship changes were taking effect, effective this weekend. Over the next three weeks, Dad's Time Racing and NWST Motorsports are welcoming new sponsors, swapping sponsors and rides, or are flying special schemes. It starts this week, as SCKL Railroad will sponsor all three truck teams, including Outlaw Motorsports at the Kansas Speedway races. At Daytona over the next couple weeks, all DTR and NWST Motorsports cars will wear Ron Jon Surf Shop on the hood and quarters as Rob again celebrates Florida racing with their sponsorship. Both DTR and NWSTMS are welcoming new primary sponsors after Daytona. John Deere is the new primary on Rob's DTR Dodge Charger in the NWST's ARCA division; it replaces MOPAR and Dodge Dealers. Coors Original/Bill Elliott Tribute is the new primary on NWSTMS' AeroWars car Rob races in the SOAR AW88 Online division. Orange County Choppers, who was on the number 96 Ford Thunderbird, moves to Cup and Busch racing on Ford Taurus'. The switch of OCC sponsorship comes with some limits. They will sponsor 10 NWST Motorsports stock car, and 5 truck races as primary, anything above, they will be an associate sponsor. Other special schemes, This week, all NWST/DTR rides, except the HCGR T-bird will carry Del Monte Foods as sponsorship at Infineon, and John Deere will sponsor the NWST Motorsports entries at Chicagoland.
Rob also announced that he has lost contact with the racer who had agreed to take over as Director of the NWST next week. Rob says he'll stay on till he resurfaces, or January 1 comes along.

June 29, 2005 - Neises updates schedule: Rob Neises held a newsconference from the GP Race Park in Western Sedgwick County earlier today. Just back from his 8th place frinish at Pocono in the SOAR AW88 online series, he answered questions about the open spots in this weeks schedule; though he didn't talk about next weeks. He said that NWST Motorsports with him as driver, would be taking three cars to Daytona, and a truck to Kansas for the NASCOR CTS race there.
The SCKL Ford F-Series will run early Friday at Kansas, before Rob hops a jet to the NWST night race at Milwaukee. Over the rest of the holiday weekend, besides four races at Infineon in Sonoma, California, NWST Motortsports will take cars for the NASCOR Busch and AW88 races, as well as the SOAR Busch race, all three at Daytona. He expects Ron Jon Surf Shop to be on the Tauruses, and possibly the retro-T-bird, but he wasn't for sure about that yet.
Rob also announced at the newsconference that all three of the trucks to be raced at Kansas will make the trip by transport hauler. Unusual in that its the longest trip one of his truck drivers has had to run all year. Expected travel time, three to four hours. Rob usually dispatches his teams to the races via the SCKL Railroad, but since the trains are all expected to be spread throughout the US, Rob said it only made sence to drive up, even though he realizes it mught disappoint fans who flock to see the SCKL trains. In comparison, the teams back east, who drive their haulers everywhere report almost a two day trip from North Carolina to Kansas City.

June 17, 2005 - Neises releases updated schedule: Rob Neises released an updated schedule, filling in all the open sponsor/car make holes through the month of June. In doing so, and by including the first two weeks of July, there are several openings again, beginning at Summer Speedweeks. Leading to speculation that something is up with Rob and the NWST Motorsports team.
Calls to Rob, and attempts to contact crew and employees at the Kansas shop have all been unsuccessful. Seems no one is commenting right now. When asked today by a media member at the NWST newsconference before Fridays Truck race at Texas, Rob only would say that this wasn't the forum, but soon a newsconference would be called to explain everything. He ignored the follow-up and any other questions relating to NWST Motorsports after that.

June 13, 2005 - Neises to step down: Rob Neises released a short press release this week on the NWST Race League website. In it, he announced that he would be stepping down as NWST Director effective Summer Speedweeks, July 10th. He didn't say how, if at all, it would affect his NWST Motorsports ride. Currently, Rob is the R&D driver for the league, piloting Ford Motor Company products in races in several different series and divisions within those series. Rob would neither confirm or deny that the holes in his race schedule, or him missing two races this weekend, were related to the news of his stepping down.
When asked, Rob said that former Director Alan Hood would be returning as Director with his departure, and that he was confident that the NWST would flourish and grow under Alan's directorship.
If you missed it, several holes relating to sponsorship and car make showed up earlier in the month when Rob's schedule was posted for June.

June 3, 2005 - Uncertainties show in Neises schedule: Rob Neises released his schedule for the next couple weeks on the team website, and there were a few interesting omissions on the schedule. There were a couple entries that had sponsorship previously, that no longer is showing a sponsor, and some where sponsor and car make were missing. No one involved with Rob or any of his teams had any comment or explanation for the holes in the schedule. When asked, Rob said there were some sponsorship and other questions he hadn't really answered satisfactory enough to post on the site.
He did sit down and welcomed Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville Cafe's to the Rob's Racing family. Rob announced that He and Jimmy Buffett had struck a one race deal for Dover in the NASS Truck series, and even though he had to park it with gearbox trouble, the 10th place finish allowed him to get the Cafe's on the Truck for Texas next week. Beyond that, he wasn't sure if Margaritaville Cafes, or someone else would sponsor the truck; or even if the truck would run anymore.
He did tell the media that he would have some big announcements about things before racing returned to Daytona for Summer Speedweeks.

May 10, 2005 - Neises Raises the Bar: Rob Neises held a newsconference yesterday after the completion of the NASS Thunder race at Darlington. Rob flew there from the weekends activities at Talladega. A track that marked three milestones for Rob. The Sunday previous, Rob drove his US Navy sponsored Ford Taurus to a 9th place finish in his 100th SOAR start. Sunday Rob won his 150th Overall sim-race with his victory in the NWST N3 race, and started his 1100th overall sim-race later in the day in the NWST N2K3 Nextel Cup race, winning that race. The victories were part of a 5-win sweep of the weekends NWST action. Rob took the win in the ARCA and HCGR races at Talladega, and in the truck race at Gateway on Friday night. Rob also ran at Darlington this weekend in the Motorcraft Quality Parts Ford in the SOAR Busch race there in preperation for Monday's NASS Thunder race there.
This upcoming week, will see a special scheme on Rob's NWST, ARCA Dodge Charger. Kim, Ron and Rufus from Disney Channel's Kim Possible show will be on the car, along with a special birthday message to his daughter Kaitlyn, who turns 4 on Saturday. Rob plans on running the NWST HCGR race, as well as SOAR's Busch race at Richmond, and NASCOR's truck series race at Mansfield on Friday nite, both with sponsorship from Motorcraft.
In other sponsorship news, Rob announced that he is planning on running a special US Navy scheme on his Outlaw Motorsports Chevy for the Memorial Day race. He also announced that he was close to naming a new sponsor on his Outlaw Motorsports Chevy Silverado that he runs in the NASS Truck series. He wouldn't devulge who, only that it relates to some major changes in his online racing equipment.
Finally, the NASS Thunder series is looking into moving its summer Daytona race to May 23rd, NASS's closest available open date. The race is scheduled for July 4th, and the league was wanting to not run that day to allow the drivers to enjoy the holiday. A decision is expected on the 16th.

April 19, 2005 - Wild Week for Neises: Rob Neises was very shook up after being released from the infield care center of Texas Motor Speedway last night. Rob was involved in a lap 13 crash not of his own doing. The caution came out on 13, and as Rob was riding the high line, off the gas, a car shot up the track, pinched his nose, causing him to flip down the banking, over the wall, into the infield area. Rob had earlier wrecked his primary in practice, and was in his backup. After coming out of the infield care center, he was mobbed by media suprised to see him walk away. "I owe it all to the guys back at the shops for building such safe cars. Ony one problem, I just killed my last Chevy," Rob told them. He went on to explain that when he decided to make the switch in ARCA to the Charger, he ordered a dozen new Chevy Monte Carlo's from the Outlaw Motorsports shops in California. Due to a program glitch, it was reported as a dozen new Pontiac Grand Prix's, and that was what was delivered. He said he had planned on reskinning them, but now with no Chevy's, and no plans on returning to Kansas soon, he has decided to run the Pontiacs.
In other car change news, Rob announced that he would debut the new MOPAR Performance Parts scheme at the ARCA race in Texas on one of the new reskinned Chargers. "We took it to the Wichita State wind tunnel and got good numbers," Rob told the media. And Texas is a big fun track usually, so the ARCA Charger debuts this next weekend.
In other "Texas" news, Rob announced that he would run all four NWST races, ARCA, HCGR, N3 and N2K3 Nextel Cup. Orange County Choppers and Del Monte return to the cars again at Texas.
When asked, he said he wasn't sure now if he'd be at Martinsville tomorrow night for the SOAR AW88 online race, or if he would run Saturday nights race at Phoenix in another league for experience on the track. In other SOAR news, Rob finished 6th Sunday at SOAR's first race on the European continent - Paris, France. He was running fifth, till he got wide and almost took out a light post. This weekend, SOAR's All-Pro returns to the US and Bristol for under-the-lights, short-track, bumping and banging racing. The truck portion of the series now finished, the series moves to the late-1980's Aero cars. Rob stays with General Motors, and will race the Jones Soda Company 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix. At certain tracks, Rob will run the 1989, more aerodynamic, Grand Prix.
Finally, in other scheme and sponsorship news: The 1988 Buffalo Wild Wings Ford T-birds Rob runs in the NWST's HCGR gets a new, flashier scheme at Texas, see the Cars & Driver page. Also, Rob says he may have a new sponsor to add to the Chevy Silverado's he runs in the NASS Truck division. Rob gave no clues, nor did he answer any of the Diet Pepsi questions.

April 9, 2005 - Neises hits milestone: Rob Neises started his 500th NWST race yesterday when the green flag fell on Fridays HCGR race. Rob brought his Buffalo Wild Wings Ford Thunderbird across the checkers second. Rob also announced that to keep his mind occupied, he would be running the Nextel Cup races in both the N2K3 and N3 leagues this weekend. Orange County Choppers will sponsor the N2K3 Dodge Charger, while Del Monte Foods agreed to add more races as primary of the N3 Dodge Intrepid.
In other news, Rob said it could be just a few weeks before he makes the switch over to the Charger in ARCA competition. In other ARCA-related news, Rob announced that Del Monte Foods will be the primary for the race at Infineon. No word if the car will be a Intrepid or Charger.
In non-NWST news, Rob announced to the media that he would begin running Tuesdays in SOAR's AW88 Online series. Orange County Choppers will be the primary on the 1988 Ford Thunderbird. Associate sponsors include AOL Broadband, Motorcraft, Havoline Oil, US Navy, Executive Security, Diet Pepsi, and the SCKL Railroad. Rob is planning on making his debut this Tuesday at the refurbished North Wilkesboro track.
There still has not been word from Rob if Diet Pepsi plans on returning to his number 07 OMS, NASS Truck Series Chevy Silverado. There were many rumors swirling around the track yesterday about Rob and his continued participation in the NASS Trucks. All Rob said about the rumors is that he is planning on running the no-points practice Thursday at Gateway in an unsponsored Chevy Silverado.

April 3, 2005 - Neises leaves Bristol when Mom passes: Rob Neises hopped a helicopter this morning when he found out his mom was in the hospital. His Mom passed, and he plans on skipping races on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. He is expected to return to Bristol on Friday for NWST action.

April 2, 2005 - Neises answers questions, announces new sponsor: Rob Neises finally met with the media this morning at Bristol. Rob plans on running SOAR and NASCOR Busch races this weekend before jetting to Talladega for the SOAR All-Pro Truck race there.
Rob announced to the crowd that PepsiCo asked to have Diet Pepsi removed as the primary sponsor of the Outlaw Motorsports NASS Trucks entry. The request arrived Thursday morning, so the signage was covered. Rob said that Diet Pepsi will remain on the rest of his racing ventures, and could even return as an associate on the Chevy Silverado Rob runs in the NASS Trucks. Rob apologized for not talking about it Thursday at Mesa Marin, but he had to get all the details before he responded.
Then Rob's demeanor changed and a big smile came to his face, as he said he had another announcement. He announced that Jones Soda Company and Dad's Time Racing have signed a contract to make Jones the primary on the number 84 Chevy's/Pontiacs Rob races in SOAR's All-Pro series. Jones will replace the SCKL Railroad as the primary on the Chevy Silverado this weekend at Talladega, will finish the last two truck races, then continue on the DTR 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix for the second third of the season. Jones will also be on the 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix's for the final third of the series in a 3600 pound stock car.
After answering a few questions, Rob went to oversee the preparation of the US Navy Ford Taurus he'll be running for NWST Motorsports this weekend.

March 31, 2005 - Neises avoids media: Rob Neises, usually known for his good relationship with the media, avoided them today. It all started normally, Rob unloaded the 07 diet Pepsi Chevy from the hauler yesterday and ran practice. When the truck emerged for qualifying earlier today, all the diet Pepsi signage was missing from the truck. Rob qualified 14th, and went directly to his hauler. When the truck was set out on the grid, again no signage from diet Pepsi. Rob said nothing, got into the truck and started the race. For him, it was uneventful except for two spins, collecting only himself. 120 laps in NASS race control called him into the pits and parked him. Rob got out of the truck and went directly to his hauler. Skipping the NASS truck he took a golf cart to his private train car outside the track.

March 25, 2005 - Rumors circulate around sponsors: Rob Neises met with the media after yesterdays races, before jetting to Bristol for the SOAR All-Pro race there Sunday night. He admitted that he would be having an announcement soon. He admitted the subject would be sponsors, but said he wouldn't be able to comment, or announce anything at this time. He said he expected to be able to say more next weekend. He left before answering any of the follow up questions.

March 10, 2005 - Neises arrives early to Vegas, Makes Announcement: Rob Neises suprised most of the officials by arriving a full week early to Las Vegas. Many thought Rob was just used to going from place to place, and didn't want to go from Mexico to Kansas, then Vegas. But they were wrong. Upon arriving at the track, Rob called a newsconference for later in the day. While the press gathered, Rob's SOAR Busch crew pulled in. They unloaded the US Navy Taurus, and started preparing it.
When the time arrived, Rob addressed the media. First he announced that he would run the number 96 US Navy Ford Taurus this weekend in the SOAR Busch race. Then he announced that after re-evaluating everything, he was going to run for the Championship in the NWST's ARCA division. After not running California, and still leading, Rob said he wants to be ready. It looks like the HCGR is not getting the turnout, and doesn't know how long it will survive. So he looks to the ARCA division to replace it. He said MOPAR Performance Parts will be the primary on the Dodge Intrepids after this weeks race at Las Vegas, where Rob usually runs an Executive Security scheme. He says he asked his fabricators to begin reskinning as many Intrepids into ARCA Chargers. He isn't sure how long before he'll have a Charger for ARCA competition. Rob said Midwest Dodge Dealers will co-Primary on the car through July, and hopefully the entire season.

February 5, 2005 - Neises Misses Qualifyer: Rob Neises' US Navy Chevy would not fire tonight as they waited on pit road for the start of the Amsoil 175, the qualifyer race for the NASS Mike Langston Memorial. The crew and NASS Officials tried to get the 07 car fired, but it wouldn't. The car was pushed off the grid, and Rob was forced to watch from his pit box. Rob will have another opportunity to qualify for the race, next Sunday, by running the last chance race next Saturday afternoon. "I couldn't believe it, it started, and drafted well in practice, just a Daytona gremlin, hope its the last," Neises said while watching the field take the green flag.

February 3, 2005 - 2005 Plans Announced: Rob Neises held a newsconference yesterday upon arrival in Talladega, Alabama. The NWST finishes the Winter Series this weekend there, as well as the first of two weekends as part of the Mike Langston Memorial race, sponsored by the NASS Series. Sunday, Rob will travel to Daytona for the NASCAR Datyona Warm Up race, then participate in the Bud Shootout for the SOAR On-Line All-Pro Series kick-off. Then it will be off to California by jet for the last NASS Winter warm up race.
Earlier in the week, Rob ended up taking 10th at Talladega in the SOAR AW88 Online Winter Series. The 10th place finish, secured an 8th place finish in points for Rob in his first online series run.
Rob called the get together to announce his 2005 plans. He talked about his full-time racing endeavors first. He announced he would run full time in the NWST's CTS division for Dad's Time Racing. The number 66 Dodge Ram will carry sponsorship from John Deere. Associate sponsors will be: Buffalo Wild Wings, Orange County Choppers, US Navy, Havoline Motor Oil, SCKL Railroad, and Executive Security. Buffalo Wild Wings and Orange County Choppers will also hold primary sponsorship for a couple races each, with John Deere being on the hood for 20 points events. Rob will also run full time for DTR in the NWST's new HCGR division, driving a 1988 Ford Thunderbird. Buffalo Wild Wings will be the primary sponsor, with the same associates as the truck team. The final full time DTR ride will be in the SOAR All-Pro Online series. The SCKL Railroad will sponsor the number 84 GM's. The All-Pro series is 3 - 12 race segments, each in a different type of race vehicle. Rob will start in a Chevy Silverado pickup, move to a 1988 Pontiac Grand Prix, and then finish in a modern Nextel Cup car. Rob's final full-time ride is for Outlaw Motorsports in the NASS Thunder Series. Rob will drive a number 07 Chevy Monte Carlo with sponsorship from Coleman. Associate sponsors will be AOL Broadband, US Navy, SCKL Railroad, Havoline Motor Oil, and Executive Security. If arrangements can be made, Rob will run a Chevy Silverado full time in NASS's truck series.
Neises will run in DTR and NWST Motorsports prepared rides in several races in 2005. Rob plans on running less than 15 races in a new Dodge Charger in the NWST's Nextel Cup series. Orange County Choppers will be primary. In NWST ARCA, MOPAR and Dodge Dealers will be on the hood for 10 to 15 races on the Dodge Intrepids. Finally, in N3, Del Monte will be on a Dodge Intrepid for the four restrictor plate races in the NWST's N3 division. For NWST Motorsports, Fords carrying the number 96 will be driven by Rob Neises in NASCOR, SOAR, and SSCRA races on very limited schedules.
Rob did announce that Rob Jon Surf Shop will sponsor most of Rob's racing endeavors, no matter what the team, during Daytona Speedweeks, February 13 - 27th. Rob will run in the NASCOR truck and BGN series, and the SOAR Nextel Cup races the weekend of the 20th, as well as the Bud Shootouts for the NWST. Rob's 2005 series actually got underway last weekend with qualifying for NASCOR's Daytona Warm Up online race. 2005 Points racing starts with the SOAR All-Pro series this weekend in Daytona.

January 9, 2005 - Neises finishes in Top 5: Rob Neises climbed out of the Coleman Outdoor Products Pontiac feeling a lucky man. With a few cautions, and some connection trouble at the end for others, Rob crossed the checkers 4th, two laps down. "I had a lot of luck at the end, but I couldn't catch a break early," Neises said.
Neises started 14th, and the car was terrible. But with some drafting help, he was able to lead 5 laps due to great fuel mileage. But that's when the bad luck struck. He went into the pits hot, and got a black flag for speeding on pit road. He went down three laps. He got one back with fuel mileage, but could never get the other two back. "Everytime I got to the lead pack, a couple cars were so squirrly, I couldn't pass. There was a lot of blocking being done, a couple times I had to hit the brakes when an unnamed driver cut my nose, almost causing a collision," Neises said. Eventually, with about 40 to go, Rob was fourth in line, and got under the unnamed car. He cleared and was working on the 63 car, which was loose. Rob was forced to lift a bit, and the unnamed car passed from nearly the apron. As Rob planted the nose under the unnamed car, he again blocked me, my right front punting his left rear, sending the unnamed car into the fence. "I was warned to give them room, and they were blocking me!" Rob said about the incident. The damage to the nose caused Rob to ride it out, and with a couple of blown connections, Rob ended fourth after a fierce, clean battle with the 25 car the last 5 laps.
After the race Rob was asked what he thought about plans to run 3 to 4 of these special events a year. Rob said he'd be there, but the Grand Prix was going to the museum. Rob didn't comment on what make he would run, and he runs all three of the active brands in one series or another. After the quick news conference, Rob hopped a helicopter to a waiting jet to get back to Massachusetts for Sundays NWST 500 and HCGR kick off race.

January 7, 2005 - DTR Announces Sponsor Change: Rob Neises, President of Dad's Time Racing (DTR) sent out a news brief to sports media yesterday to announce the signing of a new associate sponsorship, and a new primary sponsor on his DTR Dodge Intrepid for Sunday's NWST 500 at Coca-Cola Superspeedway. PepsiCo and DTR signed a three year deal, making PepsiCo's Diet Pepsi brand the soft drink associate sponsor on all DTR racing endeavors. PepsiCo also made an offer, that with permission from MOPAR, to be the primary sponsor on Rob's Intrepid in the NWST 500. Rob hadn't announced that Coke was leaving, but PepsiCo reps said they were happy to begin their association with Rob Neises and DTR at Coca-Cola Superspeedway. Insiders had noticed a lack of soft drink sponsor on the DTR cars during the Winter Series, but most will admit, that several associates don't sponsor winter racing. Rob said that Diet Pepsi will have the primary at other times in '05, but wasn't any more specific than that.

January 5, 2005 - Neises arrives in Massachusetts: Rob Neises flew into Concord, Massachusetts in preperation for this weekends NWST 500 festivities. Rob will be splitting his time between three states this weekend. The rescheduled SOAR Server 500 is Saturday at Talladega, Alabama, the N3 NWST 500 is Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway, and Sunday he'll run the Innaugural HCGR race, and the N2K3 NWST 500 at Coca-Cola Superspeedway in Massachusetts.
Rob had promised to talk about 2005 when he got to Coca-Cola, so he held a news conference. It was a fairly lengthy one, with Rob fielding questions from the media at the end.
The biggest announcement was the renaming of his personal race team. Last years Raney-Neises Family Racing was reorganized as Dad's Time Racing, with most DTR prepared cars carrying the number 66, the year Rob was born, one will carry the number 84, his old James Gang Racing number. James Gang Racing was Rob's first race team formed by Rob. It merged with the teams his children owned and became Raney-Neises Family Racing in 2004. The reorganization came about when his wife started calling his racing time Dad's Time. Rob then revealed sponsorship and other news about '05: Rob will split his time again across several leagues and sims/mods. He will remain the Director of the NWST, and drive full-time in their HCGR and CTS divisions. Buffalo Wild Wings will be the primary sponsor on the 1988 Ford Thunderbird. John Deere moves to the DTR prepared Dodge Ram pickups in the CTS division. Rob still plans to run partial schedules in the other three NWST divisions. Del Monte will remain on the N3 Dodge Intrepids that Rob is scheduled to race in restrictor plate races. MOPAR and Midwest Dodge Dealers will split time on the ARCA division Dodge, which will run at least the plate track races. And Orange County Choppers returns to the DTR Dodge in NWST's Nextel Cup division.
The other two full-time racing endeavors for Rob will be with Outlaw Motorsports in the number 07 Chevy Monte Carlo, and the number 84, Dad's Time Racing Chevy's to run in SOAR's All-Pro Online league. The 07 OMS Chevy will carry primary sponsorship from Coleman Outdoor Products for approximately 30 races. The US Navy, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and Zyprexa will split the other 6 points races. Outlaw Motorsports runs cars in the NASS Thunder Online series. Dad's Time Racing will be undertaking a challenge with its entry into SOAR's All-Pro division. It's an online series that splits the season into thirds. The first third, Rob will run the number 84 Chevy Silverado, the second in a classic 1988 Chevy Monte Carlo, and the final third in a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo. All three cars will carry the SCKL Railroad as the primary sponsor. AOL Broadband signed on as a major associate on both of Rob's online series in 2005.
Rob will also dabble in several other leagues and series part time. Though no sponsors were announced, Rob said during Speedweeks at Daytona, he will run Ford Taurus' for NWST Motorsports as part of the NWST's R&D program. He will run Taurus' and F-150 trucks in NASCOR's Busch and CTS division, and SSCRA's Nextel Cup and CTS divisions. Rob said he expected to run around 10 races in each of the four above mentioned divisions. He said he plans on running a few Open Wheel and Road Course races in '05 also.

December 10, 2004 - SOAR's Server 500 Rescheduled, Winter Plans Change : Rob Neises held a newsconference upon arrival in Atlanta yesterday. Besides race directorship, Rob will run a Dodge Intrepid with sponsorship from MOPAR Performance Parts in the N2K3 race.
Neises confirmed he will still pilot the number 96 Coleman-AOL Broadband Pontiac in the SOAR Server Fund 500, now scheduled for January 8th at Talladega Superspeedway. The SOAR league said the holidays was the reason for moving the race to 2005.
Rob also announced that he was increasing his winter racing plans. In an effort to get better acquainted with online racing, Rob will run SOAR's AeroWars 88 online Winter Series. Rob said he made the decision when he was able to get Kodak to sponsor the number 66 Dad's Time Racing 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The scheme is based on the Oldsmobile scheme that Rick Wilson, and Rob's all-time favorite NASCAR driver, Ernie Irvan drove for Morgan-McClure Racing. "There are a few changes from the original scheme to allow for my associate sponsors," said Rob. The associates are AOL Broadband, Havoline Oil, SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, and the US Navy.
Rob's love of the classic Nascar cars is evident from the confirmation that he would also run SOAR's Stock Series this winter. The Stock Series is a two heat race running the AeroWars 88 cars. Rob will be running a Raney-Neises Family Racing/Dad's Time Racing Ford Thunderbird. The T-bird will carry the number 96, and sponsorship from Ford's Motorcraft Quality Parts. The confirmation of this, and Motorcrafts sponsorship means Buffalo Wild Wings will be the primary sponsor on the number 66 Dad's Time Racing Thunderbird in the NWST's HCGR Winter Series.
Rob reiterated that he would hold a newsconference to talk about 2005 plans at the NWST 500 at Coca-Cola Speedway.

December 3, 2004 - SOAR's Server 500 Postponed: Rob Neises and his Raney-Neises Family Racing team had already arrived in Talladega, Alabama when he got the word that Saturdays SOAR Server 500 was being postponed. Serious medical issues with a member of the race directors family was the reason given. "I hope his father recovers, family is more important than racing," Rob said in the garage. Rob said he would leave the transporter and equipment in Tally, and would rejoin the SCKL Special in Richmond for SOAR's Stock Car series exhibition race this weekend at Richmond. The RNFR Special was heading to Indy to take Rob's SOAR N3 team there. This weekend is the last race of SOAR's N3 series. Rob said as he hopped a jet to Richmond that he hoped the race wouldn't be scheduled for the 12th, the first weekend of NWST's Winter series. The 5-race series kicks off at Atlanta on the 12th.

November 29, 2004 - Neises Sweeps Weekend, Hits 1000 Race Goal, Takes CTS Title: Rob Neises was exhausted but jubulent Sunday after taking the number 96 Coca-Cola C2 Chevy Silverado to a third place finish in the final SSCRA N2003 CTS race. The race was the confirmed 1000th sim-start for Neises, who had just celebrated joining the Iron-Man club of 750 races late last season. Rob began sim-racing in August of 1995 in the NASS series. It took a 6 race effort to get Rob to 1000, with Rob finishing all 6 races in the Top 3, sweeping all four NWST races held at Miami-Homestead Speedway.
The win Friday night in the NWST's Craftsman Truck series, Rob's 20th, was punctuation on the Championship for Rob, his 13th individual title since he began sim racing. Rob also has four team titles, in the Busch and HCGR series for E&K Racing in 2001 and 2002.

November 26, 2004 - Neises Announces Winter Plans: Rob Neises held a newsconference Wednesday upon arrival at Miami-Homestead Speedway in sunny, Southern Florida. It was against a backdrop of the Florida sunshine that Rob announced his plans for the Winter, including sponsorships.
Rob talked about his newest racing endeavor - on-line racing. He announced he would run the NASS-Thunder online Winter Series, as well as SOAR's Server 500 at Talladega. The winter efforts are to get valuable experience for next years run at the Rookie-of-the-Year in the NASS Thunder. Rob will run 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix's in both efforts. Rob is running a Raney-Neises Family Racing prepared Pontiac in SOAR's Server 500. The number 96 car is carrying primary sponsorship from Coleman, with major associate sponsorship from AOL Broadband. In NASS-Thunder, Rob is piloting the number 07 Outlaw Motorsports Pontiac, also with Coleman and AOL Broadband sponsorship.
Back in off-line racing, Rob plans on running all three NWST Winter divisions. He plans on running all five N2003 races in the number 96 Raney-Neises Family Racing Dodge, with sponsorship from MOPAR. Rob plans on running at least one race in the Nascar 3 division in the number 96 RNFR Dodge, with sponsorship from Del Monte brand foods. Also, he said he'll run all three HCGR races in a 1988 Ford Thnderbird with sponsorship split between Motorcraft and Buffalo Wild Wings.
When asked, Rob said he's talk about his 2005 season plans after the first of the year, other than to confirm he will run NASS Thunder-online in '05 for Outlaw Motorsports. OMS fields Chevy Monte Carlos, and Rob expects his car to be numbered 07. Anything else, Neises said, would have to wait until January.

November 22, 2004 - Neises to hit 1000: Rob Neises held a news conference yesterday to update the media on his strive for 1000. Rob said that with this weeks races, if he can run all 6 races scheduled between the NWST and SSCRA at Homestead, the SSCRA CTS race Sunday night will be race number 1000. When asked, Rob said it may be actually 1001 or 3, some of his racing records had been lost he said. He said he figured it the best he could, but that it would take all 6 races to hit 1000. Rob said if he missed a race, then 1000 would have to wait a week for the SOAR N3 finale' at Indy.
Neises also told the media that next weekend at Homestead he'd talk about Winter racing. He did hint that it would be a mixture of off and online races. Earlier Rob said he would run the SOAR Stock Car series over the winter driving the AeroWars 88 car. Motorcraft was announced as the primary on the Ford Thunderbird.

November 15, 2004 - Neises Takes # 125, Announces Sponsor, and other News: Rob Neises held a news conference after racing ended Sunday. At it, he first talked about how proud he was with his team and all its members. With wins in the Truck series, and the N3 Nextel Cup series this weekend at Phoenix, Rob claimed victories 124 and 125. Rob also took the pole in the truck race, his 59th career. "I can't believe it," Neises exclaimed. "125 wins in a little over 9 years." Neises also pointed out, that he expects to hit 1000 sim-starts, most likely at the December 5th SOAR N3 Nextel Cup finale' at Indy.
He followed up his comments on his wins and races by announcing he had signed a sponsor for his Chevy Silverado that will run in the SSCRA finale' the 28th at Homestead. "It gives me great pleasure to announce that Coca-Cola's C2 cola will be on the # 04 NWST Motorsports Silverado at Homestead," Neises announced to the cheering crowd.
After the sponsorship announcement, Neises went on to announce he will run the innaugural SOAR Stock Car Series running the classic AW88 cars. Neises will run a Thunderbird, with sponsorship from Ford's Motorcraft Quality Parts with a late 80's early 90's retro red and white paint scheme. In other winter racing news, he said that Motorcraft will also be on a NWST Motorspots F-Series truck if the TOOL Series returns this winter as expected. Rob also announced that he'll run in the NASS Thunder Winter Series, NWST N2K3 Winter Series, at least 1 race in N3, plus all 3 HCGR races this Winter to tune up for the 2005 season starting in mid-February. Rob said he expects to announce sponsorships where available at Homestead in a couple weeks. Rob said a full rundown of his 2005 plans will come in early to late January at the NWST 500 at Coca-Cola Speedway.

October 13, 2004 - Neises to hit 200: Rob Neises will start his 200th sim-race of the 2004 season this weekend at his home track of Kansas. Interestingly, Kansas is one of the few tracks Rob has never won a race victory on. He'll get up to 3 tries at it this weekend, but it's not known how many races he'll actually run in at the Kansas Speedway. Rob's weekend has him racing on both coasts and in two middle states, and he usually decides his actual schedule about mid-week. Next week will also be busy, as Rob will compete in at least three different states, and a couple geographic regions. When asked, Rob said he expects to run fewer races than last season, but isn't sure how many less. Rob ran 248 races from February '03 thru January '04.
After sweeping 3 of 4 NWST races this weekend, including his first pole of the year in N3 and ARCA, a tired Rob Neises sat down with the media. He highlighted some of the expected changes in the NWST League for 2005. He said he plans on talking to drivers about Nascar 3, and bringing back the HCGR division in the AeroWars88-styled cars in Nascar 2003. Rob asked everyone to check the NWST website for more info coming soon on the 2005 Winter and regular seasons.

September 21, 2004 - Neises announces testing: Rob Neises, NWST Director, and Nascar sim-driver, announced that he will begin testing in 2004 for Online racing. Rob has accepted an offer to race for Outlaw Motorsports in 2005, in the NASS-Online Thunder division. In preparation, Rob will run pre-race events at Atlanta, and possibly other tracks in the 2004 season. "I'll run warm-up and testing sessions leading up to the Atlanta race, and possibly more if the Atlanta test is successful," Rob said. Rob will follow his teammate, and Outlaw Motorsports President, Bill Heidelberg, in piloting Chevy Monte Carlo's for his online racing endeavor. Rob said he has signed Wichita, Kansas founded, Coleman Company to a one-race testing deal. "I hate going out in a plain car," Neises said. And this allows Coleman to test the sponsorship waters in online racing. AOL Broadband will be the major associate sponsor on the number 96 Chevy. Other associates will be the SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, and the US Navy.

August 21, 2004 - Neises announces sponsor change for next 10 races: Rob Neises held a news conference today to announce a special sponsorship situation. Neises announced that Bush-Cheney '04 would be the primary sponsor on all but the Hooters Pro Cup and SSCRA Sports Car entries from next week at Michigan through the October 31st races. "I'm proud to be carrying the Bush-Cheney '04 sponsorship on my rides," Neises told the media. Neises asked, and received permission to change the number on his N2K3 entries to "04" in honor of the sponsorship. Rob will run Bush-Cheney '04 schemes on his Dodge Intrepids and Rams, as well as his Oldsmobile and Intrepid in the N3 series. The Bush-Cheney team said the sponsorship was a call out to the Nascar Dad's to get out and vote Bush ! Rob said that the regular sponsors were compensated for their cooperation, and would return the weekend after the election.

August 19, 2004 - Ford answers GM's challenge: Rob Neises announced earlier today that Ford has responded to the deal announced earlier this week very positively. Ford Motor Company, and Ford racing has ponied up the funds to cover the entire costs of the NWST Motorsports Hooters Pro Cup series this year. Though the NWST will still have prominent sponsorship space on the car, Motorcraft Quality Parts will be the primary, in a retro 90's paint scheme. The change will take effect next week at the Night Bristol race.

August 16, 2004 - GM ups Ante/Neises Hits Milestones: Rob Neises, director of the NWST, announced today that General Motors upped the ante in the R&D sponsorship wars. Yesterday, GM and NWST officials signed a deal that made GM's Goodwrench the primary sponsor of the Pontiacs the NWST are using for Speedway R&D the remainder of '04. The scheme is the classic Dale Earnhardt/Mike Eddie scheme made popular in the early 90's. In addidtion, GM offered, and the NWST accepted an offer to pay extra if NWST Motorsports would run the car and scheme in the NASCOR Busch race this weekend at Michigan International Speedway. It will be the debut of the new scheme. No word from the Ford camp, who started two weeks ago as the R&D provider to NWST Motorsports short track R&D program, and will be the primary R&D/NWST Motorsports platform in 2005.
In this weekends action, Rob hit his 900th overall sim start this weekend at the NWST Nextel Cup race at Indy. Earlier, Rob won his 75th NWST sim race in the trucks at IRP. Overall, Rob has 110 wins, 75 of those in the NWST, and 904 races, 435 of those coming in NWST sponsored events.

July 30, 2004 - Neises announces new sponship deals: Rob announced today that Ford Racing and the NWST Racing League will cooperate in sponsoring the NWST Motorsports Ford Taurus that Rob will run in the SOAR Hooters Pro Cup series. The two will split 12 of the 13 races, the US Navy has agreed to sponsor the remaining race. The HPC Series is 13 short tracks from the N2K3 sim, many never before raced at by Rob. The car this year is carrying the number 96 due to the number 4 and 04 being taken. Rob said the car, the NWST's R&D platform in 2005 will carry the number 04, and sponsorship will be announced at a later date.
In a related story, GM has agreed to co-sponsor the remaining NWST Motorsports entered races with their GM Goodwrench Service product. The GM sponsorship will be added to the NWST Pontiac Grand Prix's starting with the SSCRA N2K3 race at Indianapolis on August 15th.

July 28, 2004 - Neises announced driver of new NWST Motorsports endeavor: As a result of the NWST agreeing yesterday with Ford to be the official vehicle of the NWST in 2005, it was announced that Rob Neises will increase his driving schedule for NWST Motorsports. Part of the sponsorship deal, makes the Ford Taurus the official R&D vehicle of the NWST. After talking to GM, it was agreed that NWST Motorsports would field a Taurus in SOAR's Hooters Pro Cup Series, starting August 7th. That won't change anything in the GM deal for '04 in the NASCOR and SSCRA races. Currently, R&D on Speedways, and Super Speedways is being done with a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix's. With Pontiac's departure, the NWST was looking for a new R&D platform.
The deal puts Rob behind the wheel of a NWST Motorsports prepared Ford Taurus for the 13 short track event that will make up the '04 Hooters Pro Cup. The deal also will make the Taurus the R&D platform for all tracks and series next year. Rob is expected to do most of the driving.
Though no sponsor was announced, the NWST is the primary on the other R&D cars, and is expected to be so partially anyways. The buzz was a joint sponsorship between the NWST and Ford somehow, but no one would confirm that rumor.
Rob has announced that he will only field Raney-Neises Family Racing prepared cars in the NWST, and possibly some non-NASCAR styled racing endeavors. He said he expects to also team up with Outlaw Motorsports again, possibly in an online capacity. More will be announced as it becomes available.

July 24, 2004 - Neises announces he'll run in SSCRA Open Wheel Series: Rob Neises made a brief announcement that he would be fielding a Dallara/Honda Open Wheel car in the SSCRA's Open Wheel Series. He said the US Navy would sponsor the number 96 car. Rob said he plans on running the entire season if possible.

July 19, 2004 - Neises Champion !: As it was announced earlier today that the SSRA League would suspend and cancel the remainder of the 2004 regular season, effective immediately. With his win at Daytona, Rob took the points lead, and therefore has been declared the final regular season Champion of the SSRA. When asked, Rob was suprised. " I got the notice yesteraday that the third session of the season races had been "temporarily" suspended, but were marked TBA, but not told the league was ending the season." League president Eddie Sedlacek, announced that the IROC series would continue, and he hoped to have a few special events that would draw a large number of racers.
When Rob was asked about his thoughts about the SSRA's demise, he admitted that it probably will be a rising trend, as Nascar 3 has been around for a long time, and NASCAR 2003 has become the sim choice of the majority. Rob did announce that he expects the NWST to run a Nascar 3 division next year. He said he was planning on talking to other league directors about their N3 programs.

July 19, 2004 - Neises Forced to Skip Several Races Last Weekend Rob Neises was forced to skip all the NWST races this weekend at Chicagoland and Kentucky. A crash in the SOAR Nascar 3 race at Martinsville injuring his right wrist, requiring surgery. The provisionals Rob was forced to take this weekend caused him to lose the points lead in the Nextel Cup division, and allowed Bill Heidelberg to get within 95 points in the Truck series. Rob said he believes that the wrist will be healed enough to attempt this weeks light schedule. Rob has only four races, Most of those races are in the upper Midwest, to Southeast. He runs the road course at Cleveland, Trucks at St Louis, AeroWars88 at Martinsville, and SOAR at Rockingham. All within short jet hops within each other.

July 8, 2004 - Sponsorship changes for Second Half: Rob Neises held a press conference as the team pulled into Florida for summer speedweeks. He outlined the change in sponsorships for his racing endeavors now that the NWST has stepped back from primary sponsorship of all non-NWST racing teams Rob is driving for. He first joked that it would probably be easier to name the teams that wouldn't be changing primary sponsorship. "NWST Motorsports will continue to run the NWST Racing League as its primary sponsor in the league R&D Pontiacs running in the NASCOR Busch and Nextel Cup divisions, as well as the Nextel Cup division on the SSCRA's N2K3 league. They are only expected to run once or twice each the remainder of the season," Neises said. Then Rob ran down the racing endeavors, and changes, including a major change in the SSCRA N3 STARS league. Rob announced that beginning next week at Midvale, the NWST Dodge, was becoming the Executive Security Oldsmobile Cutlass. Rob said that the lack of full support by Dodge in those car types led Dodge to release the team from running Dodge the remainder of the season. When asked why Olds, Neises said he was able to pick them up from the same team who provided the Buick Regals he's now running in the SOAR AeroWars88 league. "They were cheap, and had good successes before, and Oldsmobile is legal, and has GM support in that series," said Neises. After that discussion, Neises ran down the new sponsors for the ex-NWST sponsored cars. In the SOAR N3 series, Del Monte will sponsor the Dodge for the entire 3rd session, except Daytona. Rob is making a run at the 3rd session trophy. Any post-3rd session racing will be covered by Dodge Dealers, who still have 10 races due to them by Raney-Neises Family Racing. The US Navy will be the new primary on the SSRA N3 Dodges for the second half of the season. Hot Wheels will replace NWST on the SSCRA Sports Car team, and Dodge will cover sponsorship on any SSCRA N3 Nextel Cup racing, though none is planned. Del Monte Foods, John Deere, and Orange County Choppers will remain the sponsors for the NWST N3, N2K3 ARCA, and Cup cars respectfully. Buffalo Wild Wings and OCC will still co-sponsor the Outlaw Motorsports Dodge Ram Rob runs in the NWST Craftsman Truck Series, as well as the remaining TOOL Truck Spring races. Executive Security will continue on the car in the AeroWars88 Buick Regal Rob is finishing out the season in. No word yet if Rob will return to Oldsmobile in any future AW88 racing.
Rob announced that the NWST is in negotiations for Official vehicles for next season, currently Pontiac and Ford trucks are the Offical vehicles. Depending on the outcome, there may be changes in some of the car makes Rob runs for NWST Motorsports team.
Finally, even though Daytona is considered the mid-point of the season, Rob said he would hold off till after Chicagoland before he spoke of the first half of the season, for both the NWST and personal racing efforts.

June 24, 2004 - UPDATE - SCKL Derails - Train out of commission - Cars wrecked: Rob >June 24, 2004 - UPDATE - SCKL Derails - Train out of commission - Cars wrecked: Rob Neises released a statement yesterday detailing the final extent of damages to the SCKL Special and his race programs. He said that the SCKL was not being allowed to leave the area. The area is closed as cleanup is expected to be finished today. The rest of the train is being held at the scene. Rob said he brought in a charter to get the crews to Michigan, Colorado, Concord, Memphis and Willow Springs. The six cars thought usable, won't be, because they won't get where they need to be by the time the tracks open up Thursday, Wednesday at Pikes Peak.
Rob then gave a state of the program report, explaining where he would be running, and with what: The RNFR Special has dropped off the transport hauler and support cars at Pikes Peak for today's SSRA race. The RNFR Special then headed with the Sports Car team to Willow Springs. Those two teams are okay. Orleans racing has rented us two trucks, a hauler, and equipment for the NWST truck race at Memphis Motorsports park. The trucks will wear a special red OCC scheme there. Rob was able to find a couple Buick Regals from a defunct AeroWars 88 program, so he bought them, and a hauler and equipment. The former owners driver will haul the rig to Concord. Finally, haulers left Tuesday for the three Michigan races Rob was expecting to run in. When the word came down that the cars on the SCKL Special would not be there in time, Rob sent six cars to Michigan by private car movers.
Rob admitted that he isn't sure how next weeks racing will pan out yet. He expects the RNFR Special to return to Kansas after dropping off the necessary cars at Willow Springs. The team members will be brought back to the shops via commercial airlines. The cars will sit on a siding till another SCKL train can pick them up. Once back in Kansas, the RNFR Special will load the train for the trip to the West Coast. Next week the NWST is at Infineon, or as most still call it, Sears Point, and the TOOL Truck Sprints will be at Evergreen, Washington. Rob is also slated to run at Milwaukee, Birmingham, Daytona, and the NASCOR truck race at Kansas, what Rob expected to use as a warm up for the NWST race there the following week. Rob said the Kansas truck race could easily handled with a team hauler and crew. Rob promised to announce any change in that hectic schedule, though he hinted, he wouldn't give details to the changes.

June 22, 2004 - SCKL Derails - Train out of commission - Cars wrecked: URGENT - Early yesterday afternoon, as the SCKL Special was leaving from Pocono, on its way to Michigan, it derailed, spilling the back half of the train. Luckily the crew compartment stayed on the tracks, and other than minor injuries, everyone was okay. Preliminary investigations show a track seperation on a higher-speed curve the culprit. Lost in the crash was the parts cars, car carrier cars, and all the transport haulers. Ruined in the crash was Rob's AeroWars 88 program, the NWST teams that ran in STARS and SSRA among many, the Sports Car team, and the entire truck racing program. The only salvagable equipment was in the first car carrier car, which carried the Dodge's Rob runs in the NWST ARCA and Nextel Cup N2K3 series.
Rob Neises, was not hurt as he was on the NWST Special ahead of the crash. When he heard, he immediately went to the scene to check on the team. After making sure everyone was okay, he inventoried the damage. "Most of the stuff we were gonna run next week, or ran this week was ruined. We have no haulers, and only 6 Dodge's. Everyone was okay, so I'm happy about that. I'll just have to see if I can pull together some cars and things for this weekend, and get them to the races," said Neises. Rob said he plans on seeing what he can get from others. He said he already got a couple trucks from the 62 Orleans Team, and they would be delivered to Memphis. Rob called around and found a couple Buicks he says he'll be able to run at Concord. It's a GM wa all Neises could say about moving to Buick this week. The SSRA car was already on its way to Colorado, and the Sports Car team on its way to Willow Springs aboard the RNFR Special when the accident happened. Rob said he was debuting a new scheme on the NWST Dodges for the last couple weeks of its sponsorship. He ended it by thanking everyone who had offered uses of haulers and tools with their cars and trucks, it made things much easier to handle. Rob said a hauler and tools was headed to Michigan to meet the cars there.

June 4, 2004 - Neises Captures 100th sim-Victory: A very jubulent Rob Neises crawled out of his NWST Dodge Intrepid, got on the roof, and danced his "happy dance" Thursday as he collected his 100th sim-victory at Nashville Superspeedway. "I can't belief it!" Neises said. "I've now met one of my two main goals set out two years ago when I was re-evaluating my racing career. I wanted 100 victories, and to compete in at least 1000 races before retirement." Neises has approximately 165 races to hit 1000. Rob was quick to point out that he isn't planning retirement anytime soon, but later admitted he'll scale back his racing to a very limited schedule in the future. Neises said he most likely won't run any Nascar 3 races next year, but told the assembled croud not to hold him to that.

May 26, 2004 - Neises talks about his schedule, and need to reduce racing: Rob Neises held his first newsconference in about a month today as he arrived on the new NWST Racing Special. A quickly put together train currently using cars not being used by Neises' other racing endeavors, which is slated for revamping and painting in the off-season. The Special pulled into Charlotte 15 minutes ahead of the SCKL Special, carrying Rob's race teams. Before he got into the main part of his conference, he announced that he would be running specially painted NWST-sponsored Dodge's in the All-Star race, and the following week also at Lowes.
At the conference, Rob spoke about his need to cut back his racing schedule. Rob currently has 24 races he'll run in the next 30+ days. "I have to remove some racing from my schedule, but I'm having a hard time. I'm a racer at heart, and just wanna be on the track," Neises said. When questioned, Rob said the logical choice would be to retire from N3 racing, but in the two main series he's running, including the NWST, he said he's afraid if he left, it would leave the league with only two full-time drivers. "The future is N2K3, and I need to focus on that," said Neises. I've kinda got in a rut in N3, but I'm enjoying the sports car series and short track series the SSCRA runs, they're running on tracks I haven't ran before, and I'm enjoying the challenge. Neises admits that boredom with the sim has caused him to retire early from races, and not run as hard as he has in the past. He said he won't run the N3 All-Star race this weekend, but neither are the other two competitors.
Rob is quick to point out that it is him personally, and not the NWST League that will be pulling back from N3. The NWST will run the N3 series for at least two more years Neises said. Rob said he expects to run that long because he expects other series will leave N3, so he'll stay as a catch-all for as long as drivers want. Rob said he plans on talking to other series directors to see what they plan in July and August.
Getting back to cutting his schedule, Rob said he plans on running all of the SSCRA's Sports Car Division in N3, and the STARS series also. Rob said he will run a limited NWST schedule and use up his provisionals. Rob said he'll evaluate his continuance in the SSRA in between Sesssion 2 and 3. The league is taking a month or so off between the two sessions. Rob said he'll probably be more selective in the SOAR N3 races he'll run, sticking to the road courses, and a few tracks he's never run before. He'll do this, while trying to help cultivate N2K3 replacements for several of his N3 likes. The SSCRA does have a sports car sim in N2K3, which Rob said he plans to run if they run at his two "home" tracks. Those are Heartland Park, Topeka, Kansas, and the temporary road course at Lake Afton, five miles from his adolescent home of Garden Plain, Kansas. Adding to his scheduling woes, is SOAR's Truck Sprint and retro-AeroWars 88 series. The latter being short-track races with 1988 model cars. Rob is piloting a 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in the series. And finally, adding to Rob's heavy schedule is his love of Truck racing. Rob runs full-time in two truck racing series, plus part time in another.
Neises promised to have another conference soon, as he says they're be a round of sponsor changes, and other big news coming up. Rob had announced that the NWST sponsorship on his non-NWST racing endeavors would end July 1st approximately. Rob says he has several sponsors lined up, and will announce them soon.

April 23, 2004 - Release from NWST Racing League - Neises accepts additional NWST Responsibilities: A release from the NWST Racing League's PR department announced that Director/Driver, Rob Neises has accepted another job title - League Driver. Rob Neises was announced yesterday as the driver of the newly formed NWST Motorsports. NWST Motorsports is a off-shoot of the NWST's PR department, and will promote the NWST Racing League by running a NWST-sponsored car in other leagues, at selected races. Many of the opportunities are blocked because Rob already runs in many leagues for his team - Raney-Neises Family Racing, and Outlaw Motorsports, owned by Bill Heidelberg. But, the NWST sponsored Rob in many of his racing endeavors after he took over Directorship of the NWST. The first test of this idea of running a NWST Motorsports car is being tested in the NASCOR league, a league Rob didn't have an entry in. The NWST will run a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, numbered "04", and carrying the red, white, and blue colors of the NWST. When asked why a Pontiac, since they weren't supported anymnore, the PR department head admitted that funds were low, and 10 Grand Prix's were easily, and cheaply purchased from a couple NASCAR teams at the end of last season. If it works, the NWST said they'd make an entry in most leagues next year with either Rob, or another driver. PR officals also admitted that the Pontiacs would probably be rebuilt if the tests go okay. The first NASCOR test will be this coming weekend at Talladega. The team will only run 3-7 races this year, mainly at Superspeedways, and probably Kansas, Rob's home track.

April 13, 2004 - Neises to cut back schedule: Rob Neises met with the media as he arrived at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for this weeks SSRA race at the Brickyard. Rob announced he expected that he would be cutting back his non-NWST racing endeavors. "I haven't looked over the schedule completely, but I know I can't continue running five races a week and run the NWST effectively," Rob said. Original plans preseason was that Rob would run one Nascar 3 league, and one N2K3 league, and dabble in some truck racing. Problem is, Rob has developed a liking for Sports Car road racing, and is pretty competitive in most racing endeavors this season, plus is now running and scoring all NWST events as the new Director. As proof of his commitment to reducing his schedule, Rob didn't run the SOAR League race at Peach State in Georgia last weekend. This weeks schedule is very hectic now that the NWST is re-running Daytona since the old-NWST folded during Speedweeks. Tentatively, Rob will run four races at Daytona for the NWST, the SSRA race at Indy, SSCRA STARS race at ACE, the SSCRA Sports Car race at Long Beach, California, and finally, SOAR's Bull Run Road Course in Colorado. Rob admits the Colorado race at Bull Run is touch and go.

March 31, 2004 - Neises has 90th Victory taken: A scoring error was detected, and Rob's 89th victory at Homestead in the SSRA series was erased. Making the 90th victory Sunday in the NWST Nextel Cup race his 89th. "Things happen, photo's were looked at, the computer says I was second, so I live with it. I still hold a one point lead in the season points, just haveta make it obvious I'm the winner next time." Neises told the media. The SSRA takes off this week then runs three straight weeks at Indy, Kansas, and Talladega, to end session one.

March 29, 2004 - Neises Gets 90th Victory: Rob Neises was very excited as he exited the Raney-Neises Family Racing/Orange County Choppers Dodge yesterday at Darlington. Excited because it was is third victory in an 9 day period, and his 90th overall sim-victory. "I wasn't expecting it so soon," Neises said. "We wanted to show Paul and the gang at OCC a good time on their first race with us, I never expected when the race started that we'd be here in Victory lane!" Yesterday caps off a 9-day, 3-win period. Last Friday, Neises piloted the Buffalo Wild Wings Dodge Ram 1500 truck to victory at Atlanta. Win 89 came Thursday as Rob piloted the RNFR/NWST Racing League Dodge to victory in the SSRA race at Homestead.
The win at Darlington in the NWST Nextel Cup was the grand finale for a weekend that seen Rob place second in the NWST ARCA race in the Outlaw Motorsports/John Deere Dodge. Saturday night, Rob took his RNFR/NWST Racing League Dodge to a 6th place finish in the SSCRA's STARS series at Jennerstown.
Rob did announce that the NWST Racing League would remain primary sponsor on all non-NWST racing endeavors through the first half of the season, at that time it will move to an associate sponsorship, with new primary sponsorships being announced before the change at Daytona in July. It is know that the Midwest Dodge Dealers will sponsor up to 15 more races on RNFR cars the second half of the season after Daytona. Most Daytona sponsorship will be covered by Ron Jon Surf Shop.
In other sponsorship news, Orange County Choppers, and the Discovery Channel show "American Choppers" will sponsor Rob's NWST Nextel Cup Dodge, and rotate with Buffalo Wild Wings on his NWST Truck effort. It will be every other race in the truck series, with the other an associate on each others primary runs. The Nextel Cup deal is 20 races to start with, with an option to finish the entire season. Rob has not committed to running both the entire ARCA and Cup schedule, but he believes it likely. Rob did not comment on how running the extra Cup races would affect his non-NWST racing endeavors.

March 24, 2004 - Neises Announces Sponsorship Deal: Rob Neises called a newsconference upon his arrival at the Lady in Black - Darlington. Rob announced that Orange County Choppers and the Discovery TV show "American Choppers" will sponsor the Raney-Neises Family Racing Dodge in the NWST's Nextel Cup division at Darlington, and most of the remainder of the Nextel Cup season. Rob said more details will be announced later. Rob said Paul Sr and Jr, Mikey and Vinnie from Orange County Choppers will be guest of Rob and will be in the pits.

March 12, 2004 - Busy Month - Many Changes for Neises: A lot of things have changed the direction of the 2004 NASCAR sim-season for Rob Neises. After finishing second at Talladega in mid-February, he slipped to second in final points in the SSRA's Winter Shootout Series. Then Rob began formulating his 2004 schedule. He started by running in the SOAR N3 series. Rob had three Top 10's and a Top 5 in the three races leading up to the SSCRA and NWST season openers. SOAR has decided to run a totally different schedule than the regular NASCAR series. Rob has mapped out a schedule of road courses and tracks not usually ran to compete in the SOAR series, Rob expects to run 10-15 SOAR races.
Rob ran at Daytona and Rockingham in the SSCRA. Finishing outside the Top 10 at Daytona, and 7th at Rockingham. Rob plans on running the entire SSCRA Sports Car Division, with 5th place finishes at Desert Wind and Sebring. Rob 's schedule has him running most of the SSCRA's STARS short track series in '04. Rob took 4th in the opener at Bristol in a SCKL Railroad Dodge.
Things really changed for Rob and his planned NWST racing schedule. It all started when Daytona results weren't posted by Tuesday after the race, and no settings were there. Then came the email that both Troy and Alan were quitting. That threw the NWST into a tailspin that no one is sure if it will fully recover from. First, Rob Neises took over the league. He moved Rockingham back a week, and scrambled to get as much info as possible from the old site before it went down. All the activities relating to keeping the league afloat, caused Rob to provision the ARCA race, and park it early in the N3 race.
Due to everything that has happened over the last month, Rob has announced a limited, helter-skelter schedule, with all non-NWST league cars now sponsored by the NWST racing league.

February 14, 2004 - Neises leads SSRA: Rob Neises won his second straight race in the SSRA N3 series. The win was the first ever for Rob at California. The win is the 87th for Rob. The win puts Rob up by three points over Ed Sedlacek with the final race Thursday the 19th at Talladega.
This week, the NWST and SSCRA will start the 2004 regular season at Daytona.

January 30, 2004 - NWST Winter Season wrapping up/SOAR Season Opening: Rob Neises held a news conference yesterday after finishing second in the SSRA's race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. That, coupled with last weeks third, leaves Rob in second place, one point behind Eddie Sedlacek. Last week Rob finished a diappointing fourth at Talladega. This weekend Rob will split time between Dover and Daytona. Rob will run the final NWST Winter Qualifying race at Dover on Saturday, then fly to Daytona for the SOAR season starter. Neises will run a Raney-Neises Family Racing prepared Dodge with sponsorship from the Midwest Dodge Dealers. Thursday Rob will run at Atlanta for the third race in the SSRA Winter Shootout Series, then go to Atlanta for round two in the SOAR League.

January 20, 2004 - RNFR Shops still in ruins, Neises to run N3: Rob held a news conference today at the site of the former RNFR Shop, outside of Goddard, Kansas. All that was left is a concrete pad and some twisted train rails. From here, Rob held a newsconference to announce his new Winter plans.
"With it being unlikely that I'll be able to get everything in and usable by the end of January, its with regret that I will be forced to miss the season starting Daytona race in the NWST's N2K3 division. I have been able to purchase a couple N3 type cars, so I will spend the remainder of the Winter running N3. Besides the planned four race qualifyer in the NWST, I plan on running the five-race SSRA Winter Shootout Series. My sponsor, the US Navy offered to chip in some extra money to run the series, where I am defending Summer Champion. They've added Lowes to the season, but otherwise its pretty much a shortened Summer season, so I'll proudly carry the Navy blue, and make another run at the championship. The first race is in 2 days at Daytona. The US Navy is helping with transporting the team from race to race, and will have displays at the tracks. Finally, since its not clear when I'll be able to return to N2K3 action, I am authorizing the purchase of a couple cars to run in the SOAR N3 Winston Cup league. I'm not sure if I'll run the entire season or not. The Midwest Dodge Dealers have agreed to sponsor the SOAR effort for at least 20 races. Any more than that, I'll have to see. I'll be releasing a press release with the entire 2004 season plan, including N2K3 proposed schedule, etc around February first......Thank you"
So far, Neises has finished fourth at Atlanta two weeks ago, and finished third at Lowes back on Sunday. This week, Rob will run at Daytona Thursday in the SSRA League, and Talladega, Sunday in the NWST Winter Qualifying.

January 2, 2004 - Freak Crash wipes out RNFR Shops: Rob Neises was visibly shaken as he addressed reporters in from the the remains of the Raney-Neises Family Racing shops. In a freak "crash", the chain reaction that followed, destroyed most of the teams equipment and cars. About all that was saved was a transporter and a back-up car. (translation: Computer crashed, and only underpowered, slow moving old computer left)
The transporter was in town for repairs preparing for the first N3 Winter Qualifying race at Atlanta. The entire Raney-Neises Family Racing/Outlaw Motorsports N2K3 program was wiped out. Neises said he would return to the N2K3 Winter Qualifying series as soon as he could acquire a couple cars and a transporter, and the new equipment can be delivered. Neises said the N3 program will run at Atlanta next weekend, and will be housed in a corner of the Raney-Neises Family Racing warehouse. "This is a major setback for us, our truck was about to head to California. Two programs totally destroyed, another left with sub-standard equipment at best," Neises said.
Neises told a reporter he expects to miss the first N2K3 race for sure, and possibly the second.

December 30, 2003 - 2004 - Winter Preview: Rob Neises held his promised news conference yesterday to further announce his winter plans. Neises said he would run a three-prong attack during the winter. In the NWST, Rob will pilot a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix for the Winter Qualifying Series in the N2K3 series. Sponsorship on the Pontiac is to be provided by Buffalo Wild Wings. In the NWST's N3 Winter Qualifying Series, Rob will pilot a Midwest Dodge Dealers sponsored Intrepid. Common associate sponsors on both cars are Valvoline oil, Coca-Cola and ICEE drinks, Little Tykes toys, John Deere, the SCKL Railroad and Executive Security. The third prong of the attack is the TOOL Truck effort Rob has been running, he plans on finishing out the season after missing the first race. Primary sponsorship on the Dodge Ram 1500 is being provided by Buffalo Wild Wings, with Model Railroader Magazine, the SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, Executive Security, and Coca-Cola as associates.
Neises fielded questions about why the Pontiac in the N2K3 series. He replied that he had the Pontiacs done, and didn't want to over-burden the shops by re-skinning them. He says the shop has just finished a '04 Intrepid Superspeedway car that the team expects to run at Daytona in February. The team will become an all-Dodge team in 2004.

December 23, 2003 - 2003 - Review: Rob Neises held a news conference yesterday from the Raney-Neises Family Racing Shops in Wichita, Kansas. He started off by announcing that his wife Angela would be running both the N3 and N2K2 XPRT races at Michigan. "We'll run against each other this weekend, before she officially retires from racing." Rob said.
Then Neises began recapping 2003, even though the '03 season doesn't oficially end for him till this weekend in the Irish Hills of Michigan.
"2003 was a monumental year for me. I ran more races this year then in the last couple put together. Right now I'm at 239 races, not counting this upcoming weekend's races. I have set several records this season, including some I'm not so proud about, including doubling my dnf total from 66 to 142. But many of the positives include a single-season/sim win record of 14 wins in a season, which I accomplished in the NWST HCGR division. I had a single-season high of 33 wins this season, not counting the additional 60 local victories that brought me 3 track, and a Regional championship in the USA Weekly Series by Sledge. I ran in five different leagues and 12 different divisions. Including the USA Series, I added six Championships to my total to give me nine individual Championships, and 13 Championships total. Some of my achievements in '03 include: reaching the Ironman status with over 750 sim-starts; passing the 80 win mark, including passing the 50 win mark in the NWST. Another NWST milestone for me was passing the 300 race mark. Besides the Championships, I was runner-up in the NWST HCGR Division and the USA Weekly Series, loosing the title there with two poor finishes, and some bad luck in the two National races. Currently, I lead the NWST N3 XPRT division, and I'm in a tight points battle with Troy McCone for the N2K2 XPRT championship.
I had several great sponsors in 2003, besides John Deere returning back to a RNFR Chevy, Cricket Wireless sponsored both my Dodge run for the first 10 races in the SOAR league, but then moved over to the primary on the HCGR Chevy when John Deere moved back to the Busch sponsorship. McDonalds was on my NWST N3 XPRT Chevy, while ICEE was on my 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix in the N2K2 effort. I joined Outlaw Motorsports for several races in the N2K2 NWST divisions, with sponsorship by several rotating sponsors, including Ron Jon Surf Shop, the Wiggles, Buffalo Wild Wings, the Bob & Tom Show, and Skittles Candy. The US Navy joined the Raney-Neises Family Racing effort by sponsoring both N3 and N2K2 in the SSRA leagues, where I was able to bring home the Summer N3 and Overall Championships. Late in the SOAR season, the Dodge Dealers of the Midwest sponsored efforts, finishing 6th in the season points. Finally, Hot Wheels adorned my Chevy effort in the SSCRA league, where a couple wins translated to a fourth place points finish.
I'm planning on holding a 2004 preview in a week or so, after the official end of the 2003 season. I will let you know that my Winter plans include Truck racing in the TOOL Series in a Buffalo Wild Wings Dodge Ram 1500, and I will run a Buffalo Wild Wings '03 Grand Prix in the NWST N2K3 Winter Qualifying series."
After his year in review, Rob headed off-stage and back into the shops office.

November 24, 2003 - Raney-Neises Racing a family affair, Angela Raney to run NWST N3 XPRT race: Rob Neises held a newsconference yesterday afer his 5th place finish in the season-ending NWST weekend at Homestead. Though he still had to fly to Nashville for tomorrows USA Weekly All-American 300, he told reporters that his wife, Angela would get into a RNFR Chevy and run the N3 XPRT race Thanksgiving weekend at Richmond. He then introduced her.
"I just want to thank everyone for coming. We discussed earlier in the season me running a race or two possibly. Rob needs the back up with only two races to go in the N3 XPRT series, so I agreed to run next week at Richmond, and possibly the last race next month, Thank You."
Angela didn't answer any questions, and left off stage to be with the couples three children.
Neises said to expect a year in review / 2004 preview conference from Wichita sometime in December.

October 31, 2003 - Neises Wins 50th, Looks at Future Options: Rob Neises held a newsconference Friday at Atlanta. Neises, hot off his 50th NWST win two weeks ago at Lowes Motor Speedway. The win was Neises' 12th HCGR win of 2003, one off last years record setting total. "I think we mightr be able to pull off number 13 this week for the Atlanta sweep," Neises told the crowd.
This is the last heavy weekend according to Neises. He will run all three NWST races at Atlanta, the SSCRA race at Phoenix, the NWST XPRT races at Bristol, and the regular season ending Winchester 200 in the USA Weekly Series. Neises leads the National Points by 20. Neises debuts his new sponsor on his USA Weekly Series Pontiacs, Elmo returns to Raney-Neises Family Racing. Rob's 2 year old daughter, Kaitie helped solidify the deal. Next week, Neises will run the Cricket Wireless Chevy in the HCGR, and the John Deere Chevy in the NWST's Busch races at Phoenix; plus the SSCRA race at the Rock.
Neises also talked about the quandry the RNFR/Outlaw Motorsports team is having after the announcement earlier this week that Pontiac will not support any teams, and plans on leaving racing at the completion of the 2003 season. Neises feels he has three choices: Switch to Chevy as most Pontiac teams are doing, run the Pontiac unsupported, or change to Dodge. The third option is possible because he is running Dodge in all other divisions and sims under the RNFR banner. Rob was only planning on piloting the Pontiac Grand Prix for Outlaw Motorsports in the NWST n2k3 series. Rob said he will discuss with team President Bill "the Outlaw" Heidelberg all senarios, and they will make a decision. Heidelberg, who was running Chevy's, is also thinking of moving to Dodge.

September 16, 2003 - Neises to run 700th: Rob Neises took time out of his schedule yesterday to talk about his upcoming milestone weekend. Rob is poised to reach two career milestones this weekend. First, in this weeks NWST HCGR race at Dover Downs, Rob will run his 700th sim-race. Secondly, he could clinch a title, and meet his goal of winning a Championship in a Chevy. A Chevy Championship will give Neises a Championship in each of the four car makes in Nascar since he began driving. Buick and Oldsmobile had already left racing by the time Rob entered racing in late 1995. Rob took a Ford Championship in 1999, a Pontiac in 2000, Dodge last year in the Midvale Championship, and hopefully a Chevy in 2003 in the SuperSpeedway Racing Associations N3 Championship. Rob is also the Overall Championship points leader in the SSRA, as well as being in second in the SSRA's N2K2 division.
A special paint scheme will adorn the Raney-Neises Family Racing Cricket Wireless Chevy this week at Dover to signify Neises moving into the "IronMan" part of his career with 700 sim-starts. Incrediblely, Neises told the crowd if he hit all the remaining races on his schedule, he'll hit 750 sim-starts before next years Daytona 500 in February. What makes the feat so incredible is he ended last year at 514 starts. The only person not estatic with Rob's milestone his his wife Angela. "He races so much, I figured he was at 1000 by now," she told a reporter.
In response to his wife's comment, Rob said he would be severely cutting his schedule next year. He will only run full-time in one N2K3 league, and one N3 league. Though he admits he'll still dabble at his favorite tracks. Neises has already signed a letter of intent to run for Outlaw Motorsports next season in the NWST's N2K3 league. Rob said he will drive a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix as part of OMS's GM stable. When asked, Neises said the N3 effort will be out of the family RNFR garages.
Neises said he is slowing down to spend more time with his family. Rob's oldest daughter turns six here in November and just started Kindergarten, his middle daughter turns three in May, and his baby son turn one in March. Rob said they plan on traveling as a family and enjoying time together next year. Besides joked Neises, if he doesn't cut back, his wife threatened to break his computer.
In last weeks action, Neises took the Checkers in the SSRA's N2K2 race at Coca-Cola Speedway, a sweep for him there as he took that race in the spring. He also took victories at Bristol and Nashville in the USA Weekly Series, Neises still leads the National points there by 15 points. Neises took third in the NWST HCGR and the SSRA N3 races at Loudon at Pocono.
This week, Rob will have his HCGR and Busch cars at the NWST races at Dover, the SSRA's N3 and N2K2 season finale's at Daytona, Talladega in the SSCRA, and Bristol and Nashville for the USA Weekly races.

September 8, 2003 - Neises holds news conference at Darlington: Rob Neises had a moment this weekend and took it to hold a newsconference. Rob talked about his Championship runs. He is currently leading in two series. In the SuperSpeedway Racing Association Series, Rob leads the N3 division by over 40 points with three races to go. In the five previous races, Rob has won three times. Rob also has a slim lead in the USA Weekly Series. In the National title chase, he leads by 15 points with seven races to go. Rob has comfortable leads at his hometrack of Bristol, and also both his secondary tracks, Nashville and Indy Raceway Park. He leads the Regional points by 300+ points.
Rob still is in striking distance in the XPRT points races in the NWST. Rob slipped to fifth in the Busch points after missing the Darlington race. He is second, down 145 points in the HCGR division of the NWST. He also is down 45 points in the SSRA N2K2 division.
Rob said he will be very busy the remainder of the season, and so newsconferences will be few and far between.

July 30, 2003 - Neises announces new sponsor/schedule: Rob Neises held a newsconference from Wichita, Kansas Thursday as he left for this weekends races. He did confirm that he will race 9 races this week. Bristol and IRP have been run, the NWST will be at Pocono. Rob will run all three races, including Winston Cup in an unsponsored Pontiac. Two races at Talladega in the SSRA. And both the SSCRA and SOAR races at Indy.
Then he announced the NWST Winston Cup races he will run the second half of the season. He announced ten races: Pocono, Indy, Kansas City, Michigan, Darlington, Talladega, Bristol, Lowes, Atlanta and Homestead.
"With out further ado, I'd like to announce the newest sponsor," Neises said...Bob and Tom Radio Show. According to Neises, they will be on the car for five races. Four of the other races also have sponsorship, only at Pocono will the Outlaw Motorsports Pontiac run without sponsorship. Rainbows United will sponsor the car at Kansas City, Ron Jon Surf Shop at Homestead, and the Wiggles at Talladega and Lowes.
When asked by reporters, he admitted that there won't be too many weeks like this. "9 races is a little tough, 5 to 7 is a little more realistic, especially if they're fairly close together," Neises said in response.
Neises apologized about not having weekly weekly news conferences, but said with three kids, a business, work, and the racing, news conferences are not as important. "I've been forced to fly more, I just can't ride the rails like I used to. I had to rent shop space in Bristol and Indianapolis, to cut down on racing expenses." Neises said. He also admitted that he doesn't transport his Outlaw Motorsports equipment. He had always transported all his rides, whether under his race banner, or if he ran for another team, in the past.

June 19, 2003 - Neises announces new sponsor: When Rob Neises arrived at Sears Point/Infineon Raceway, he held a quick news conference. At it, Neises announced that he had signed a sponsor for his Dodge program in the SOAR League. He announced the number 96 Intrepid would now carry the Dodge Red colors and sponsorship from the Midwest Dodge Dealers. Neises says the sponsorship is for up to 10 races, and the car will debut in July at the night race at Daytona. The car is similar to Bill Elliots and Jeremy Mayfield's Dodge Dealers cars, with the exception of black door numbers, and a yellow front vallance. Everham Motorsports will be supplying engines to the team beginning at Daytona.

June 16, 2003 - Cricket in Victory Lane - Again: For the second time in three weeks, Rob Neises was class of the field in the NWST's HCGR Division. This Friday it was a first as Rob took his first careervictory at Pocono. Last week, Rob was runner up at Dover, putting him 115 points behind leader Lee Granahan. Rob has had back-to-back Top 5 finishes in the NWST's Busch division, a second at Dover, and a fourth at Pocono. Rob also ran the Winston Cup race at Pocono, finishing 6th.
In other racing league action, Rob is still tied for first in the USA Weekly National Championship Points. He remains tied with Steve Isley. Rob has 12 loca victoies at Bristol, his home track, and another 12 between Nashville and IRP, where Rob leads all three track, and Regional Points races after 12 weeks of the series. Rob ran at Pocono and Michigan in the SSCRA's OR4C Cup series, taking a third at Pocono and fifth at Michigan. Rob also has saw action in the SOAR race at Pocono, finishing eighth. Rob expects to race twice at Sears Point next week, in the SSCRA's and SOAR races, besides all three NWST races at Michigan, and the two USA Weekly races at Bristol and Nashville.

June 2, 2003 - Cricket in Victory Lane: Rob Neises was estatic Friday after climbing out of the Raney-Neises Family Racing Cricket Chevy. For the first time in nine races, Rob crossed the checkers first. "I can't say enough about how happy I am for Cricket and the team," said Neises after the race. The team swap was also a positive Saturday, and Rob finished third at Lowes in the NWST's Busch race. "I know people thought it was crazy, the sponsor swap and all, but this weekend shows them. Sometimes ya gotta stir the soup," said Neises Saturday night after the third place finish in Charlotte. Neises also ran in the Cup race, finishing fifth in the Wiggles Pontiac.
Sunday was busy, but successful. Rob took third in both the N3 and N2k2 spring finale' at Daytona for the SSRA. He crossed the checkers fifth at Dover in the SSCRA race, and earlier in the week, took the victories at Bristol and Nashville in the USA Weekly Series. Rob still is tied in the National Championship points for the series.
Next week, Rob is expected to run the HCGR and Busch race at Dover in the NWST, Bristol and Nashville in the USA Weekly Series, and Pocono for the SSCRA and SOAR series. If Rob makes the race, it'll be his first start in the SOAR series in a couple months.

May 26, 2003 - Fallout from News Conference begins: Rob Neises held a news conference after finishing third in the SSRA's 7th race of the season at California. The race finished a five race - three state/bi-coastal week for Neises. After the obligatory race recaps, he got into the meat of the conference - the fallout from his announcement eight days ago. He admitted it was mostly positive. The first domino was the announcement by the Children's Television Network and Jim Henson Enterprises that Elmo and Sesame Street would no longer be on the Raney-Neises Family Racing Chevy in the NWST's Busch division. Neises admitted that it was a planned move, the group only signed on for 10 races when it replaced Cricket Wireless when it moved with Rob to the Lee & Ralston Motorsports Dodge entry in the SOAR League. Lee & Ralston's effort never came to pass, so Cricket had been with-holding payment, paying on a race-by-race basis when Rob made a SOAR race. Neises said he would attempt 3-5 more SOAR races in an independent effort. With the opening in the Busch sponsorship, John Deere asked to move to the Busch car, citing more prestiege for a car running Busch as opposed to the HCGR. That move, opened sponsorship on the HCGR car. With some haggling, Cricket Wireless agreed to return to the number 96 Raney-Neises Family Racing HCGR entry in the HCGR. "It's been wonderful, the response I've gotten to my announcement to devote more time to my family, and less on racing. Sponsors have came around, fellow drivers and officials have sent notes of support, it's just been great!" said Neises.
In race action over the last week, Neises took fifth in the NWST Winston Intimidator race, he needed to finish fourth or better to make the Winston. He took a provissional race race in the SSCRA, races twice at Nashville, a first in the USA Weekly Series, and fourth in the NWST HCGR race on Friday. Neises took first at Bristol in his second USA race of the week, he finished up the week in California, where he took third in the SSRA race there.
Next week will be a bit busier, as he finishes some commitments. It will also be the first week for the sponsorship changes. Rob will run at Bristol and Nashville in the USA Weekly Series, Lowes for the NWST's HCGR, Busch, and Winston Cup races. He'll run both the N3 and N2K2 at Daytona in night races that wrap up the Spring season for the SSRA. He'll finsih the weekend at Dover running the Hot Wheels Chevy in the SSCRA race there.

May 18, 2003 - Neises Holds Suprise News Conference: Rob Neises held a suprise news conference after his arrival at Lowes Motor Speedway. Here's the transcript: "Its with great sadness that I must make this announcement: I have become a causulty of my own success. I realized last night when I got upset with my 2 year old for "messing me up", that I was holding on too tight. My drive for a Championship in 2003, the final for NWST N3, has become all consuming, I spend all week racing, and little time enjoying my new son, and his sisters. Already this year, only four months into the season, I have run 68 races. My wife blew a cog when she seen I ran 135 races last year. At this pace, I'll easily double that. To me, its not worth the fights and time away from the family that holding on so tight is causing.
I'm not dropping out of sim-racing or the NWST, no, I'm just not going to obcese about sim-racing. I'm going to run the races I want to race, and run them for fun. In effect, I'm taking myself out of the points chases I'm in, and I probably won't win a N3 Championship in the NWST this year, but I won't yell at a beautiful little red-headed 2 year old who wants to spend time with her Daddy either. And she's more important to me than a game. I'll still race, but I'll be taking more provisionals, and spending more time with my family. - Thank You!"

February 24, 2003 - Neises Opens HCGR Season with a Win: Rob Neises was very happy Friday night as he brought his John Deere Chevy across the line first in the first official NWST race of Speedweeks '03. "I'm so happy for John Deere and the entire Raney-Neises Family Racing Team," Neises said. Neises kept pace of the field, just edging out Lee Granahan by four tenths of a second. "I think I've been missing out, if the '02's run this good, I can't wait till we get some 2003 Monte's ready, We might of took it last year with a Superspeedway car like this." said Neises.

February 17, 2003 - Neises Celebrates Birthday with a Win: Rob Neises got an early birthday present Saturday - A win ! Rob debuted his GM attack Saturday in the OR4C Cup Budweiser Shootout. "The Ron Jon Surf Shop Chevy handled like a dream," said Neises. Sunday, Neises debuted his Cricket Dodge in the SOAR League for Lee & Ralston Motorsports. Unfortunately, it was a 14th place finish. I didn't get much time in the Cricket Dodge Neises said. I did most of my practicing in the new Chevy, on my own cars.
Next week, Rob will split his Sunday between Daytona and Rockingham. Friday will start the week as Rob will debut the return of John Deere in the HCGR race. Saturday Rob will run the Elmo/Sesame Street Chevy in the BGN division, and Ron Jon Surf Shop on the '03 Pontiac Grand Prix's. Sunday morning starts with the OR4C Cup at Daytona in the Ron Jon Chevy. Later in the day, Rob will run the Cricket Dodge in the SOAR race at Rockingham.

February 9, 2003 - Neises Runner-Up in N3 500 Series, Makes More Announcements: Rob Neises was exhausted after getting out of his mostly wrecked M&M's Crispy Pontiac last night. After finishing second yesterday in the McDonalds Chevy at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Neises got in the team jet and arrived in Concord, Massachusetts last night. When he arrived, he added to his announcements made last month. Cricket Wireless will not be on the NWST BGN Chevy Rob is fielding from his Kansas RNFR stables, instead, it will be on his number 96 Lee & Ralston Dodge Intrepid. Neises said he inked the deal to run for Lee & Ralston Motorsports yesterday, and will compete as teammate to Chris Ralston in the SOAR League. Neises will not be in their Shootout as a newcomer to the league, but will debut his Cricket Dodge the 16th at Daytona. Neises didn't name a replacement sponsor, but said he was still committed to running the entire NWST BGN season, sponsored or not.
In 500 miler action, Rob finished second to Alan Hood yesterday in the attrition-filled N2k2 500 at Coca-Cola Superspeedway. Neises started sixth on way to his finish, 15 laps down. Averaging this race, and the qualifying at Talladega, Neises came up third in N2k2 500 Winter Series action.
Previous to that, Rob Neises ran the N3 500 miler at AMS. Rob started that race 6th in the grid. After loosing the car and putting it into the wall, Neises was forced to exit the race, still taking second to Troy McCone who also exited the race after completing just over 200 laps. In the N3 standings, the penalty assessed to Rob at Talladega was the difference between the Championship and runner up.
Next week Rob will see action twice as he debuts his Ron Jon Chevy in the OR4C Cup Budweiser Shootout. The following day, Rob will make his Lee & Ralston SOAR debut also at Daytona. Next week will be busier for Rob as he plans on running the SOAR race at Rockingham along with the NWST HCGR, BGN, and Winston Cup races, and the OR4C Cup race all at Daytona. His schedule slows down a little the next week, as he drops the NWST Cup race.

January 31, 2003 - Neises announces 2003 Plans: Rob Neises, President of Raney-Neises Family Racing and their only driver, held a press conference upon arriving at Texas Motor Speedway. At it he announced his racing plans for the 2003 season. There were a few suprises.
Announcements made include: A changing of car numbers from 84/01/02 to 96, he has accepted the position of PR Director for the NWST, and will race full time in three N3, and one N2k2 division, as well as a limited schedule in another NWST N2k2 division. He will run full time in the N3 HCGR division in a John Deere sponsored Chevy Monte Carlo. He will move up to the N3 Winston Cup division in a Cricket sponsored ride. He didn't announce the car make, or if it would be a RNFR car, or if he was driving for someone else. Finally in N3, he'll pilot a RNFR Chevy Monte Carlo in the new N3 XPRT division with sponsorship from McDonalds. In N2k2 action, Rob will run a 2003 Pontiac Grand Prix in the 2k2 XPRT division. He says currently no sponsor has stepped up. Finally in NWST action, he will run a limited N2k2 schedule in a 2003 Pontiac. Sponsorship will be provided by Ron Jon Surf Shop and the Wiggles for 4-6 races. Any other races in the series will be unsponsored at this time. Originally the regular N2k2 season races Rob had planned on running in a Dodge, but they didn't "step up", and Pontiac, the NASCAR underdog offered a very attractive package said Neises.
Rob said he will run in the SSCRA's OR4C Cup series full time in a RNFR Chevy. He didn't give any word about the Track Championship Series or any other NASCAR-styled racing. Finally, he said he expects to run the Indy 250 again this year in the IIRS series.
There obviously has been some sponsorship changes. That includes associate sponsorship as well. Quaker State has replaced Havoline as the oil sponsor of Raney-Neises Family Racing. Associates for RNFR are: Quaker State Motor Oil, Rainbows United, McDonalds, ICEE frozen drink, Coca-Cola, PediaSure formula, and the SCKL Railroad. McDonalds and John Deere will not be on the N2k2 cars.

January 27, 2003 - Top 10 for Neises at Talladega2: Rob Neises looked a little happier after climbing out of the TrueValue/McDonalds Pontiac Firebird yesterday at Talladega. After starting 15th on the grid, Rob worked his way to the front, leading over 3/4ths of the laps. But again late handling problems took over. Rob crossed the finish line 10th, his 3rd Top 10 in the 5 races so far. Rob has one more shot at a Top 5 as the SRLC ends its first year next Sunday at Texas Motor Speedway. "I have a couple victories there, but this series is the best of the best," said Neises. The goal right now is to do well enough at Texas that I can finish in the Top 10 in the standings. Currently Rob is in 11th.
Rob has racked up a couple more Top 5's in the SSCRA's Winter Heat Series. Two weeks ago at Berlin, Rob ended up runner up, yesterday he finished third at Bristol. Neises said he wont run this week at South Boston, but plans on running in the series finale' at Martinsville on February 9th.
Rob said he will have a major news conference Friday at Texas. Rob's expected to talk about his 2003 racing plans.
Finally, Rob said the SCKL Special will leave Monday to return to Kansas for service. Then, Both the RNFL Special and the SCKL Specials will leave Tuesday for Massachusetts and Atlanta respectfully. The RNFL will be going to Coca-Cola Superspeedway for the NWST N2k2 500 there on February 8th, The SCKL will meet the N3 team at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Wednesday the 5th, the cars are to be released back to the teams.

January 20, 2003 - Neises Slips in SRLC Standings: Rob Neises was less than happy after he climbed out of his TrueValue Firebird yesterday at Talladega. "I was running in the front, the next thing I know its lap 19, and the train blew by me," said Neises. In the last lap, Rob fell from the lead back to 16th place before he could get back into line. The finish caused Rob to drop a position to 12th in the SRLC Season Championship points. The team will stay in Alabama over the next week, as the SRLC finishes its two week Talladega tour. "Next weeks race is three times the length, not a sprint like this weeks, it will let pit strategy play into the race," said Neises about this weeks Talladega race. When asked what he hopes to do to increase his chance of victory, Rob said he'd try to outlast and put the others a lap down, and hope for a great pit stop.
On Saturday, Rob put a lot of miles on the team jet. In the morning, Rob had his McDonalds Chevy qualifying at Atlanta. The car ran pretty good, he put his Neises Family Racing Monte Carlo sixth on the starting grid. While the crew oversaw the confiscation of the car by the NWST, Rob jumped into the NFR het and flew to Massachusetts. There Rob jumped into the M&M's Crispy Pontiac for N2K2 qualifying. Again Rob qualified 6th. Rob stayed for the confiscation of the NFR Grand Prix. Afterwards, Rob flew back to Talladega for the SRLC race. The NWST will release the cars back to the teams on February 5th, for the races on the 7th and 8th.

January 13, 2003 - Neises Continues Improvement: Rob Neises continued to improve his standing in the SRLC Championship Series. After starting 11th at Daytona, Rob led several laps before slipping late in the race. He crossed the start/finish line 8th at the 2.5 mile, high-banked superspeedway. Rob's second Top 10 in the series moves him up two positions in the standings to 11th. "The next two weeks we're at one of my best tracks - Talladega, I'm hoping to get my first Top 5 finish there," said Neises. Rob has reason to feel confident, he took the NWST 500 there two weeks ago.
Last week saw Rob's debut in the SSCRA's Winter Heat Series. Rob brought a NFR prepared Chevy to Myrtle Beach, Hot Wheels sponsored the effort. Rob qualified well - third, and when the 100 lapper was over, that's where Rob finished. Rob says he plans on running at least one more race in the series. Rob said the SCKL Railroad will sponsor any further action. In other SSCRA news, Rob announced at Myrtle Beach that he will run the OR4C Cup 2003 opener at Daytona on February 16th. The number 96, Raney-Neises Family Racing team hopes to have a new '03 Monte Carlo ready for the race. "We're not quite satisfied with the new Monte, if necessary, we'll run a '02 model at Daytona," said driver/team president Rob Neises. Neises said the Chevy will carry sponsorship from Ron Jon Surf Shop for Daytona. "At this time, that's all I'm ready to say about my racing plans in the OR4C Cup league," said Neises.
In NWST 500 Series news, the final round of the Winter season has been changed. Qualifying is the 18th of January. At that time the NWST will again confiscate the qualified cars and hold them until February 4th. The races will be: N3 @ Atlanta, and N2K2 @ Coca-Cola Superspeedway, February 8th. The NWST hasn't announced its 2003 schedule for their new XPRT division. The XPRT division will follow the same format as the Winter 500 series. Rob says he will run a Chevy in the N3 division for sure.
Finally, Rob said he expects to hold a news conference either in two weeks at Talladega, or the following week at Texas, there he'll announce his 2003 plans and sponsors.

January 5, 2003 - Neises wins 50th, penalized 15 points: Rob Neises' appeal was heard January 2d. The board of appeals agreed with Rob that the penalty was harsh. Rob's victory was reinstated, and he was penalized 15 points for not using the updated carset. "I applaud the NWST for reversing the decision, and giving me back my victory," said Rob.
The victory is Rob's 50th sim-victory. "I had hoped to get my 50th in the regular season, but to get it in such a gruelling race is even sweeter," said Neises. Rob said he plans on running the Atlanta N3 race on January 31st. No qualifying date has been set yet.
In N2K2 action, due to track conditions after the N3 race, and other issues, the 500 @ Talladega was cancelled. It is to be rescheduled, though no date has been set. Rumor is that the 500 series will stay at Talladega, and skip Atlanta, no word yet though.
Rob had a couple other announcements today. First, he will run a M&M Crispy scheme on the Neises Family Racing Pontiac at the Atlanta January 500 race. Secondly, Rob announced that he was running the SSCRA Winter Heat race at Myrtle Beach later today. Rob said sponsorship on his Chevy is being provided by Hot Wheels. No word from Rob if he'll run other Winter Heat races or not.

December 31, 2002 - Neises files protest after NWST N3 500: Rob Neises, driver of the Neises Family Racing/McDonalds Chevy Monte Carlo, filled a protest with the NWST after his first place finish in yesterdays N3 500 was nullified by a minor car infraction. "It just upsets me," said Neises, "You run your heart out, win your first 500 miler, and they want to take it away." Neises led the most laps on his way to victory at Talladega. After the race, the NWST found a problem with the car (used old 2002 NWST Cup carset). The NWST penalized Rob and scored him last.
Rob filled an appeal base on the fact it wasn't an intentional infraction that didn't give Rob a competitive edge. "I used the same part (carset) at the Road Courses and was legal, it should still be legal. I'll wait to hear on my appeal before I say anything else," Neises said. Rob left the press conference for the pre-race meeting for todays N2K2 500, also at Talladega.

December 22, 2002 - Neises fares better second time at Bristol: Rob Neises was happier after climbing out of the number 12 Pontiac Firebird Saturday evening. After qualifying poorly again - 16th, Rob guided the IROC-TrueValue Pontiac Firebird to the front, leading 174 laps in all. But as the night wore on, the car got looser. "It was all I could do to keep it out of the wall," said Rob. Rob crossed the finish line at the end of 200 laps 9th, his first Top 10 of the SRLC season. With the finish, Rob moved up a position to 13th. The SRLC will take off until Mid-January, where they'll hit the first of three straight restrictor plate races. January 12th, the series is at Daytona. The next two weeks they'll be at Talladega. "The next three races is my chance to shine," said Neises. I usually am good for a Top 5 or better at Daytona and Talladega he went on to say.
Even though the SRLC is taking off till the new year, Rob and the Neises Family Racing Team won't be. The 27th of December the team returns to Talladega for practice for the NWST 500's at Talladega. Rob put his McDonalds Monte Carlo 6th on the N3 grid. He did the same in the M&M's Grand Prix for the N2K2 race on the 31st. In other NWST news, Rob has been approved to change the number color on the M&M Pontiac. They will be lime green with chocolate brown shadows on the doors and roof.
In other news, rumor has it the RDA is shelving plans for their N3 division in 2003. Rob had no comment on the rumors, even though rumor had him running in the RDA full-time next year.

December 15, 2002 - Neises has a Rude Awakening at Bristol: Rob Neises could only shake his head after crossing the finish line 14th earlier today in the first SRLC race. "I knew it would be tough, but I haven't finished this far back in a N3 race since the REAL Challenge Series in 1999," Rob commented on his finish. Rob qualified 15th Friday in the number 12 navy blue Pontiac Firebird. "I knew I had a lot of work to do, but Bristol isn't the easiest track to pass on ," Rob said. The SRLC prepared a good car, but when everyone is equal, and the track is tight, luck plays a big part, and we didn't have any.
Rob will be staying in Bristol since next week the SRLC will run again at Bristol, Saturday night style. "I have some testing time scheduled, maybe that will help," said Rob. Rob will go home for the holidays, and then return to Talladega with the SCKL Special on the 28th. That's when the NWST will release the qualified cars for the NWST 500 on the 30th and 31st of December. Rob will run a McDonalds Monte Carlo in the N3 race, and a M&M's Pontiac in the N2K2 race on the 31st.
In other NWST 500 news, Rob requested permission to change the number colors on his M&M Pontiac before the N2K2 NWST 500. "The spotter was having problems telling me and Schrader apart. Both our number ended in 6," said Neises. Rob said he ordered green door and roof numbers, and red nose and tail numbers. Rob said he expects to hear if his request is approved before Christmas.

December 8, 2002 - SCKL Special Replenishes at Talladega: The SCKL replenishment train met the SCKL Special in Talladega Friday. The change in plans was necessary because of NWST 500 qualifying this weekend at Talladega. The replenishment brought the McDonalds Monte Carlo for the N3 qualifier, and a M&M's Pontiac for the N2k2 qualifying race. Rob was almost a mile per hour slower than the pole sitter, he'll pull off the line 6th. Later in the day, Rob qualified the M&M's Grand Prix 6th on the starting grid. The actual 500's will be ran on the 30th and 31st of December. The NWST confiscated the cars, releasing all qualifying cars on the 28th of December for race practice. In sponsorship news, McDonalds will run also in the January race at Atlanta on the Neises Family Racing prepared N3 Chevy. M&M's was announced as sponsor for both N2k2 races, if Rob makes them both.
In SRLC news, it was made official Friday, the SRLC will run identically prepared Pontiac Firebirds, ala IROC in the 6 race series. With SRLC approval, Rob was allowed to put McDonalds Racing logos next to his name, since McDonalds is underwriting his efforts. Rob drew the navy blue number 12 Firebird as his ride. This week is the first of two pre-Christmas races, both at Bristol. This week is a 175 lapper with an afternoon start. The race should be done before dark.

November 30, 2002 - Neises Runner-Up in RDA Open: Rob Neises came in second behind Hugo Barreto in yesterdays RDA Open. Rob led all the laps except the important one - the last. "Hugo was on me the whole race, with us door-to door most of the time, but he pushed me up in four and took it," said Rob, describing the last lap. Rob was only running the race for practice anyways. Rob will represent the SSCRA's OR4C Cup league in the SRLC which begins in 2 weeks. There is talk of a IROC style carset, but if there isn't, Rob has McDonalds lined up to sponsor his Chevy Monte Carlo. Rob will prepare the car in the Neises Family Racing shops in Kansas, if they don't run IROC style.
In other news, Rob announced he will run a McDonalds Chevy in the NWST's N3 Winter 500 series. The series consist of two 500 mile races, Talladega on December 31st, and Atlanta January 31st. The NWST will also run the same two races in its N2K2 division. There, Rob said he will run a Neises Family Racing Pontiac Grand Prix in possibly both races. No word on sponsorship yet, but Rob said he'd try to move the McDonalds sponsorship if the SRLC goes IROC style.

November 25, 2002 - Neises starts 500th Sim-Race: "It was a rotten weekend - period!" said Rob Neises. This is how he characterized this weekends racing action, even though all three races were Top 5 finishes. With Rob's daughter still in the hospital, Rob arrived in Florida early Friday. Friday night he took 5th in the HCGR Season Finale'. The finish, kept him in second place. Rob finished the season as runner-up to teammate Mike Smith, down 100 points.
Saturday, Rob ran the double, then double-timed it back to Kansas. In the NWST Busch race, Rob finished second. Rob ran 21 races in the Busch series, good enough for a fifth place point finish. Rob finished off Saturday with his 500th Sim-Start in the N2K2 race at Homestead. Rob finished the race 4th, and 6th in the final points standings.
Sunday the SCKL Special left Sunny South Florida for Talladega, Alabama. There Rob will participate in the RDA Open race Friday. If Rob wins the Open, he'll move into the RDA Select. That race will be the following Thursday, December 5th, also at Talladega. Rob has already accepted an invitation to represent the SSCRA in the SRLC All-Star Series this Winter, so the Open and Select are tune up races according to Neises. Del Monte Foods has agreed to sponsor Rob's RDA car, While McDonalds will be on the Neises Family Racing Monte Carlo for the six SRLC races.
Finally, Rob announced Friday that he will release his 2003 plans in a press conference after January 1st. He said he hoped to have everything decided by then.

November 20, 2002 - Neises Stops in Kansas: The SCKL Special arrived at the race shops of Rob Neises west of Goddard, Kansas this morning. The team was just returning from Rob's successful Phoenix weekend. Rob had a small press conference while the Special was being refitted for the next couple weeks. This week is the final week of the regular season, and Rob says he will still end the season this weekend with over 500 sim races started. Due to a misreading of the schedule, NASS isn't having a race this weekend, the Atlanta race a couple weeks ago was it. Neises placed 4th in it, his 150th NASS sim-race. So Rob has loaded the Ron Jon Surf Shop Pontiac he runs in the NWST's N2K2 Division. Rob will run the Friday HCGR race, and both Saturday's BGN and N2K2 races, plus the final RDA Cup race, all at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Saturday's N2K2 race will be the 500th plus sim race Rob has started.
Rob announced that his daughter has been re-admitted to the hospital with a very serious condition, so wife Angela will not make the HCGR race this week. Rob plans on just being in Florida for Friday's practice and race, and Saturday's races. Then he plans on flying back to Wichita to be with the family until Ashley gets out of the hospital, or the RDA Open on the 29th.
Rob had previously announced that he had acquired sponsorship from Del Monte Foods for the Open, and would run there even though he will represent the SSCRA in the SRLC Winter All-Star Series, beginning December 15th.
Today, Rob announced that McDonalds will sponsor the Neises Family Racing number 96 Chevy Monte Carlo he will pilot in the SRLC All-Star Series. "The win last Friday at Phoenix was the kicker to get the ink on the paper," said Rob. McDonalds had sponsored Rob last winter in the NWST Winter Heat Series, and was an associate in 2002 on most Rob Neises driven cars.
The Special will be hauling team transports from Rob's Lee & Ralston RDA Cup team, the three NWST teams Rob will run this weekend, and the Del Monte Foods/ Neises Family Racing Chevy team Rob will run at Talladega in the RDA Open. Rob says his plans are not set, and he would decide about the RDA Select when and if he wins the RDA Open. The SCKL Special will return to Kansas for re-supply after the RDA Open. It will then head to Bristol for the December 15th SRLC season opener. If necessary, it will swing down to Talladega to pick up the RDA Select transporter, since the SRLC will race twice in a row at Bristol.

November 16, 2002 - Neises Wins Lucky # 13: Rob Neises was very happy climbing out of the Boy or Girl Dodge Intrepid Friday. Carrying a special "03" number in honor of when the newest addition to the Neises Family will arrive, Rob lead 28 of 31 laps on way to his 13th win of the season. A personal best for Rob, and it ties him with point leader Mike Smith for most wins this season. "I know now that unless Mike skips Homestead - very unlikely, I can't win the HCGR title in 2002," said Rob. The win moves Rob within 95 points of Smith.
In SRLC Winter News, it was announced yesterday by SSCRA League Representative Mike Spinelli that Rob Neises has been invited to represent the SSCRA in the SRLC Winter All-Star Series. Rob announced after Fridays race that he will accept the invitation and feels honored to represent the SSCRA in the All-Star Series, the first of its kind since the REAL Challenge Series of 2000. Rob said he will likely run the RDA Open on the 29th, since he already has the Del Monte sponsorship, and with the SRLC running Talladega twice, any extra practice time would help, according to Rob. Rob said he would run a Neises Family Racing prepared Chevy Monte Carlo in the SRLC All-Star Series. No sponsor has been named for the NFR Chevy.

November 11, 2002 - Neises Runner-Up at Rockingham: Rob admitted that winning the 2002 NWST HCGR Championship is logically out of reach. "Even though I'm still mathematically in the chase, Mike would have to not run one of the two remaining races, and not have a provisional for me to overtake him," said Neises, 115 points behind Mike going into week 39's race at Phoenix. This after Fridays 2nd place finish at the Rock. In other action, it was a pair of fourths for Rob at Saturdays NWST Busch race, and Sunday's RDA Cup race, both at the Rock.
In post-season news, Rob announced he would run a DelMonte Foods sponsored Chevy in the RDA's SRLC qualifyer - the RDA Open. The Open will be November 29th at Talladega. If Rob wins the Open, he qualifies for the RDA Select, and the top two placers in the December 5th race at Talladega will represent the RDA in the SRLC Winter All-Star League. In other winter news, Rob has been asked to possibly represent another league in the SRLC, though no formal invite has been extended.

November 3, 2002 - Neises Wins 12th: Rob Neises was seen wearing a wide grin after climbing out of the Neises for Representative Dodge Friday night at Atlanta. Neises' victory is the 12th HCGR victory for Rob, setting a new personal single-season record, and is Rob's only track victory sweep in 2002. The victory, Neises' 48th overall win, moves him back into second place in the HCGR season points chase, 110 behind Mike Smith. Rob's wife Angela took 5th in the race.
In other racing news: Rob took second behind teammate Chris Ralston in the RDA Cup race at Atlanta, and fourth in the NASS race Sunday there. Rob still has to run the OR4C Cup race at Rockingham tomorrow. After the race, Rob will fly back to Wichita so he can vote in his home precinct in Tuesdays election.
In sponsorship news, Rob will run a "Thanks" scheme on the E&K Motorsports Dodge in Friday's HCGR race at the Rock. Rob announced he will run the Busch race Saturday in the E&K Motorsports Taurus with sponsorship from Neises for Representative, a "Thanks" scheme will be ran. Rob announced that from Rockingham through the remainder of the RDA season, Cricket Wireless and ICEE will sponsor his Lee & Ralston Intrepid. In other sponsorship news, Rob announced he will run a Boy or Girl ? scheme the following week in the HCGR race at Phoenix, and Ron Jon Surf Shop at Homestead.
Finally, Rob said that he expects now to end the season with 500 sim-races with the completion of the NASS Stock race at Homestead on the 24th. There has been no word what series Rob will represent this winter in the SRLC All-Star Series.

October 28, 2002 - Neises Drops to Third: Rob Neises was upset Friday night after the NWST HCGR race at Martionsville. He finished 5th to Mike Smiths 4th and Troy McCone's 3rd. The race puts Rob back into third place, 5 points behind Troy, 120 behind Mike. Though Rob isn't giving up, he says his chances of winning the title is very slim at best. Angela finished in 6th in the race. In other action, Rob finished 2d in the RDA Cup race at Martinsville, 8th in the NASS Stock race, after srarting from the pole, and Monday, 3rd in the OR4C Cup race at Atlanta.
In RDA Cup news, they announced that Talladega would be the sight of the RDA Open and Select. Rob must run these qualifying races to become an All-Star representative of the RDA. To accomplish this, since he doesn't have a win, he must win the Open, and place first or second in the Select, a winners only race. If he does that, he'll qualify as a RDA league racer in the Interleague Winter series.
In sponsorship news, Rob announced that a special "Thank You" scheme will be run at Rockingham at the HCGR race. Phoenix will be Cricket Wireless, and the season finale' at Homestead will see Ron Jon Surf Shop on the BGN and HCGR entries. From Rockingham to Homestead in the RDA, he'll run a Cricket/ICEE sponsorship. After running a special scheme next week at Atlanta to celebrate the 150th NASS race, Rob said the NASS Dodge will sport ICEE sponsorship for the final NASS offline race at Homestead.

October 21, 2002 - Neises Moves into Second: Rob Neises moved into second place in the NWST HCGR points after a second place finish at Lowes on Friday night. The second to Lee & Ralston team mate Chris Ralston moved him into second, 115 points behind Mike Smith. With only 5 races left to go, it looks like Rob will spend the rest of the season protecting second. Rob would need to outscore Mike by 24 points in each of the remaining races, which is unrealistic considering the current race attendance numbers. In other action this weekend, Rob finished 5th in the RDA Cup race, and 10th in the NASS Stock race, all at Lowes.
Rob made some pre-race announcements aboard the SCKL Special. He announced that he will run next weeks NASS Stock race at Martinsville. This is in addition to the HCGR and RDA Cup races already scheduled for the weekend. In another announcement, Rob made it official, next year Rob will run a Chevy Monte Carlo, sponsored by John Deere, in the NWST N3 HCGR division. Though it wasn't announced, sources say he will also run a Chevy in the NWST's N3 XPRT division next year. A rendition of the car is on the Silly Season page.

October 14, 2002 - Neises has Tough Weekend at Talladega: Rob Neises had a rough weekend at Talladega. Friday Rob finished 3rd in the NWST HCGR race, his wife Angela took 5th. Saturday Rob ran his final race for GoAsher Racing in the NWST Cup race at Talladega. After starting 6th, Rob finished 5th, his last Top 5 of the weekend. Sunday began with the RDA Cup race, Rob started 7th, finished 6th. The weekend ended with the NASS Stock race. Rob got his first Top 10 in 4 tries, finishing 9th.
Rob announced, that with the announcement from the NASS league that they are ending offline racing at the end of the 2002 season, he was adding Atlanta to his list of races in NASS. Adding Atlanta means that he will end the season at Homestead with 150 NASS races. Originally, Rob was planning on running the 2003 Daytona 500 as the 150th NASS race.
Due to the announcement, Rob announced the NASS deal with the Wiggles and Playhouse Disney was dead. But, Rob announced that he would run 4-6 races in the NWST's N2k2 league. The Daytona race being sponsored by Ron Jon Surf Shop, and the rest by the Wiggles. The Raney-Neises Family Racing entry will run Dodge Intrepids, and carry the number 96.

October 8, 2002 - Exhausted Neises pleased with Kansas Homecoming: Rob Neises, showing signs of extreme fatigue held a news conference aboard the E&K Special after yesterdays OR4C Cup race at Talladega. After winning the HCGR race Friday at Kansas, Neises began a whirlwind weekend. Saturday, Neises ran the NWST N3 Busch race, finishing 4th, then ran the N2k2 race, finishing 3rd at Kansas. Sunday, Rob ran the RDA Cup race at Kansas, finishing 5th. After the race, Rob hopped a jet for Alabama. Monday he ran the SSCRA's OR4C Cup race at Talladega. Neises finished the race second, his best OR4C finish.
Neises announced that after this week, he has decided to cut back his schedule, this after announcing earlier he'd added 3 OR4C Cup races to end the regular 2002 season at 500 races. Neises said, "It isn't worth the fatigue or problems trying to end the season at 500." Rob also has ended his NWST N2k2 season at Kansas, according to Rob. He will run the NWST HCGR races and RDA Cup races weekly, and will run three NASS Stock races. That will end the 2002 season with 149 NASS races.

October 5, 2002 - Neises Wins Number 11: Rob Neises was in high celebration mode last night at the completion of the NWST HCGR race at Kansas. Not only had Rob led 18 of 20 laps on way to his 11th win, that ties his single season - single division total. Rob was also happy that Angela didn't blow an engine, and finished only a lap down. "Next week is Talladega, Ang has the most experience there, she could lead some laps there," said Rob. About his own chance, Rob said, "Mike is tough, he's swept all the restrictor plate races, maybe I'll get the hot engine this week."
With the win last night, Rob is only 25 points behind Troy McCone in second, and 110 behind Mike Smith.
Later last night in a private interview, Rob anounced that he has added three OR4C Cup races to his 2002 schedule. The Neises Family Racing Pontiac will run at Lowes, Martinsville and Atlanta. The move puts Rob in line to finish the regular season at Homestead with 500 + sim races after the RDA Cup race on Sunday November 24th. He also revealed that the Lee & Ralston Motorsports Dodge will carry sponsorship by Cricket and ICEE for Rockingham thru Homestead.

October 3, 2002 - Neises' Arrive at Kansas Speedway: Rob and Angela Neises arrived at Kansas Speedway aboard the SCKL Special earlier today. The Special pulled behind the backstretch area, and the team began unloading. Rob held an unusual pre-race weekend press conference aboard the Special. Neises, again with an easel behind him, began with a statement. "I said last week it was the last ride in the GoAsher Chevy in RDA Cup competition, but I didn't say it was my last RDA Cup race in 2002." He removed the cloth over the easel to reveal the fan card proof of the number 96 Neises for Representative Dodge Intrepid R/T. "I am here to day to announce that I am joining, effective this week, Lee & Ralston Motorsports for the remainder of the 2002 RDA Cup season." Neises told the crowd that Chris Ralston had thought he showed promise, and asked him to join him for the remainder of the '02 season. Lee & Ralston runs Dodge's, so I'm just following the company line in adding the RDA Cup series to the long list of series I drive Dodges in. For the Kansas race, the Intrepid is painted as it was when it was the GoAsher Chevy, except the number is now 96.
Team President Chris Ralston was not yet at the track, but a release of his statement was handed out.

October 1, 2002 - Angela Neises - Fan Fav: It was Rob's wife Angela that the gathered media wanted to hear from Friday night. Back at the track after missing last week due to the illness of their daughter, fans of all ages lined up to get the autograph of Angela. Women hailed her as a hero and role model. Men wish they could run as well as her. Though the whole idea of Angela running is hoping to catch one of the top 4 taking a provisional, helping her husband Rob in his quest for the 2002 NWST HCGR title. Angela crashed out early at Dover, but due to attrition, ended up with a 5th place finish. Rob finished the race second behind teammate Mike Smith. The finish moves him to a 120 point deficit from first, but only 40 out of second with 8 races to go.
Sunday, Rob brought the GoAsher Racing/Neises for Representative Chevy to a third place finish in the final ride for the team and car in RDA competition.
Monday, Rob flew home and met his OR4C Cup car at Kansas. The number 96 Neises Family Racing car was carrying Neises for Representative colors, in a scheme similar to Rob's Championship SSCRA Pure Stock Dodge Charger. He started the race, in front of the home state crowd at Rob's 'home track' Kansas Speedway, fourth. When the checkers had dropped, Rob had lost a spot for a 5th place finish. The finish made Rob 3 for 3 in Top 5 finishes in the OR4C Cup league. After the race, Rob announced he would run one more OR4C Cup race, next week at Talladega.
After the race, Rob and his family drove back to the family's home in Wichita, Kansas. The SCKL Special is expected to arrive in the Wichita area early Tuesday. It will turn around after reloading, and head to Kansas City Thursay. Rob is expecting to feature most of the race programs next week at Kansas. Friday he and wife Angela will run the HCGR race. Saturday, Rob will run the N3 Busch, and N2k2 races. Sunday, it is said Rob will have a car for the RDA Cup race. No word on the car number, make, or team Rob will be driving for, though its a safe bet the sponsor will be Neises for Representative, considering the election is a month away, and the race is in Kansas. Rob said he would have an announcement about the RDA entry when he got to Kansas on Thursday. No word on what next weeks Talladega schedule is, though team sources say it will be just as busy.

September 23, 2002 - Neises Wins Number 10: Rob Neises was in high celebration mode Friday night. With the falling of the checkered flag, Rob had claimed his 10th victory of the 2002 HCGR season. Rob bettered his earlier Loudon finish of 6th. "It's all coming together," said Neises about the back to back victories. We have to keep it up, we've gained 40 points on Mike, but we're still down 110. The victory, put Rob 45 points behind second place Troy McCone.
With his daughter still in the hospital, Rob didn't run Saturdays race at Chicagoland in the NWST's ARCA division, and took a provisional in Sundays RDA Cup race at Loudon. Also, Rob's wife Angela didn't run at Loudon. They are both expected to be back at the track at Dover as their daughter is scheduled to get out of the hospital on Monday afternoon.
To find out the silly-season rumors about Rob go to the main racing page and click on the silly-season link.
Finally, Rob announced that this week's race at Dover will be his last in the GoAsher Racing/Neises for Representative Chevy, in the RDA Cup series. That is all he said on the issue.

September 18, 2002 - Neises talks of 2002 - Part 1: Rob Neises, walking gingerly, held a press conference last night before leaving Richmond. He told the assembled media that as of now, he plans on running all races this week, but Friday would be the tell-tale race. He also said he wasn't sure if his wife Angela would race. "Our oldest daughter is in the hospital and not doing the best she could, and we don't know when she'll get out. So I'd have to say Angela won't run this weekend, and other than Friday at Loudon, I may not run any other races either," said Neises.
Then came the announcement that Rob called the reason for the meeting. Behind him was an easel with a cover over it. After a short drum-roll, Neises pulled off the cover to show to the crowd the rendering of next years NASS N2k2 car. The 2003 Dodge Intrepid R/T was painted red with the Wiggles and Playhouse Disney as the primary sponsor. "The Raney-Neises Family Racing(RNFR) entry into the NASS series is a family-friendly car," said Neises. Big Red Car, as the Wiggles call their car, is emblazoned across the hood under the Wiggles logo. The Wiggles, an Australian group, features children fiendly characters and themes. They produce their own videos and cd's, plus are on Playhouse Disney daily. "My girls really love the Wiggles, and went after them, then came to us with the idea," said Rob Neises. The number 96 Wiggles Intrepid is the first signed primary sponsorship contract for the newly formed RNFR team. The car is only scheduled to run 4 times next year in NASS Stock competition. Daytona in February - Rob's 150th NASS race, Talladega in April and October, and the Daytona Night race in July. Rob said he plans on having more announcements on 2003, including sponsorship, teams, and leagues he'll drive in later in the year when a few more things have been settled. "The Wiggles thing was a done deal, so we wanted everyone to know that RNFR is for real in 2003," said Neises. Associate sponsorship on the 96 include the SCKL Railroad, Rainbows United, PediaSure Formula, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Dodge Dealers, ICEE whipped drinks, and Quaker State motor oil.

September 16, 2002 - Neises' wins 9th race: Rob Neises, driver of the Cricket Wireless Dodge was all smiles Friday night. After starting shotgun on the field, Rob quickly moved his way through the field, took the lead and never looked back. Rob took the checkers for his ninth win. With the win, Rob picked up 25 points on leader Mike Smith, and 15 on second place Troy McCone. That puts Rob 55 out of second and 125 out of 1st. Rob's wife Angela ran seven laps before the motor went. "I had never ran a short track before," said Angela.
In RDA racing action, Rob finished sixth in Saturday nights Cup action in the Neises for Representative Chevy Monte Carlo. Rob nailed the wall at races end in a three way battle to the finish. Neises was taken to the infield care center, then went to the area Richmond hospital for further evaluation. More on Rob when its known.
In unreported action, Rob Neises finished 4th two weeks ago at Darlington, and last week finished 5th at Richmond in OR4C Cup action. "I don't know if I'll be able to run anymore OR4C Cup races," said Neises. With the upcoming announcement, I'll be able to answer more questions.
Next week, Rob is scheduled to run Friday at Loudon in the HCGR race, Saturday in the NWST ARCA race at Chicagoland, and Sunday Rob will run the Neises for Representative Chevy at Loudon. This is tentative schedule, and is subject to change depending on the evaluation Rob receives in Richmond.

September 12, 2002 - Neises' wife returns to sim-racing: Rob Neises, driver of the Cricket Wireless Dodge Intrepid R/T in the NWST's HCGR division held a news conference after the SCKL Special arrived in Richmond yesterday. Neises, third in points, 150 out had said last week he needed a boost, his announcement today he hopes is that boost. "Today, I announce the return of my wife Angela to sim-racing," said Neises. Though she's three months pregnant, Rob's wife Angela will pilot a second Dodge Intrepid in the remaining 11 HCGR races. "I spoke with Cricket, and they agreed with me that we really needed to catch a break, I proposed bringing Ang in for the remainder of the season, they agreed," Neises said about his quest for the HCGR Championship, and Cricket's sponsorship on the number 74 Intrepid R/T. Angela hasn't driven since the 2000 ANSL Daytona race in February of that year. "I know I'm pregnant, but if Rob could win the Championship, maybe I'd see him more," quipped Angela Neises. Her Dodge's are running under the Neises Family Racing banner, and is being staffed by Rob's RDA Cup crew. Rob stated plan is that if someone decides to take a provisional, that will allow them less points, helping Rob if the person is in the Top 4 in points. "She doesn't even have to finish, just qualify and run a lap," said Rob Neises. It may turn out to be a waste of funds, but if we get one or two provisionals, the points gained are worth it.
Angela will debut the number 74 Cricket Dodge this week at Richmond, and run the remaining 11 races. Associate sponsorship is being provided by Neises for Representative, the SCKL Railroad, John Deere, ICEE drinks, Rainbows United, PediaSure, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Havoline Motor Oil.
Wrapping up the press conference, Rob said he'd be part of another major announcement probably later in the weekend.

September 8, 2002 - Neises has tough road ahead: Rob Neises driver of the Cricket Wireless Dodge in the NWST's HCGR division had a look of worry upon his face after Friday's Darlington race. Neises is worried, because even though he finished second Friday, Mike Smith finished first. That now puts Rob 150 points behind Smith and the lead. Rob was able to gain another 5 points on second place Troy McCone. Neises actually finished third, but Chris Ralston's race winning car was DQ'ed in post-race inspection. "With only 11 races left, we're really under the gun, but I have a good crew, we aren't giving up," said Neises. Neises went on to say that where ever he finishes, Mike is either a place better, or only one below. "What I need is a big point boost," Neises said.
It was again a busy week, as Rob ran his Neises for Representative Pontiac in the NWST's N2k2 division, finishing third. Earlier today, Neises took his Neises for Representative Chevy out in the RDA Cup series. After starting the race fourth, Neises finished the race third. Neises headed out after the race to make the OR2C Cup race at Richmond. Again in a hurry, Neises didn't answer any post-race questions.

September 1, 2002 - Neises on way to Darlington: Rob Neises held a quick press conference after Saturday night's RDA Cup race. A visiably tired Neises spoke of the past two days, and tomorrow's OR4C Cup debut at Darlington. "We've done okay this weekend, with all 2d and 3d place finishes, hopefully it will continue tomorrow at Darlington," said Neises.
Friday night Rob started shotgun on the field, led several laps, but finished second. Rob finished a position ahead of Mike Smith, and a couple in front of Troy McCone. Rob is currently 145 out of first, 75 out of second. Saturday began early with Rob running the Kansas State University/Executive Security Taurus in the NWST Busch race. After starting fifth, Neises led several laps, then settled into third by the races end. Finally, previous to the news conference, Rob took his GoAsher/Neises for Representative Chevy to the grid in the RDA Cup race, finishing the sheet-metal fest second.
Afterwards, Rob left the podium without answering any questions about the OR4C race tomorrow, or the announcement about the forming of RNFRacing for 2003. He did say he'd answer questions tomorrow after the race.

August 29, 2002 - Neises meets with press at Bristol: Rob Neises held a news conference earlier today when the SCKL Special arrived at Bristol, Tennessee. Neises announced to the crowd the formation of a new race team. Rob announced the formation of Raney-Neises Family Racing (RNFR). "Forming the team now is a look toward the future of my racing career," said Neises. Next year most of my racing will be done under the RNFR banner. We will actively search for other drivers to join the team, and when my children get a little older, and ready to drive, put them in team cars. The ground work is being laid this season as Rob ran the Indy 250 and entered the OR4C Cup league under the Neises Family Racing (NFR) banner. Rob expects to run 3 to 5 races in the league, starting with this Sunday at Darlington. "All of our family ran teams; James Gang Racing, GoAsher Racing, and Tater Tot Racing will all fall under the RNFR umbrella," according to Neises. Rob gave no word whether he would still run for E&K Motorsports or accept any of the other offers presented to him in this sim-silly season.

August 26, 2002 - Neises victorious at Michigan: Rob Neises, driver of the Cricket Wireless Dodge was very happy Friday after the NWST HCGR race. Neises, who started shotgun on the field, worked his way through traffic, and led the most laps, on way to his 8th HCGR victory of the 2002 season. "It was a good run, hopefully we can keep it up," said Neises. Saturday Rob made a previously unscheduled entry in the NWST's Busch race at Michigan. He started the race 5th, and finished in 5th. When asked why Rob attempted the race, he said he felt an itch to run there. Finally, Sunday Rob ran in the RDA Cup race at Michigan. Rob led a few laps, but finished 9th after a 6th place qualifying effort.
Next week will be full of new schemes, and a first. With Rob's entry into the OR4C Cup race at Darlington, he will run all four car makes in the same weekend. Rob will debut the family's Neises Family Racing number 96 Pontiac Grand Prix at the OR4C Cup race. Friday night he'll run a green and black Cricket Wireless Dodge. Saturday the Kansas State University/Executive Security Ford will run at Bristol, as well as the RDA Cup, Neises for Representative Chevy in the nightcap Saturday night. Neises said he expects to hold a news conference when he arrives at Bristol later in the week to answer questions.

August 19, 2002 - Neises continues Top 5 road course streak: Rob Neises was pleased yet reserved after the weekends races at the Glen. Friday, Rob drove the Cricket Intrepid to a 4th place finish in the HCGR race. "After leading 6 laps, I thought we were the car, but a slight bobble, and we're crossing the line fourth," said Neises about the race. You could tell he expected a better finish. Saturday, Neises took the GoAsher Racing Chevy around the 2.45 mile road course. He wasn't able to lead a lap, but he brought the Neises for Representative Monte Carlo across the line third in the NWST Winston Cup division. "That makes a sweep of the road courses, Top 5's anyways," said Neises. In the last two years, Rob has 7 Top 5's in 8 road course races, 8 Top 7's in 8 races. He was happy about the third in the Cup race, but obviously expected a better finish Friday.
Rob announced a busy weekend next weekend. Besides debuting a new "couch" scheme on the Cricket Intrepid, Rob will run the GoAsher Chevy in the RDA's Cup race Sunday, and returns to NWST Busch action with a new ICEE scheme on the E&K Motorsports Taurus. Neises said he would have an announcement at Michigan.

August 12, 2002 - Neises has mixed results at Indy: Rob Neises held a press conference aboard the SCKL Special before leaving for Midvale yesterday. Winning Friday gave Rob and his E&K Motorsports team its 7th win of the season. Saturday and Sunday was a little rougher on Rob. Saturday's RDA Cup debut seen Rob leave from 5th on the grid. At the end of the race, Rob crossed the bricks in fourth place, leading 8 laps. "It was a good debut," said Neises. "The GoAsher/Neises for Representative Chevy was good, but I wasn't used to the level of competition." But I'll give it another go next weekend when we'll take the GoAsher Monte Carlo to the Glen where I'll run in the NWST's Cup race. Rob said he would have an announcement in the next week or two. He said he plans on running the Neises for Representative Chevy at Michigan for GoAsher in the RDA Cup division. He expected the announcement before of after that weekends activities.
Sunday, Rob took the Neises for Representative/James Gang Racing Dodge Intrepid out for the third points race in the NASS N4 Stock division. The results were'nt so hot. Neises crossed the bricks in 11th place, several laps down. "Our N4 equipment is better than the driver," Neises quiped. Same could be said for the N2k2 equipment, but the drivers a bit better in it. Rob said after the 11th place finish that he would run the car three more times. At Talladega and Lowes Motor Speedway, and the ICEE sponsorship returns for the season finale' at Homestead. If Rob makes all three races, that will end Rob's season with 149 total NASS starts. Number 150 will be the 2003 Daytona race Neises predicted.

August 10, 2002 - Neises gets Lucky # 7: Rob Neises and the E&K Motorsports/Cricket crew celebrated wildly as Rob brought the Cricket Comfortable Wireless Dodge Intrepid R/T first across the hallowed brick finish line. "We needed this one," said Neises. The win, the teams 7th of the year, puts them 155 points behind leader Mike Smith, who has 10 wins this season so far. "It's gonna be an uphill battle," said Neises, "We have to finish 10 points ahead of Mike the remainder of the 15 races." Its possible, but it will take a miracle.
Today Rob will pilot the Neises for Representative Monte Carlo in his first RDA Winston Cup race for GoAsher Racing at Indy. Tomorrow, He will pilot the James Gang Racing/Neises for Representative Dodge Intrepid in the NASS Stock race at Indy.
Neises also announced a paint scheme change on the HCGR Cricket Intrepid. The new scheme will feature the Cricket Couch on the hood as its major change. Also at the night races at Bristol and Richmond he will run a solid green scheme to better please the crowds. The green is a better color under the lights said Rob.

August 5, 2002 - Neises makes Announcement: Rob Neises announced yesterday that he will be slightly expanding his racing schedule. Effective this weekend, Neises will enter his GoAsher/Neises for Representative Chevy Monte Carlo in selective RDA Series races. Neises has signed up to run the Winston Cup Division. "With the campaign going into high gear, I'm just looking for the future and trying several different leagues for next year, so I got my RDA Cup license," said Neises to the gathered press. Neises didn't give a set amount of races he'd run, but he said around 5 to 7. Enough to keep Rookie status for next year.
Rob has kept the Top 5's coming in the NWST's HCGR Division. Last weekend he took 3rd at Loudon, NH, and he finished 5th Friday at Pocono. "We're getting to the tracks I'm better at," said Rob. "Hopefully that will translate into wins and points." Currently, Neises sits in 3rd place in the standings, 165 points behind the leader.
Next week Rob will take two trips around Watkins Glen. Besides the Friday HCGR race, Rob will run Saturday in the NWST's Cup Division for GoAsher Racing. Rob will run the 'Neises for Representative' scheme on the number 02 Chevy Monte Carlo.

July 21, 2002 - Neises wins 25th NWST race at Chicagoland: Rob Neises came to Joliet, Illinois on Thursday feeling refreshed. He came with the knowledge that he had a day off after Fridays HCGR race before it was time for Sundays Pure Stock race at Midvale, Ohio. Neises started shotgun on the field, was leading on lap four, and kept the lead the remainder of the race, giving him the elusive 25th overal NWST victory, his 6th HCGR victory of 2002. "I knew it was coming, the guys gave me a great car, I was under less stress because this was my only race besides Midvale, besides, Chicago is my kinda town," chuckled Neises. The win moved Rob solidly into third in HCGR points, 130 point from leader, and teammate Mike Smith.
There seems to be a problem in the SSCRA's Pure Stock Track Championship for Rob, for some reason, the last couple weeks second place finishes have been wiped away. No reason was given, and Rob and team owner Kaitlyn Neises have filed protest to have point returned. More on this as it becomes available.

July 15, 2002 - Neises Top 5's the weekend: Rob was pretty happy Sunday after winning his heat and taking second in the Neises for Representative Pure Stock Dodge at Midvale Speedway. The second keeps Rob 190 points ahead of Mike Spinelli in the Track Championship.
The weekend was full of Top 5's, and one disappointment. Rob wasn't allowed any points for his 10th place finish in the James Gang Racing, ICEE Intrepid. The rest of the racing was good. Friday night, Rob came within a lap of taking his sixth win of the 2002 HCGR season. But it wasn't meant to be. Rob slipped, and followed Mike Smith home, for second. Saturday morning, Rob jumped into the Ron Jon Surf Shop Taurus and led several laps before slipping back to his starting place of third when the checkered flag flew. Later Saturday night, Rob tried out the new N2k2 Grand Prix equipment on the 2.5 mile high banked oval called Daytona. "It was mainly a drafting lesson," said Neises. These are different cars, but we did better. Rob finished third in the Ron Jon Pontiac.
This weekends activities put an end to Rob's busy racing schedule for 2002. With the campaign kicking in, Rob will only run full time in the NWST's N3 HCGR, and finish the Track Championship Season for Tater Tot Racing. Rob expects to run approximately 15-17 extra races the second half of the season, including the IIRS, IRL-LS finale' at Texas in September. Rob's schedule includes at least 3 Busch races, an ARCA race, and 3 more rides for GoAsher Racing in the Winston Cup Division.

July 8, 2002 - Neises 2 out of 3 in Top 5's: Rob Neises met with the press after Sunday nights SSCRA Pure Stock race at Midvale Speedway. Originally the series was going to end last week with Rob taking the Championship with a win in the 40-lap main. But a public outcry led to continuing the full season. Rob was second last night, keeping a 190 point lead over second place. Rob started the weekend out right, he put the Cricket Wireless across the checkers in second at Indy Raceway Park. Saturday wasn't so good. After starting third, Rob slipped back to sixth as the checkers dropped at the Milwaukee Mile, the sight of Rob's only Busch win last season.
Next week, Rob plans on being very busy. Besides the regular Friday/Saturday - HCGR/Busch; Rob has added a N2k2 race in the E&K Motorsports Pontiac. Ron Jon Surf Shop will be on the car at Daytona. Rob said if he could get the car running right, he may even attempt a NASS N4 Stock race on Sunday, before flying to Ohio for the Pure Stock race for Tater Tot Racing.

June 30, 2002 - Neises returns home to Wine Country: Rob Neises, not exactly a road course expert, kept his streak alive of top 5's on road courses. Returning to Northern California just an hour away from his birthplace of Alameda, California. Friday, Rob ran the Cricket Wireless Intrepid around Sears Point. Not able to lead a lap, Rob finished fourth. The finish leaves Rob firmly in fourth place, 125 points out of first.
Saturday, Rob made his first Cup start of the season, also on the road course of wine country. After starting the race in fourth, Rob lead a lap in the Neises for Representative Chevy, finishing third in the race. Rob next expects to run a GoAsher Racing Chevy at Watkins Glen in August, and at Talladega in October.
It was announced this weekend that todays Track Championship race at Midvale will be the last of the season. Time constraints were the reason the season was ended early. Rob will run the 40 lap finale' in the Neises for Representative Dodge Charger. All Rob has to do is start the feature to wind up the Champion of the shortened-season.
Next week Rob will run the ICEE scheme on the Ford Taurus is the next-to-last regular race in the NWST's Busch series. Rob will run 3-5 more races, and take 4 provisionals, ending the season at about 25 races in the Busch series. He has already committed to running the season ending race at Homestead in November. Rob plans to return to full time racing in the 2003 season. Rob is cutting back on his racing due to the upcoming campaign for Kansas State Representative.

June 24, 2002 - Neises finishes weekend with Top 5's: Rob Neises started out the weekend on the fast-track, LEading several laps at Michigan before he slipped to second behind Mike Smith coming off the last corner. "I thought I had number six," said Neises. Just wasn't meant to be he said afterwards. Saturday, Neises took the ICEE Taurus around the 1.5 mile track at Kentucky. After qualifying fourth on the grid, Rob ran up front for eight laps before falling to fourth by the time the checkers flew.

June 17, 2002 - Split weekend has Neises hopping: Rob Neises was state hopping this weekend, and he admitted Sunday afternoon it was taking its toll. Friday Neises took the Neises for Representative Intrepid from the rear of the pack to third place, he didn't lead any laps, only the third time that has happened this year. He left Pennsylvania for Tennessee, where he started the E&K, Neises for Representative Ford Tautus fourth, led several laps, then slipped back to fifth at the end of the race. "At least we led some laps this weekend," said Neises about his fifth at Nashville.
Next weekend, Rob will start Friday at Michigan in the Cricket Wireless Dodge, Saturday he'll pilot the ICEE Ford around Kentucky Speedway, and finish the weekend across the river in Midvale, Ohio, where Rob will debut his Neises for Representative scheme on his '70 Dodge Charger. Neises is currently in first place in the Track Championship series at Midvale. The series is scheduled to complete racing in September.
Neises announced that the Neises for Representative scheme will finish out the season on the Pure Stock Dodge. He also announced that ICEE would be on the E&K Ford for Kentucky and Milwaukee. He will end his full time status in the Busch series at Daytona in the Ron Jon Surf Shop Taurus.

June 14, 2002 - Neises makes major announcements: Rob Neises held his much anticipated press conference yesterday as the E&K Motorsports Special arrived at Pocono. Neises began by thanking all his teammates at E&K Motorsports, then he dropped the proverbal bomb. Rob Neises announced he is a candidate for Representative in the 105th District of the Kansas House of Representatives. Neises, a Democrat, promises responsibility to the voters, and to hold those who abuse the system responsible. Many people asked how this announcement was going to effect his racing career. Neises answered this by telling the crowd that due to the run for office, he would be spending a lot of time campaigning. That translates into a reduction in available racing time. Rob will continue running full time in the NWST's HCGR division, will finish out the SSCRA Track Championship league, and run 3 - 5 selected events in the NWST's Busch division. The change will take effect after Summer Speedweeks in July at Daytona. "I wish I could continue running everything, but I threw my hat into the political ring wanting to win, and I can't win if I'm running all over the sim-country racing three or more races a week," said Neises. Neises said he chose to run through Daytona because he had sponsorship lined up through then. He said he would fulfill his commitments to GoAsher, Tater Tot, and Neises Family Racing for a total of about 12 extra races during the second half of the season. Rob also announced that he will run 5-7 races in the NWST's N2k02 and NASS' Stock division for James Gang Racing during the remainder of the season. "I have new equipment lined up, and I plan to run 3 in the NASS N4 Stock Division, and 4 in the NWST's N2k02 Division," said Neises.
In sponsorship news, Neises debuted the scheme that will run on the E&K Dodge and Fords this weekend at Pocono and Nashville, a "Neises for Representative" scheme. Neises said the scheme would also be on the GoAsher Monte Carlos and the Pure Stock Dodges for Tater Tot Racing when those cars are running. More will be revealed closer to Speedweeks.

June 8, 2002 - Neises finishes second at Dover: Rob Neises, pilot of the number 84 Cricket Wireless Intrepid was in better spirits after last nights race. Neises started in the rear of the field, made it to the front, led 20 laps, then was passed in a close finish by team mate Mike Smith. "If I wasn't gonna win, at least the team got a win," said Neises in post-race inspection.
Today Neises will put the GoShox-Wichita State University/Executive Security Ford Taurus to the test as he tries to do at least as well the second time through Dover this weekend. In other racing news, Neises had back to back seconds at Midvale, moving him into second place in track points in the track championship series.
Neises said he would be having the major press conference prior to the June 14th HCGR race at Pocono.

June 2, 2002 - Neises spends most of race in garage: Rob Neises, bruised and sore held a quick press conference before getting on the team jet. Rob finsished 21st in the 33 car field at the Indy 250. Rob was 45 laps behind, completing 55 of the scheduled 100 laps. "I finally got to run Indy, but not the way I hoped," said Neises. "I didn't get to qualify or really set up the car. And all the crashes this last couple weeks are starting to take a toll."
Neises didn't say where he was going, but he was scheduled to go to Midvale Speedway this evening. Rob re-iterated again that he is going to have a major announcement in the next week or so.

June 1, 2002 - Neises crashes out at Lowes, jets to Indy: Rob Neises held a small press conference aboard the team jet Saturday night on his was to Indianapolis. Rob was less than happy about the performance so far this weekend. Friday Rob came from the back of the pack, lead 17 laps before using up the car and slipping to fifth place at races end. The fifth, coupled with Mike Smith's win put Rob over a hundred points down in the season standings in fourth. Saturday was uglier. Rob crashed out at races end, sliding across the finish line fifth, the same spot he started in.
Neises, feeling very sore from the crashes the past couple of weekends is going to attempt a double again tomorrow, running his ICEE G-Force/Infinity in the IIRS-IRL Indy 250, then the weekly track championship race at Midvale Speedway. Neises is currently third in the track standings, eight points out of second.
Rob told the traveling press that he would have a big announcement in a week or so. So far no word from Rob, or the team about a replacement sponsor for the second half of the season. Current sponsorships end in July with Summer Speedweeks at Daytona. Next week at Dover, Rob will run a GoShox scheme on the E&K Motorsports Ford Taurus'. Rob received word that the Shockers were eliminated from the Regionals as the plane was in route. Neises said he would run it, Coach Stephenson asked him to, in honor of the Shockers Missouri Valley regular season and tournament titles this year.

May 26, 2002 - Neises misses out on Indy qualifying, has rough weekend: Rob Neises was unable to qualify his G-Force/Infinity this weekend at IMS. Neises, who crashed crossing the line in Segment A of the Winston All-Star, was credited with 7th overall in the Winston. "My head was woosy, and the team doctor said I shouldn't try the qualifying at Indy. So we had the set up guy qualify us, and we'll start in the rear in the ICEE G-Force/Infinity," said Neises.
Earlier at Friday's HCGR race in Nashville, Rob was forced to drive a car that was last used at Talladega, with no time to change the set up due to the weeks schedule. Rob finsihed on the lead lap, but didn't lead a lap, the first time that had happened this year. Neises was upset after Fridays race and was heard saying that things needed to change, and soon. Rob was on his way to Ohio to test out the Pure Stock Dodge. Rob felt that it would be theraputic to get right back into a car.
Next week Rob will run four races. Friday and Saturday at Lowes, and Sunday at Indy in the morning, and Midvale, Ohio in the evening.

May 20, 2002 - Neises takes 5th win of year at Memphis: Rob Neises held his first news conference in a couple weeks yesterday at Midvale, Ohio's Midvale Speedway. Rob had just finished second in the feature, putting him third in track championship points, 8 points from second. At this news conference, Neises announced that he and Tater Tot Racing had agreed to an extension of the contract through July 14th. "With John Deere coming on board, the team has had the money to be real competitive, I feel a victory coming soon," said Rob Neises about the Track Championship chase in the Pure Stock Division at Midvale Speedway.
Rob also talked about Friday Nights win at Memphis, and how he feels the HCGR program is right on schedule. Rob felt that he could make up the 60 point deficit by seasons end, if all went right. Rob said his sixth (6th) at Loudon, a track he's not that fond of was a good step, but feels that being over a hundred points down really hurts his Championship hopes in the N3 Busch division. "Unless I can get the team finishing constantly in the Top 3, we're in trouble," said Neises. The sixth at Loudon, equalled last weeks sixth at Richmond. Last Friday Rob held off traffic late and finished fifth in the HCGR race.
Next week is a very busy week for Rob and the crews. He will have a desert camo scheme on the SCKL Railroad Taurus during the NWST Winston All-Star, and the following week in the Coke race, also at Lowes. Friday night though, Rob will be in Nashville for the HCGR race. And he is scheduled to qualify this weekend at Indy for the IIRS-IRL 250 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

May 6, 2002 - Neises slips in points: Rob Neises has to be wondering if he spread himself a little too thin this weekend. The weekend started Friday with the HCGR race at California. Neises started 30th, lead only a couple laps, and fell back to 6th by the end of the race. This was Neises' second non-Top 5 performance in the HCGR this year. The sixth place finish dropped Rob into fourth place, 65 point out of first.
Saturday was a hectic day. Rob put the Ron Jon Surf Shop Taurus 6th on the grid. Rob took off like a jackrabbit. Moved into the lead, and was quickly put into the wall by a competitor. Neises limped home to a fifth place finish. The finish caused Rob to lose several points. Two races ago, Rob was only 55 points out of first, he's now 72 point behind the leader. After the race, Neises hopped a jet for Ohio where he honored his commitment to Tater Tot Racing. Rob put the Cricket Wireless/Rainbows United Dodge Charger 4th across the line.

May 1, 2002 - Neises announces return to open wheel racing: Rob Neises, driver of the number 84 E&K Motorsports Taurus in the NWST Busch Division, number 84 Cricket Wireless Dodge Intrepid for E&K Motorsports in the NWST's HCGR division, and President of James Gang Racing, announced the formation of a new racing team - Neises Family Racing (NFR). The new team was formed for Rob's just announced return to Open Wheel racing.
Today, Rob announced he would field a G-Force - Infinity at Indianapolis in the IRL Division of the Internet Indy Racing Series (IIRS). Neises said he missed running open wheels, and he has always wanted to run at Indy in an Open Wheel car. "The opportunity came up for me to try Indy, and maybe a few other ovals, and I wanted a new racing challenge," said Neises. Neises wouldn't answer questions about why he isn't running the Indy car operation under the James Gang Racing banner. All he would say, is that things would be cleared up soon enough.
Sponsorship for the NFR car is being provided by ICEE drinks, a James Gang Racing primary sponsor. Associate sponsorship is being provided by the SCKL Railroad, Havoline Motor Oil, Kmart, Rainbows United, a Coca-Cola.
Practice opens up in a couple weeks, with qualifying May 20-25th, and the race on June 2d.

April 29, 2002 - Neises wins fourth: Rob Neises was able to rest a little easier this weekend. Both the HCGR and Busch races were at Talladega, so traveling wouldn't be so hectic. Friday Rob started at his customary 30th starting position. By lap four, Rob had the Cricket Intrepid on the point. Rob never looked back, he lead the remaining laps on way to his fourth win in the 2002 HCGR division. Saturday, Rob was looking for some more magic as he debuted the ICEE Taurus on the high-banks of Talladega. Neises started sixth, led several laps, and came across the finish line third. His eighth Top 5 in the 8 races he's ran this season. In Rob's debut at Midvale Speedway, he took third in the feature.
Ron Jon Surf Shop will be on the E&K Taurus next week as Rob returns home to California for action at the California Speedway. Rob announced that ICEE will be on the car the next two weeks after that at Richmond and Loudon. No sponsorship announcement past that time has been made available.

April 26, 2002 - Neises accepts ride with new team: Rob Neises announced he has accepted an offer to run this weekend at Midvale Speedway in Midvale, Ohio. Neises will pilot a Dodge Charger in the Pure Stock division for Tater Tot Racing. No sponsorship has been announced. When asked why, Neises said he had never ran a weekly series for track championship, and this was a good opportunity to help someone out. Rob didn't say if this was a one shot deal, or a run for the track championship.

April 22, 2002 - Top 5's Keep Coming: Rob Neises ran a split weekend this past weekend. Running Friday at Nashville, and Saturday at Martinsville. Friday Rob ran the Cricket Wireless Intrepid at the old Nashville raceway. After starting shotgun on the field, Rob worked his way into the lead before slipping back into fourth place by the time the checkers flew. Rob left Friday night for Saturdays Martinsville Busch race. Rob started sixth in the field, was able to lead some laps before slipping to fifth by races end. "I'm still in the running," said Neises after Saturdays races. He admitted that with the provisional at Darlington, that several Top 3's will be necessary to get hime back into the title chase.
The Busch race at Martinsville marked the final appearance of John Deere on Rob's NWST Busch efforts. John Deere will remain on the car as an associate sponsor throughout 2002, with a return to primary expected in 2003.

April 15, 2002 - Neises takes the Victory at Texas: Rob Neises said before Fridays HCGR race at Texas that he felt good, and so did the E&K Motorsports, Joe's Crab Shack Dodge Intrepid. Neises started in his usual last place starting position. When the Green flew, so did Neises. By lap four he was in the lead, pacing the field for the remaining 16 laps to the victory. The Texas victory is the 3d win in 2002 for Rob in the 7 races he's ran. Saturday, Neises' #84 Ford Taurus was also adorned with the Joe's Crab Shack scheme. He qualified the E&K Taurus 6th on the starting grid. He worked his way to the front, leading 26 laps. Neises was caught up in a four-car melee later in the race. He was able to finish the race, 3 laps down in 5th place. After winner Lee Granahan's car failed inspection, he was penalized, moving Rob into a 4th place finish. The 4th place, put Rob in 5th place in the standings, 49 points outside of first.
After the race, Rob Neises held a news conference aboard the SCKL Special, at it, Neises announced that John Deere had agreed to stay on the car one more race, next week at Martinsville. They agreed to the one race deal after Neises took a provisional finish at Darlington due to health problems with his oldest daughter. Rob also announced that ICEE, sponsor on the now idle James Gang Racing N4 Stock Intrepid that Rob ownes, would be on the E&K Motorsports Taurus the following week at Talladega, and for 4 - 6 others during the middle part of the 2002 season.

April 8, 2002 - Neises has rough time in Virginia: Rob Neises brought the Cricket Comfortable Wireless Intrepid to one of the smallest Busch tracks that the NWST runs on: South Boston. Rob started in the back of the pack, worked his way up to the lead for 11 laps, then fell back due to using up his tires. When the checkers flew, Rob crossed the line in 6th place, his first non-Top 5 finish in the six races he's ran in 2002. The finish dropped Rob into fourth place in the season point race.
Next week, Rob will run Joe's Crab Shack on both the HCGR Intrepid, and the Busch Taurus. No word yet on a sponsor for the Ford Taurus Neises pilots in the NWST's Busch division. Rob currently sits in a tie for third place.

April 1, 2002 - Neises goes for the triple Rob Neises was fairly happy with with the weekends results. Neises ran three races this weekend, starting Friday evening at Bristol in the HCGR race. Neises, started back of the pack, worked his way up, led 18 laps, but slipped back to finish 5th when the checker flag flew. The 5th place, put Rob in third place in season points. Saturday, Rob took the John Deere Taurus for a final spin around Bristol. He put the Ford 5th on the starting grid, and when the race was over, even though he had led several laps, slipped back into fourth when the final flag flew. The fourth place finish keeps Rob in a tie for third place in the season standings. Later that afternoon, Rob debuted the Hooters Pontiac in the NWST's N4 race. Starting about mid-pack, Rob was only able to keep it on the track. He didn't lead a lap, and a crash mid-race relegated him to fourth place, several laps down in a caution filled race. After the race, Rob announced that he would suspend all N4 racing operations, in the NWST and NASS until at least Daytona in July. And that date would be tentative, and only if new equipment is procurred (Need New Computer).

March 28, 2002 - Neises announces sponsor for NWST N4 Pontiac: Rob Neises arrived on the E&K Special yesterday. He immediately held a news conference and announced a sponsor for the Pontiac Grand Prix he is running Saturday in the NWST N4 race at Bristol. When Neises pulled the tarp off the Pontiac, the orange, blue, and brown of Hooters Restaurants adorned the E&K Pontiac. "I'm glad to have Hooters on the car for Bristol. Hopefully by Summer Speedweeks, we'll be rady to pull out the N4 equipment again, and Hooters hopefully will be on the car," said Neises. Giving to speculation about Rob's N4 plans.

March 25, 2002 - Neises ends weeks of silence: After not having a news conference since Speedweeks was over, Rob Neises had one in the infield Saturday night after the races at Darlington. Neises took provisional finishes in both the HCGR and Busch races at Darlington. He took them because he was in the hospital with his daughter Ashley in Omaha, Nebraska most of the weekend, and wasn't able to race due to himself getting sick. The provisionals put Rob 6th in the HCGR race, and 8th in the Busch race.
Here's a rundown of the last couple races. Rob said his schedule had been so hectic, that he didn't have the energy or time for these post-race meetings. Week 2 at Rockingham, Neises won the HCGR race, and finished 4th in the Busch race. Week three, both teams went to Las Vegas where Executive Security was on both the HCGR Intrepid and the Busch Taurus. In Fridays HCGR race, Rob finished 4th, with a runner-up finish in the Busch race on Saturday. Week four of the season, the Busch team had off, so Rob ran the NASS Stock n4 race at Atlanta, finishing 20th. Earlier on Friday night, Rob took the Cricket Wireless Intrepid to victory in the HCGR race.
In sponsorship news, Rob announced that Joe's Crab Shack will be on both the HCGR Dodge, and the Busch Ford at Texas. Rob said he was close to signing a replacement for John Deere in the Busch division. He said as soon as the ink was dry, he would announce the new sponsor.
Next week, Rob announced that he would run all three NWST races at Bristol. Friday the HCGR, Busch and N4 on Saturday. Rob said he hopes to announce a sponsor for the N4 E&K Pontiac for Bristol.

February 25, 2002 - Speedweeks ends with mixed results: Rob Neises had a busy weekend this weekend as he ran four races in three different car makes. Friday Neises debuted new colors on the Cricket Intrepid in the first NWST HCGR race. Starting from the back of the pack, Neises was not able to lead any laps, but still finished fifth. Saturday Neises started the day 5th on the grid in the N3 Busch race. After leading almost half the race, Neises slipped to third, again finishing behind Mike Smith, his teammate. In the late afternoon, Neises debuted the Ron Jon Surf Shop Pontiac in NWST N4 competition. After starting third, Neises was able to bring the Grand Prix across the line fifth. Neises' fourth race of the weekend was Sunday, as Rob tried to improve on his second place finish last week in the NASS N4 Stock race. It wasn't to be, as fatigue and the big one combined to knock Neises out of contention and to a 11th place finish in the James Gang Racing's ICEE Intrepid.
"All in all, it wasn't a bad weekend, but I'm getting older, I can't run four races in a weekend. I was just going through the motions by Sunday," said Neises.
Finally, Neises said he would run 5-6 more races in the NASS N4 league in 2002. I want to end the season with 150 races in NASS competition, but I want to keep my Rookie status for next year.

February 20, 2002 - Neises, John Deere announce deal: What had been a quite rumor was confirmed by Rob Neises and representatives of John Deere. John Deere had resumed its sponsorship of the #97 Ford Taurus in the NWST in 2002. "We had a contract with the 97 previously, and we'd terminated it. A court has decided otherwise," said the John Deere representative. Neises was of course upset. "I thought we had a three year deal," said Neises. The courts are always messing with me it seems.
What the deal entails is that John Deere will be on the E&K Motorsports Taurus through Bristol, except Texas and Daytona. The car will will wear the yellow and black of John Deere's construction equipment division. John Deere will assist Neises is finding a new primary sponsor, and will remain on the car as an associate sponsor. "John Deere is being fair to us, at least the fairest they can. Hopefully, they will be able to return to primary sponsorship soon, hopefully by 2003," said Neises. After the conference, Neises went out for Busch practice at Daytona.

February 18, 2002 - Neises Top 5's Week One at Speedweeks: Rob Neises was pretty happy about the first week of Speedweeks '02. Saturday, Neises debuted the Ron Jon Surf Shop Ford Taurus. In the ARCA race, Neises started third on the grid, and was able to finish third. Earlier that day, he ran in the first NWST N3 Budweiser Shootout. When it was said and done, Neises had went from last to 5th by the time the checkers flew. To wrap up the weekend, Rob debuted in the NASS N4 Bud Shootout at Daytona. It was the first time Rob had made a NASS Budweiser Shootout. Rob started last in the ICEE Dodge Intrepid R/T, and was able to move up to second by races end. "It was a pretty good weekend for us," said Neises.

February 15, 2002 - Neises announces Speedweeks schedule: Things are back to near normal at Daytona as the E&K Special pulled up to the Speedway area. Untarped now as the car showed the Ron Jon Surf Shop Taurus. From there, Neises held a pre-Speedweeks news conference before the track officially opened. There he announced his racing schedule. This weekend, Rob will pilot the Ron Jon Surf Shop Taurus in the NWST Bud Shootout, the N3 ARCA race, and the NASS N4 Shootout - Rob's first time to qualify for the event. Next weekend, he will pilot the Ron Jon Taurus in the NWST N3 Busch race, the Cricket Wireless Intrepid in the N3 HCGR race, the ICEE Intrepid in the NASS N4 Stock series, and the Ron Jon Pontiac Grand Prix in the NWST N4 Busch race at Daytona. Neises said he rented a car from another driver, and he had a couple Grand Prix's he hadn't redone since there switch to Dodge, so its Pontiac for the few N4 NWST Busch limited schedule. That means Rob will be very busy this next couple weeks, and will drive all four of the major brand names in the 2002 season.
When asked why he was running the ARCA race, Rob said with the lack of practice, he needed the extra time in the Taurus.

February 14, 2002 - Neises and Special meet at Daytona: Rob Neises flew in to Daytona yesterday with family in tow as the E&K Special arrived in Florida. In an unusual step, the Special pulled through Daytona and stopped at Sanford at the AutoTrain facility. The last four major cars were tarped before the train left Kansas on Monday. The available press questioned Rob at an impromptu conference at Daytona International Airport. All Neises said at the time is that the team hauler and motorhome would be pulling into the Speedway in a couple hours, and then all would be told.
When the E&K Motorsports hauler pulled into the Speedway, it too was tarped. A large gathering of race media formed around Neises' hauler. A curtain was brought out and covered the rear of the hauler. As Neises spoke to the crowd, the curtain fell, and facing the media was a new Ford Taurus, painted in the Ron Jon Surf Shop scheme Rob was expected to run next week. Many gasped as Neises, a Dodge driver last year began to explain. "I feel this will be the last year of N3, and I want a run at the title in the Busch division, and the Fords showed consistently better in the show last year, so I will race them this year in N3 Busch competition only," said Neises. Neises then went on to explain that his run for Representative would have to wait a couple years, so the cars will run 84 this season. He immediately got a question about why he had given up on Dodge so quickly. To which Neises answered that he hadn't. He would run an Intrepid in the NWST's N3 HCGR division and the NASS N4 Stock division. He said the 5-7 races he'll run with GoAsher Racing in the NWST's N3 Cup division will still be in a Chevy Monte Carlo, he also said he would run a couple NWST N4 Busch races this year, including next week at Daytona. He said the car make is up in the air, because it will be less than 5 races, with many of them late in the year, and so he'll probably rent a car off of another team.
Neises talked a little about the upcoming year, said that John Deere will still be the primary on the E&K Motorsports Fords. With Ron Jon on the car at the California and Florida races. He said there would be a few special schemes, including Executive Security and the SCKL Railroad. Associate sponsors would be Executive Security, the SCKL Railroad, Rainbows United, PediaSure Formula, ICEE, McDonalds, Coca-cola, and Havoline Motor Oil. The same associates will be on the N4 Intrepid Rob will run in the NASS N4 Stock league. The only difference is that ICEE is the primary sponsor, and John Deere moves to an associate position. About the time Rob was finishing, his James Gang Racing NASS hauler pulled up. Rob excused himself and headed to the families motorhome in his golf cart.

February 10, 2002 - Neises completes all 116, still crosses line 5th: Maybe getting a little boost from the gimme last week, Rob Neises pulled the Joes Crab Shack Dodge from the transporter feeling good. Unfortunately, that feeling didn't translate to qualifying. Rob was only able to secure a seventh place spot on the starting grid. But its the race, not qualifying that determines the winner. Rob quickly made his way towards the front, swapping the lead several times with many drivers. "I could get to the front, but I couldn't stay there," said Neises. All total, Rob was able to lead 83 laps. When the checkered flag flew, a streak was ended, as Rob brought the 02 Joe's Crab Shack Intrepid across the checkers in 5th, but more importantly, on the lead lap.
When asked, Rob was happy about getting the monkey off his back, and he hoped that it was the turn around point for the team as they head to Speedweeks.
Many wondered about the sponsor change, which Rob noted was routine, that the last Winter race usually had a different sponsor then the rest. Usually I get a five race deal, as I did with McDonalds. They ran the 500, and the first four Winter races. I talked to the owner of Joe's last time we were down here, and he wanted to work with us, and there was no better time than this week. Neises wouldn't comment on if they would be on the car in April when they return. Rob has had a history of running a special sponsor at Texas, though no announcement was made by Rob or the Joe's chain.
Even though many questions were asked, Rob wouldn't reveal the "big suprise" about the Busch team and Daytona.

February 4, 2002 - Neises crosses line 5th: Rob Neises seems to be upset a bit when people ask him about his Winter Series streak. Through the first three races, Neises has yet to finish on the lead lap. And at the end of the race, they were asking him again. Neises brought the McDonalds Intrepid across the line 5th, again two laps down after leading 23 about mid-race. But Rob was awarded a gimme late Sunday night as Alan Hoods car flunked post-race tech, moving Rob up to fourth in official race finishing position. Neises showed off the new motive power Monday morning in a little changing of the guard type ceremony, as he transfered the E&K Specials FP45 to the Department of Defense, and moved the F7A/B unit to the front of the Special. The F7A/B unit was painted patrioticly red, white and blue, a preview of what to expect when the SCKL Special returns to service early in the '02 season.
Before Neises left to supervise the loading of the team, he announced that he would not be participating in preseason testing at Daytona. He announced that he would be very busy during Speedweeks 2002. In two weeks he will accept the invitation to run in the NASS Invitational Shootout for 2001 Pole Winners. It will be Rob's first look at how his N4 ICEE Dodge will perform against competition. The following week, Rob will be even busier. Rob will run the NWST N3 HCGR race, Saturday's Busch Race, the N4 NWST Busch race, and the NASS N4 Stock race on Sunday. The four race deal will keep the E&K and James Gang Racing Teams very busy. Neises also told the gathering that he would have a major suprise for them when the NWST N3 Busch team arrives at Daytona.

January 27, 2002 - Neises continues Top 5 Road Course rampage: Rob Neises was happier this weekend after the dust had settled at the Glen. Neises, who had all Top 5's on road courses in the 2001 season put it on the line as the NWST made its third stop of the season at Watkins Glen. Rob had said going into the race, that he just wanted to be up near the front when the race ended. After poor qualifying that put him way back in the grid, Neises tried to stay out of peoples way as he worked himself up through traffic. With two laps remaining, and everyone else several laps down due to an earlier mega-crash, Neises was confident. The confidence became over confidence, and a trip to the sand trap meant help from the track personel. By the time they had got him on the track, he was a couple laps down. He limped across the finish line in third, two laps down. Neises was happy, even though his streak of leading a lap in every race ended, and his streak of not finishing on the lead lap continues. "I became worried after the 500, but I need the practice for my run at the 2002 Championship in the Busch Division," said Neises. After the news conference, Neises supervised the loading of the team, for the trip to Dover tomorrow. Neises announced that the FP45 would be released to the Department of Defense at Dover for use in the war effort, and the F7A/B taking its place will meet the team there.

January 20, 2002 - Neises, McDonalds get first Top 5 point finish: The people who like to see you smile were smiling after Rob Neises climbed out of the McDonalds Intrepid Saturday at the Rock. Most were happy with Neises' return to Top 5-land, all except team owner/driver Rob Neises. When asked why the glum face, he said, "It was luck that he finished in the Top 5, its not very often you can finish laps down and get a Top 5 at the Rock." He said he's happy to get a Top 5 for McDonalds in a point race, their first in four years, but he expects more out of himself. Neises took most of the first half of the race to make it to the front. After leading 13 laps, again he met with the wall, this time it was earlier in the race, and cost him a couple positions.
On the bright side, with getting the bonus for most laps led for the second race in a row, Rob Neises has himself in a four way tie for fourth place after Rockingham. Next week the team will try to keep the string of road course Top 5's going as they head to upstate New York and Watkins Glen, the third stop of the five race NWST Winter Series. One that Rob and others figure will be the last N3 Winter Series.
After the conference, which was held again on the E&K Special, Neises went to the teams quarters and rested. When asked earlier in the weekend, Neises said he wasn't for sure when the SCKL Special would be ready, a lot of SCKL motive power was being leased out to help in the war effort. Neises said he expected a pair of SCKL Geeps to meet the team in either New York or Dover so the FP45 being used now could be transfered to the war effort also. Rumor has it that a F7A/B combo will lead the 2002 edition of the SCKL Special when its finished.

January 13, 2002 - Neises' bad luck returns at Bristol: Last year Rob had a victory taken away from him at Bristol, and he never really recovered. This year, Rob had the race won, and gave it away. Rob came from far back in the field yesterday to lead 80 laps. Problem was, the 80th lap wasn't the last. After leading all those laps, Rob just flat out abused the right front. Tapped the wall coming out of four, and ended up in 6th place, the first car a lap down. "I thought we had it, only 20 to go, they were telling me, but I was in a zone. Next thing I knew, I tagged the wall, really hated to do it, the McDonald's, E&K Motorsports Dodge was class of the field." Neises said after the race was completed.
After Sunday's press conference aboard the E&K Special, Neises headed to the rear of the train and supervised the on-loading of the team. The team is leaving today for Rockingham, North Carolina, and the second Winter Season race.

January 9, 2002 - Official finishing order for NWST 500 released: The E&K Motorsports Special arrived in Bristol, Tennessee yesterday, and upon arrival, Rob met with an NWST Official. The Official informed Rob that his original finishing order of second would remain. Eugene Gafford would retain his first place finish after all the evidence was heard. "Yea, I'm a bit disappointed, but fair is fair," said Neises about the decision. At least some info about, and some rules dealing with the supposed rules infraction were released to help the drivers.
When there, Neises debuted the new scheme on his McDonalds Intrepid. Major changes include twisting the "M" on the hood, and some placement issues on the rear trunk lid. Last year Neises had a victory taken away from him at Bristol, and started the downhill slide in the 2000 Winter Series.

January 7, 2002 - Neises leaves Talladega unsure of Official finishing position: Rob Neises left Talladega this afternoon after completing 500 grueling miles, unsure of his final place in the finishing order. Originally Neises had crossed the checkers in second place. During post-race inspection, it was reported the race winner Eugene Gafford, an E&K teammate of Rob's, flunked post-race inspection. This gave the race to Rob, and relegated Gafford to last place. After Neises had the team loaded, and was about ready to head to Tennessee for the season starting race at Bristol, he and the other three who finished on the lead lap was summoned to the NWST Trailer. They were told the race may have been taken from Gaffords by accident, and so the race results wouldn't be official until the mess was straightened.
"Sure I'm a little upset, you hate to lead 103 laps, and finish second. Later be told you won the race, then before I could get out of the track, the NWST said all lead lap cars would be rescored," said Rob.
Knowing time was short, he and the crew pulled out of the station, unsure of the final finishing position in the race.

December 26, 2001 - Neises/Team arrive in Alabama: Post-Christmas travelers this season included the E&K Motorsports team, and Rob Neises. Upon arrival, they went to the track and pulled out their Intrepid they plan to run later next week in the NWST 500. Testing is expected to begin tomorrow, with the track officially open for race preparation on the 29th.
With Neises came more news on the sponsorship of his Winter effort. McDonalds has agreed to sponsor Rob Neises and the E&K Motorsports Dodge Intrepids throughout the 2001 NWST Winter Series. Neises also announced that Pepsi was being let out of their associate sponsorship for the Winter races. In final sponsorship news, GoAsher Racing announced that McDonalds would be on the Chevy Monte Carlos Rob Neises will drive limitedly in the NWST Winston Cup Division in 2002.
Finally, the NWST has announced the 2001 Winter Series schedule. After the non-point NWST 500, they travel the next week to Bristol to officially start the Winter Season. The remainder of the schedule is: Rockingham, Watkins Glen, Dover, and Texas on the 10th of February.

December 20, 2001 - NWST Announces sight for 500, Neises talks of Winter Plans: Rob Neises called a news conference a day after the NWST announced that the NWST 500 would be in Talladega on January 5, 2002. Neises said he was pleased, and he had voted to run at 'Dega.
Then Neises made a major announcement about his plans for that race. He asked everyone to scrap all the ideas they may of heard, or that he had previous announced, here is Neises' 500 mile plan. Sponsorsip on the number 02 E&K Motorsports Dodge Intrepid R/T will be McDonalds. Rob wouldn't say if McDonalds would be the primary for the entire Winter season or not. Due to the announcement, Coke, not Pepsi would be on the car as long as McDonalds was the primary sponsor. Otherwise, the associates are: SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, ICEE, John Deere, Rainbows United, PediaSure, and Havoline Motor oil. Pepsi will be on the car on the races where McDonalds is an associate, but not the primary.
Finally, Neises announced that the E&K Special will haul the equipment to Talladega tomorrow. That will give the train crew a chance to get home for Christmas. Though the team has been busy, the shops will be closed next Monday and Tuesday. The team will fly to Alabama Wednesday to prepare for the 500. The race is January 5th.

December 5, 2001 - SCKL Special arrives in Wichita: For the first time in 10 months, Rob Neises and the E&K Motorsports and James Gang Racing crews will get a full week off without having to report to the shop. Rob Neises announced that he was giving all the staff and crew a week off with pay. Neises said, "All these people have worked hard since last December 31st when we ran the NWST 500 at Talladega. We run again January 5th. They earned and need the time off." Most crew members were estatic about a week off with pay.
Meanwhile, Rob announced that he could now reveal some of the Winter Heat plans. The E&K Motorsports Dodge will carry the number "02" to kick off the year. The sponsor will be Rob's campaign for Kansas State Representative. Associate sponsorship for the Winter Heat season will be provided by: the SCKL Railroad, Executive Security, Texaco Havoline Motor Oil, Pepsi Cola, ICEE, John Deere, Rainbows United, PediaSure, and another new associate, McDonald's. The scheme is only expected to be run at the 500, which the NWST is still keeping the location of secret. Teams have been expecting the announcement of the location, to schedule practice time, but the NWST isn't budging. The other, points races of the Winter Heat season, will run an unannouncable sponsor. Neises said the announcement should come at the 500.
Neises announced to the gathered media, that the SCKL Special will go in for overhaul and refurbishing, and expected to be ready by Speedweeks. In the interim, the E&K/JGR Special will haul the team in the Winter Series.

December 3, 2001 - Neises finishes season with two Top 5's: After getting the 2002 announcements out of the way, Neises got busy with the weekends business of racing. Friday, Rob brought the Cingular Wireless INtrepid to a fourth place finish in the make-up HCGR race at Atlanta. After qualifying in the Top 10 for Saturday's Busch make up race at Richmond, Rob was only able to muster another fourth place finish. "We led some laps, but couldn't keep the lead when it counted," said Neises. After the news conference, Neises reboarded the SCKL Special bound for Kansas. Neises reports that he's going to take a week off or so. When asked, Neises said he hoped to have more information for everyone about the NWST Winter Series.

November 29, 2001 - Neises announces 2002 plans: Yesterday, Rob Neises arrived at Richmond for the make-up race aboard the SCKL Special. Also, the E&K Special arrived in Atlanta for the make-up HCGR race. In Richmond, Neises called a news conference to talk about his plans for the 2002 season, here it is:
"Welcome, and thanks everyone for coming. The last couple of weeks all I've heard is what about 2002, until now, the ducks weren't all in a row, now that they are, here ya go. I'll tell you the plans, then I'll answer questions. I'm gonna start with the basics. I will be running a Dodge Intrepid R/T for E&K Motorsports in the NWST's N3 Busch Division. I'll run a limited schedule for E&K in the NWST's HCGR Division. I'll run approximately 3-5 races next year for GoAsher Racing in the NWST's N3 Winston Cup Division. And I'll run a 10-15 race schedule in a NASS N4 Division. Sponsorship stays the same. I'll have John Deere as my main primary, with Ron Jon Surf Shops on the car for most of the Florida and California races in the NWST Busch Division. Cricket Wireless will be on the car for my limited HCGR schedule, and ICEE will be on the car for the limited NASS N4 schedule. I don't have a word on sponsorship for the GoAsher team now, but they assure me they'll have a car ready. No decision has been made if I'll run any NWST N4 races as of now. Now for the new stuff: For the second time in three years, the number 84 will be dormant. My wife Angie may run it a couple of times, but not likely. I will be running the number "02". I am doing this to bring more awareness to my run for Kansas State Representative in 2002. Other changes will include less special sponsor schemes, and the addition of a Neises for Representative scheme at various times throughout the year, definately at the Kansas race. I've also had a few associate sponsorship changes. Gone are Coca-Cola, Similac, and Valvoline. In their place will be Pepsi, ICEE, Havoline, and of course, Neises for Representative. The SCKL Railroad, PediaSure, and Rainbows United remain from 2001."
Several questions were asked, including what will Rob do between this weekend and Speedweeks in February. Neises said he will run the NWST 500 on January 5th, and as many, if not all of the NWST Winter Heat Series. Neises would like to add another title in N3 before it ends, most likely at the end of the 2002 season. Other free time will be spent on the upcoming campaign and election. Neises said he doesn't expect to miss any races due to the election, that is why he isn't running two races every weekend as in the past. When asked, Neises said he plans on being at Speedweeks as part of his NASS N4 racing schedule.
After he had answered the questions, Rob excused himself to overlook the unloading of the SCKL Train Shop Dodge in new Christmas scheme.

November 26, 2001 - Neises ends NASS season with Top 10 at Atlanta: Rob Neises brought the SCKL Train Shop Intrepid to Atlanta for the final NASS N3 race. It was announced earlier in the week that next year NASS will only run a N4 level program. Neises qualified in the top 10, and after leading some laps, finished the race 6th, his 23d Top 10 for 2001. With the finish of the race, Neises' 2001 NASS Season ended. In 31 races, Neises had one pole, nine Top 5's, 23 Top 10's, and five DNF's. All improvements over last years performance. Sunday, Neises pulled out the SCKL Train Shop Monte Carlo he was to pilot in the NWST Cup race at Atlanta. Though he and Robert Judy both had problems, Neises dnf'd at race end for a fourth place finish. That was Rob's second Cup points race, his third of the season. Neises ends up with two Top 5's, two Top 10's, and a dnf.
Next week, Rob will run the make up races at Richmond and Atlanta to end the 2001 regular season. Rob will debut the Christmas scheme on the SCKL Train Shop Dodge in the Busch race, and the white Cricket scheme at Atlanta's HCGR race. Neises made no announcements about 2002 plans while at Atlanta.

November 19, 2001 - Neises makes it 2 in a row with victory at Lowes: The white Cricket Wireless Dodge Rob borrowed from a friend on a whim, then purchsed, again visited Victory Lane as Rob took the checkers at Lowes Motor Speedway Friday night. "I was a little suprised because the tracks were so different, but the guys really worked on the car, and we got victory number four," said Neises about Fridays HCGR race. When asked, Neises said he would probably have the team work on it on the off week in preparation for the make-up race at Atlanta on November 30th. After putting the Ron Jon Surf Shop Intrepid fourth on the grid, Neises led a couple laps on the way to a fourth place finish in Saturdays Busch race at Homestead. Hoping to improve on Saturday, Neises had put the ICEE Dodge third on the grid for Sundays race. After leading at the halfway point, the handling went away, and Neises finished seventh in the NASS Stock race also at Homestead.The race at Homestead was the final for ICEE in 2001, as the SCKL Train Shop will be on the car next week at Atlanta.
It was announced at Homestead that the NASS league would not try to make up the Loudon race, so next week at Atlanta will be the final race. Neises will end the season in fourth, his best points finish in NASS regular season. The NASS League also announced that it will not be hosting a Winter League this year. They are preparing for N4, and feel that will take all their time.
At Homestead, the NWST also had several announcements. They announced that the Richmond race would be made up on December 1st for the Busch Division. They also announced that the HCGR season will be extended an extra week as they make up the Atlanta race on November 30th. The final announcement was that the NWST 500 will be run January 5th, 2002, effectiely saying there will not be a 2001 Winter series, most likely naming it the 2002 Winter League. The track has not been determined yet, and in a twist, the league is letting its racers vote on which track they want to run. The location of the race is to be announced between the end of next weeks Atlanta race, and the 31st of December. Rob announced that he will field a car for both events. The SCKL Train Shops Christmas scheme will run at Richmond, Cricket Wireless at Atlanta.
Finally, Neises said he would be revealing his 2002 plans soon. He admitted that he had a few more loose ends to tie up before he was ready to talk about them. He did admit though, that he would definately be fielding a car for the NWST 500, and he had no plans on leaving E&K Motorsports any time soon, other than that he had no other comments on the subject. He also reminded the crowd that he would again make the jump to NWST Winston Cup at Atlanta, in a GoAsher prepared Chevy with SCKL Train Shop sponsorship.

November 12, 2001 - Neises takes the victory at Loudon, Top 5's at the Rock: Neises borrowed a car and crew, and took it to Victory Lane Friday at the NWST HCGR event at New Hampshire Speedway. "I called up a friend who provided me the car and crew, and being from the area, we had a great setup, and all those factors led to victory - and buying the car," said Neises. The car was good, so I had them ship it to Rockingham, so I could take it to Lowes and run it. Neises returned to the Rock Friday night in preparation for the weekends races. In Saturdays NWST Busch race, Neises was able to start the GATS Intrepid fourth, and after collecting the half-way bonus, finished in fourth. The teams 28th Top 5 in the 30 races. Sunday, Neises was feeling good starting in the fifth spot. After leading a good number of laps, Neises brought the GATS Dodge third across the line, his first Top 5 in NASS competition in several months. "It was a great weekend, I hope we have another great weekend as I try another triple weekend, two races at Homestead, and Friday's HCGR race at Lowes," said Neises. The White Cricket Wireless Dodge will run again Friday at Lowes, Ron Jon Surf Shop will run in the NWST Busch race on Saturday, and ICEE will make its final 2001 appearance on the JGR Intrepid.
It was announced earlier by the NWST, that the Richmond races would be made up after the Atlanta weekend, pushing the season into December. Neises said he would run the HCGR make up race at Atlanta, and the new Busch finale' at Richmond.
In other future plans news, Neises said he would run the NWST 500 this Winter, the race is scheduled for January 5th. He said the car would be prepared at the E&K Motorsports Shops for the race, but gave no other details. Neises said he would have a big news conference in the next couple weeks to talk about Winter and 2002 Season plans.

November 8, 2001 - Neises appears at Loudon, plans on racing: Rob Neises flew into Loudon without his team/hauler, but announced he'd be running Friday's NWST HCGR race. "On a whim, I decided it would be good practice, especially if we run there later in the month in NASS competition," said Neises. I called a friend up here and had the Cricket decals FedEx'd to him. He'll place them on an all white Dodge Intrepid.

November 5, 2001 - Neises adds Sears Point to Schedule: Saying it was a natural geographic decision, Rob Neises ran Friday on the road course at Sears Point before Saturday and Sundays races at Phoenix. Not announcing it, Neises sent the Cricket Dodge to Napa Valley, coming from the back of the pack to finish fourth, making it a sweep of the road courses - All Top 5's, a major improvement over past seasons. Saturday Neises qualified the Wichita State University/Executive Security Dodge fifth, finishing fourth after leading several laps, and collecting the Gatorade Half-way money. Sunday, Neises led several laps again, placing the WSU/Executive Security Intrepid seventh across the checkers.
Next week, the Great American Train Shows (GATS) will be on both the E&K Intrepid and the JGR Dodge at Rockingham.

October 29, 2001 - Good Qualifying leads to Good Racing: Rob Neises was pleased with the weekends races he told the gathered press. Last week Rob had showed anger about some peoples questioning of his performances as of late. "I knew I could show them I still had it, at 'Dega was the place," said Neises. Neises was able to qualify the James Gang Racing Halloween ICEE Intrepid inside second row, then bettered the effortin the Cricket Wireless Halloween Monte Carlo for GoAsher Racing hours later, qualifying second. It was Neises' first NWST Cup points race of 2001, and he led several laps before a slow pit stop put him in catch up mode. And a later flawless pit stop put the team across the finish line second. "It's our first race together, and we did well. Hope we can repeat at Atlanta!" said Neises. In the NASS Stock race also held Sunday, Neises was able again to lead several laps, before finishing sixth.
Neises announced that he would be running next Friday in the NWST HCGR race at Sears Point. I'll be in Arizona, so the trip won't be bad. Neises will run Wichita State University/Executive Security scheme at Phoenix, and Cricket Wireless at Sears Point. Other upcoming schemes will see the Great American Train Shows (GATS) on the E&K and JGR Intrepids at Rockingham in two weeks, Ron Jon Surf Shop on the E&K entry at Homestead, and the SCKL Train Shop on the JGR Dodge and GoAsher Chevy's in Atlanta.

October 22, 2001 - Neises shows anger at news conference: Rob Neises got a bit upset Sunday after hearing rumored comments about his performance lately. "I'll be the first to admit that I've been pretty steady with the fourths and sevenths, but I can only do so much!" said Neises I'm stuck where I am in the point standings, I'm working two jobs, plus trying to spend time with the family, kinda makes you feel like just riding around sometimes. It's not that we're giving up, but realistically, as long as I make the race, and the people ahead of me make the races, the points chase is over for us this year. This is my first year running in Busch, and really I'm suprised about my performance so far. I had a goal of winning a race, and taking a pole. I didn't know if it was realistic, but we met, and in the case of poles, exceded it. I have so far been able to say I haven't dnf'd, and hope it stays that way. "I can tell you this, next year will be a lot different." said Neises. Neises didn't elaborate on how 2002 would be different, but he announced last week he would either at the Busch final race at Homestead, or at the Atlanta Cup race.
In the weekends action, Neises started 21st at Memphis, led 19 laps, before falling to 4th place. It was the last ride for the John Deere sponsorship on the E&K Motorsports Dodge's in 2001. The last three Busch races feature special sponsorships already agreed to. No word yet if John Deere will be back for 2002. '02 is an option year, and there haven't been any indications that John Deere is unhappy with Neises. Sunday at Martinsville, Neises started 26th, and finsihed 8th, blowing his motor with a couple laps to go in a high-attrition race.
This upcoming weekend, Neises will attempt his first NWST Cup start running a Chevy Monte Carlo for GoAsher Racing. "I'm happy for this opportunity, I hope I do well for them (GoAsher) at Talladega and Atlanta," Neises said about upcoming Cup starts. Both the GoAsher Monte, and the James Gang Racing Dodge will feature special Halloween schemes this weekend at Talladega.

October 15, 2001 - Neises continues streak of Top 5's/10's: Rob Neises is basically in a holding pattern according to the press conference he held after Sundays race at Lowe's Motor Speedway. Again, for the fourth time in the last 5 BGN races Neises put the Cricket Wireless Dodge across the finish line in fourth. "We started fifth on the grid and moved up one," said Neises. I was hoping after Kansas that we had turned the corner, but we just keep knocking out fourths. In Sundays race, Neises put the ICEE Intrepid of James Gang Racing across the finish line in 8th place.
Neises was unable to make it to Fridays HCGR race at Michigan due to a death in the family.
Next week is the last split weekend, as Neises takes the E&K Motorsports Dodge to Memphis, and the James Gang Racing, ICEE Intrepid will be at Martinsville, Virginia for the Old Dominion 500. Memphis will be the last time John Deere will be on the E&K Dodge in the 2001 race season. The remaining four races will be "special" schemes and sponsors. After Memphis, the team takes a week off, then returns with Wichita State and Executive Security at Phoenix, Great American Train Shows (GATS) at Rockingham, and Ron Jon Surf Shop at the season finale' at Homestead. Between Memphis and Phoenix, Neises will run a Chevy Monte Carlo at Talladega for GoAsher Racing. He will return to GoAsher for the final(???) Cup race at Atlanta.
Neises hinted that soon he'll be making some announcements about his 2001 Winter and 2002 regular season plans. He said it'll probably be at Homestead, Atlanta at the latest.

October 8, 2001 - Neises finishes third at "home track": Rob Neises got to do something he doesn't get to do very often between January and November, spend the night in his own bed. Saturday, Neises started fourth on the grid at the new Kansas Speedway, Neises' new "home track. "The Rainbows United Kids Cove Dodge ran well from the opening of testing on Thursday," said Neises who after leading about half the race, finished third in the NWST's Busch Division debut at the 1.5 mile tri-oval. The day before, Neises debuted the colors of his new HCGR sponsor, Cricket Wireless at Memphis Motorsports Park. Neises came from the back of the pack to finish second. This after leading most of the race. "I just used up the car," Neises said.
In other news, Rob announced that he would be adding Michigan, and possibly Lowe's Motor Speedway to his race schedule. Michigan is in two weeks, Lowe's the same weekend as Atlanta. This will create three-race weekends on those weekends. In a final asponsorship note, Rob said Cricket Wireless will follow him to Talladega for his first NWST Cup race of 2001. The Chevy Monte Carlo's out of the GoAsher Racing stables will have a special Cricket/Halloween Scheme at Talladega. The other 2001 Cup race Neises will run is the season ender(????) at Atlanta where Neises brings sponsorship from the SCKL Train Shop to the Chevy's.

October 1, 2001 - Neises repeats double-Top 10's, announces sponsor for remaining HCGR Races: Rob Neises brought both the E&K Motorsports and James Gang Racing Dodge's to Dover this weekend. The results were the same as last weeks: Neises put the John Deere/American Pride Dodge 3d on the grid, and finished fourth. The ICEE/American Pride Intrepid started fourth, and finished seventh Sunday in the NASS Stock race, both races were at the one-mile Dover Downs Race track. Next week the NASS Stock team takes the week off as Neises and the E&K Motorsports team returns home to Kansas for the Inaugural race at Kansas Speedway. Neises also announced that the HCGR team will be in action Friday at Memphis Motor Speedway.
Neises also announced that he would debut a new sponsor for his Dodge Intrepids for remaining HCGR races, starting at Memphis. Cricket Wireless will sponsor the #84 Dodges. As part of the deal, the Cricket colors will be on the E&K Motorsports Intrepids when the NWST returns to Lowe's Motor Speedway in two weeks.

September 24, 2001 - Neises Celebrates 150th NWST race with win at Indy: With somber thoughts, the racing community went back to work again. Friday Neises unloaded the E&K Motorsports HCGR effort at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The race, the 150th NWST race for Neises, featured a special scheme. Neises started at the back of the 26 car pack, but was on the point by the second lap. Neises stayed in front for the entire race, taking his second HCGR victory in his 150th NWST race. The victory is the third NWST victory in 2001, the 16th career win. In Sundays postponed NASS Stock race at Richmond, Neises finished 7th after starting 9th. Next week both Neises' E&K Motorsports and James Gang Racing efforts will be in action at Dover. Sunday's NASS Stock race will be the 350th+ sim-race Rob has competed in since August, 1995.

September 15, 2001 - NASS to run Richmond a week later: After deliberating, and the announcement that NASCAR would move the Loudon race to November 23rd, the NASS Stock race scheduled for this Sunday has been postponed one week, the race will run on September 23d. Neises says he will run race in the special ICEE/American American Pride scheme on the Dodge's.
In other racing, Neises announced that he will run next weeks HCGR race at Indianapolis. The race will be the 150th NWST race for Rob. A special scheme will adorn the Intrepids for the race. The hood will have Rob's special NWST 150 logo on it, the flag and "Defender" will be on the side, and John Deere will be on the tail to make up for the canceling of the Richmond race.

September 14, 2001 - NWST cancels weekends races, NASS to run at Richmond: With the tragedy still fresh in everyones mind, and with a call from the White House, the NWST decided to cancel this weeks Busch race at Richmond. That will give Neises' Busch team two weeks off. In two weeks the Busch team will be back in action at Dover. No word on if the NWST will run a HCGR race next week. The NWST and NASS Series will postpone running at Loudon. It has been tentatively moved to November 23d for Nascar, the 30th for the NWST and NASS Series.
In scheme news, Rob ran an ICEE/American Pride scheme in the NASS race at Richmond. Rob will run a special 150th race scheme whenever the NWST sees action again.

ICEE/American Pride Dodge Intrepid

September 13, 2001 - Nation in horror, Neises changes scheme for Richmond: Rob Neises held an impromptu news conference today from the SCKL Special. The Special had just been given permission to leave Kansas for Virginia. "We were asked not to leave after Tuesdays attacks, so we stayed, and the crew came up with a special scheme to honor those who died or were hurt in the terrorist attacks on New York and DC," said Neises. After John Deere agreed, we painted it. The car is black in the front and roof. The back is painted like a waving American flag. A similar car was painted for the NASS Stock team with ICEE on the hood.
In other news, E&K Motorsports drivers have decided in honor of the New York and DC victims, the team will take provisionals and start in the back, with the pole being left open, in a missing man type formation. Neises said, "E&K drivers are not qualifying, I hope the others in Busch don't, or it could be a real long race!"

September 10, 2001 - Neises runs in Top 5: It was another pair of Top 5's for Rob Neises this weekend. Neises finished fourth in both the NASS and NWST races at Darlington, and a dismal 7th in the HCGR race at Watkins Glen. "I wasn't planning on running at the Glen, but when we did the final calculations, and knowing my schedule was busier next week, the only way for my 150th NWST race to be at Richmond, was to run at Watkins Glen," Neises said. The finishes keep Neises in 3rd in the NWST Busch Division, and 4th in the NASS Stock. "We're kinda stuck where we are, unless someone misses a race, this is where I'll finish most likely," Neises also said.
Neises said he plans on running a special scheme next week at Richmond. It will be underpainted in the original John Deere scheme, but will have the NWST logo and "150" on the hood.

September 6, 2001 - Neises changes mind, will run the Glen, 150th NWST race at Richmond: Rob Neises announced today that he was dispatching the E&K Special up to Watkins Glen with this weeks entry into the HCGR race at Watkins Glen. "Scheduling demanded we run this race to meet the goal of hitting 150 at Richmond in two weeks," said Neises. The E&K Intrepid will again be unsponsored as Neises hopes to find one for any remaining HCGR races he runs.
Rob decided to run this week at the Glen because he wanted to run his 150th NWST race next week at Richmond. Neises said, "The first NASS race I was scored in was Richmond in 1995, my first ever win, in the PNRC league, came at Richmond in the 1995-96 season. It makes it a special track to me." Neises said a special scheme will adorn the E&K Motorsports Intrepid for the special milestone.
In other paint scheme news, Rob announced that the original John Deere scheme from the first half of the season will return at the upcoming Dover Downs race. It is expected to stay on the car most of the remainder of the 2001 season.

September 3, 2001 - Neises gets first HCGR victory: Friday was the beginning of a good weekend for Rob Neises and his E&K and JGR Race Teams. Friday, Rob brought his unsponsored Dodge Intrepid from the back of the pack to victory in the night HCGR race. Saturday, Neises took the John Deere Dodge from his fourth starting position to a third place finish. Saturday night, Neises started the ICEE Intrepid third on the grid, at after leading most of the laps, slipped to a fourth place finish, making a all-Top 5 finishing weekend. "This would have to be one of my best overall weekends, so far," said Neises.
Neises was non-committal about whether the win would change his position about when he would run the HCGR race at the Glen on Friday. He did say he hoped the win might get him some sponsorship for the HCGR limited remaining schedule.

August 27, 2001 - Neises talks about the remainder of 2001, and busy weekends: Again, three races, two states, a country apart. Its taking a toll on Rob Neises was the theme of his post race news conference Sunday. "By Sunday, I'm wore out, all the traveling, never sleeping, it gets old!" said Neises Sunday. Friday the weekends races started with the 5th HCGR race at Texas. Neises took his unsponsored Dodge Intrepid to Texas hoping to improve on last weeks 8th place finsish. And being fresh, he came from the back of the pack and finished third. He flew to Michigan that night for the weekends races at MIS. Saturday, Neises climbed into the John Deere Dodge, and was able to maintain status quo, as he finished where he started - fourth. "It was a good ride, the guys are giving me good cars, I'm just not doing anything with them. I wish we'd go back to the original John Deere scheme, its weird, but I feel I did better," was what Rob said about Saturday, showing more signs of fatigue and superstitiousness. "By Sunday, I was along for the ride," said Neises. I don't remember too much of the race, was too busy trying to stay awake. But we at least brought the ICEE Intrepid to an 8th place finish.
Due to Rob feeling some early burnout signs, he told the assembled press the he plans on cutting down the remainder of 2001. "I was only going to run full time in the NWST, and 15 races in NASS, but I become a slave to success," Neises said. I could of walked away from NASS at Daytona like I planned, but when you're in fourth, and still have a chance to move up, its hard to walk away. And in a moment of weekness, I tried the NWST's HCGR on an off-weekend, and I was so upset about the first finish, its hard to quit. "I have decided, that I will not run anymore HCGR races unless they are at the same track my primary team is at, like this upcoming week, where everyone's at Bristol, or one of the other series is not running." Neises said about cutting back his race schedule. When asked why the HCGR effort cutback, Neises said that the car is sponsorless, and he's not in the title hunt in that division.
Then, in what sounded like a direct contradiction to his previous statements, Neises announced the he has signed on for a second race in 2001 with GoAsher Racing. He will run in the NWST Cup division at Talladega when the Busch league takes that weekend off. Neises didn't know who would sponsor the Chevy, other than to say the SCKL wouldn't. When asked, Neises didn't rule out running 4 or 5 races next year when the Busch team has off.
Finally, before retiring to the team train, Neises announced that he would run the HCGR race at Bristol next week in an unsponsored Dodge.

August 20, 2001 - Neises continues Top 5's on roadcourses: With the NWST Busch taking a week off, Neises hoped he'd get more time to practice. And he used it to work on his road course skills. It paid off, Rob brought the ICEE Dodge to a fourth place finish, making him three for three in road course Top 5's in 2001. But before he hit the corners in upstate New York, Neises took the John Deere Intrepid to Talladega for the fourth HCGR race. Neises finished 9th, a tie for worse finish in the new series. "I lost the draft, and it was a struggle from there," said Neises about the HCGR finish.
Next week, a sponsorless Intrepid will run the fifth HCGR race at Texas. The SCKL Railroad, Kansas State University, Executive Security, and John Deere have sponsored the HCGR effort to date as bonuses to their existing sponsorships. Neises said he hopes to acquire sponsorship for the HCGR cars to run the rest of the season, but admits it'll be tough with the no weekends scheduled off for the remainder of 2001.

August 13, 2001 - Neises has busy weekend: Rob Neises set a blistering pace, racing three events at three different tracks, in two states this weekend. It didn't effect his NWST efforts, with a 3d place Friday at Darlington in the third HCGR race, followed by a fourth place finish at Indianapolis Raceway Park on Saturday. "I was glad to get my first Top 5 in the HCGR, but missing that first race takes me out of any hopes of contending for the Championship," Neises said about the third at Darlington. After the fourth place finish at IRP, Neises told the crowd the SCKL Special was heading to Alabama for the fourth HCGR race in Talladega next week.
Sunday, Neises continued his streak of Top 10's, but couldn't capture a Top 5. "We were in the Top 5 most of the day, but the car went away and I was able to hold on for a seventh," Neises said about Sundays effort at Indianapolis. After loading up, the JGR Special headed back up to upstate New York for next weeks NASS Stock race at Watkins Glen.
Both the NASS and NWST Busch teams will be together the following week at Michigan, while the E&K/JGR Special will take the NWST equipment to Texas Motor Speedway.

August 6, 2001 - Neises endures handling problems at Pikes Peak: "I don't know what's going on, but my wheel was junk!" That is how E&K Motorsports driver Rob Neises described the severe handling/steering problems he encountered Saturday at Pikes Peak. The SCKL Intrepid was forced to start at the back of the field due to a configuration problem with the application. We worked our way up, but it was like running thru a Rockie Mountain pass on the track. I was all over the place. They somehow kept the Dodge off the wall long enough to come home a distant fourth.
Previously, on Friday, Neises took the SCKL Dodge through its paces at Rockingham, in his first race in the NWST's new HCGR Division. Its the second week of competition, and the same config error that hurt Rob at Colorado came up again. Putting Neises in 9th place in the race, and 10th in the points standings after two races. Neises said he expects to get a car ready for the third race at Darlington.
In other news, Neises announced a new scheme will be on the John Deere Intrepid at Michigan.

July 30, 2001 - Neises remains in Championship Chase: It was back to dual location racing for Rob Neises this past weekend. And that, combined with handling problems, meant Neises' string of Top 5's ended in NASS. Saturday, Neises and the E&K Motorsports Team went to Gateway near St Louis. Neises finished third at the 1.25 mile oval. "We did the best we could, towards the end the heat began to take its toll a little," said Neises, talking about the effects of the 100+ degree temps. After getting some fluids, Neises hoped a jet with Kevin Harvick and headed for Loudon. At Loudon on Sunday, Neises debuted the new white ICEE scheme. The James Gang Racing Intrepid was doing well, leading several laps before the handling went away and all Rob could do was hang on. Crossing the line in 7th place.
After Saturday's races, the SCKL Special headed west. Next week the NWST Busch division will run at Pikes Peak.
At the end, Neises announced that a special Kansas State Wildcat/Executive Security scheme will be on both Intrepids in two weeks at Indianapolis/IRP. Finally, Neises announced that next week he would try to compete in the second HCGR race at Rockingham. The James Gang Racing Special headed south from Loudon to Rockingham to set up the car.

July 23, 2001 - E&K Motorsports announces new scheme for John Deere Intrepid at Chicagoland: The Dodge Intrepids of E&K Motorsports debuted a new scheme on the John Deere Dodge for the Innaugural race at Chicagoland Raceway in Jolliet, Illinois. Unfortunately, the combination of new track and scheme didn't bode well for Neises. After qualifying fourth, it was pretty much downhill. When all was said and done, Neises limped the John Deere Intrepid across the finish line in fourth place. "I'm kinda superstitious, and I feel a change in scheme coming again if we loose points again like we did yesterday," said Neises. Already planned for later in the season is a John Deere construction scheme. We'll head across the river for next weeks race at Gateway in St Louis. Next week could be tough. We debut the new ICEE scheme at Loudon then Gateway for the NWST Busch race.

July 16, 2001 - Neises Adds to Top 5 Finishes: Rob Neises picked back up his busy schedule as he followed Kevin Harvick along the East Coast this weekend. Saturday night, Neises put the Ron Jon Surf Shop Intrepid 3d on the grid. In the Florida night sky, the flash bulbs popped as the NASS Stock took to Daytona International for the Pepsi 400. By the time the night was over, Neises ended fourth across the line at the checkers. Bettering his 7th place finish in February. Neises hopped a jet to Upstate New York as the James Gang Racing Team packed up the JGR Special. With the break next week, the Special will go back to Kansas and get ready for the race the following week at Loudon.
Upon arriving at the Glen, Neises took the John Deere Dodge from way back in the pack to a second place finish in the only Busch road course race of 2001. Afterwards, Neises took some time to talk to the media there about the announcements he had made earlier in the week at Daytona. He's planning on continuing the double series racing throughout 2001 anyways. Originally he'd only planned on running 15 races, but sitting in fourth place in NASS Stock points, and still able to move up, he wants to try to best his best regular NASS Stock finishing place of fifth. And he has to run to hold on to fourth, or try to move up. On the Atlanta NWST race he also elaborated. "The Busch season is over at Homestead, I'm planning on being at Atlanta for the NASS race, I got the offer - I accepted," Neises said about the one-race deal with GoAsher Racing at Atlanta in November. They run Monte Carlos, so I'll get my first seat time in a new Monte Carlo. The last time I was in a Chevy was in 1998 in Nascar 1.

July 12, 2001 - JGR Special Arrives in Daytona, Neises holds news conference: The JGR Special arrived in Daytona as the SCKL Special was pulling into Upstate New York. Neises flew into Daytona International Airport, and went directly to the track. A couple hours later, Neises faced the media. After welcoming them, Rob said he wanted to do this here because this is the team it effects. Rob Neises announced that ICEE drinks has agreed to continue sponsoring the James Gang Racing Intrepid for 10 races after Watkins Glen, in effect sponsoring the team for the entire season. The remaining 3 races Neises said he already had sponsorship lined up for. He also introduced the new paint scheme that will adorn the Intrepid's after Daytona.
In Neises'second big announcement, he announced he has signed a one-race deal with GoAsher Racing to run the final NWST Winston Cup race at Atlanta in November. GoAsher Racing is a newly formed team that has asked Rob to run open week NWST Cup races in 2002. Neises made it clear though that nothing has been signed for 2002 because the E&K Motorsports ride is his number one priority. When asked, Rob said he would be bringing along sponsorship for Atlanta. The SCKL Train Shop will sponsor the 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo. After answering a few other questions, Neises headed out to the hauler to get ready for this weeks race.

July 9, 2001 - Neises claims first victory of 2001: Rob Neises said earlier that if he was going to get a win, the best chance would be on a single race weekend. One where only one series was active. But two weeks ago, Neises said he wasn't expecting a whole lot from the last two weeks, trips to Sears Point and the Milwaukee Mile. Last week Neises took third at Sears Point.
The E&K Motorsports team unloaded the SCKL Special at Milwaukee with Neises' only hope - to do better then his only previous trip - a DNF in an Indy car 5 years ago. "The John Deere Dodge was fast right off the truck," said Neises. The quickness translated into Neises' second straight Busch pole, with a 116+ lap around the flat one-mile oval. The team was suprised, and began working on a good race setup. And 100 laps later, and with Neises leading the most laps, the E&K Motorsports/John Deere Intrepid found itself in Victory Lane for the first time in 2001. The team went ecstatic! "I said this was our best chance at a single race weekend, but I didn't think it would happen at Milwaukee," said Neises in a post-race interview. Next week its back to the multi-race weekend, as Neises will travel with Kevin Harvick as the two run at Watkins Glen in the Busch race, then Daytona, where Rob will run a special Ron Jon Surf Shop scheme on the James Gang Racing Intrepids.
Neises told everyone that next week he should have a couple of big announcements. One is expected to be finding out what Neises will do about sponsorship, or if the James Gang Racing team will fold after the NASS Stock race at Watkins Glen in August.

July 2, 2001 - Another Top 5 for JGR Effort: Rob Neises again used the extra practice time afforded him by only having one race this weekend, and had a better than expected finish. Neises, who qualified mediocre at best, turned it on in the race, putting the Ron Jon Surf Shop Intrepid 3d by races end. Neises, running in front of family friends from the West Coast was happy about his first road course race of the year. He still has two to go, in two weeks, the E&K Motorsports/NWST Busch team will head to Watkins Glen, then will return there in August with the NASS Stock/James Gang Racing team. The third place finish gave Rob 4 Top 5's and 7 Top 10's, with four of them coming in the last 5 races.
In sponsorship news, Neises drove a Ron Jon Surf Shop painted car this weekend, a final payback for the canceling of the NWST Speedweeks in February. A special one-race sponsorship was agreed to with Ron Jon's for the NASS Stock return to Daytona in three weeks. No word on what will happen to the James Gang Racing effort in NASS Stock after Watkins Glen in August, but Neises said an announcement on what may happen after the Glen should be made either at Daytona or Chicagoland. Neises has three options, get ICEE to sign on for the rest of 2001, find new sponsorship, or fold up. The last one not likely with Neises in fourth place in NASS Stock points. In the past, Neises has ran SCKL Railroad sponsorship on his cars. Neises is the President of the SCKL Railroad.

June 25, 2001 - Neises takes advantage of single race again: Rob Neises again took advantage of a single race weekend. Saturday Neises took the John Deere Intrepid to Kentucky, a track he had never raced at before. Friday he put his Dodge on the pole, his first E&K/NWST Busch Pole. After leading 12 laps, Neises finished fourth, remaining in 3d place in the BGN standings, 41 points ahead of fourth place.
Neises hopes that the next couple of weeks, again single race weeks will help him in the points. This week the JGR team hits the road course at Sears Point in the NASS Stock league. The following week, the NWST E&K Motorsports team will make Rob's first visit to the Milwaukee Mile. Neises told the media, "The next two races will be tough, I'm not a very good road course driver, and I've never raced at the Milwaukee Mile in a stock car." Neises' only visit to the Mile was four years ago in a CICC Indy car race. He DNF'd that race.
Finally, Neises said he was about ready to announce second half plans for the JGR/NASS Stock effort. With special one race sponsors, the current deal with ICEE is to expire after the Watkins Glen race in August. Neises said he would announce those plans at either Daytona or Chicagoland Speedway.

June 18, 2001 - Single race brings results for James Gang Racing team: Rob Neises told the media gathered outside the James Gang Racing/ICEE hauler that he feels a win is possible in 2001. He made this comment after taking the ICEE Dodge to a second place finish at Michigan International Speedway. The second place, his best of 2001, was the teams third straight Top 5 finish in a row, and moved the team into fourth place in the NASS Stock points, 480+ behind the points leader. Neises believed the week off in the NWST contributed to the finish. "I wasn't as rushed, and I got more practice in the one car." The NWST team will be at Kentucky, while the NASS Stock Intrepids will be idle.

June 11, 2001 - Neises makes it two in a row: Rob Neises had another great weekend. For the second time in as many weeks, Neises posted Top 5's in both of the weekend races. Saturday he put the John Deere Intrepid in fourth place after leading several laps. On Sunday Neises put the ICEE Dodge on the Pole, finishing in fourth after leading over half the laps.
Next week the NWST Busch team takes the week off as the JGR NASS Stock, ICEE team heads to Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Michigan that is. In two weeks, the E&K Motorsports/NWST team will be at Kentucky, while the NASS Stock Intrepids will take the week off.

June 4, 2001 - Twin Top 5's for Neises at Lowe's Motor Speedway: Rob Neises debuted PediaSure and Similac Intrepids at the longest race of the year - The 300 and 600's at Lowe's. Saturday, Neises took the PediaSure Dodge to a fourth place finish. The 12th Top 5 in 14 races put Rob in third place in the NWST Busch points. Sunday Rob debuted the sister sponsor to PediaSure, Similac on the NASS Stock Intrepid. Neises, whose previous best finish going into Charlotte was a 6th, took the Similac Dodge to the front of the pack, leading several laps before the car went away. Neises finished fourth, his first Top 5 of the 2001 Stock Season. The fourth place finish moved Neises into 5th place in the NASS Stock season points.
Next week the John Deere and ICEE colors will return to the E&K Motorsports/James Gang Racing Dodge's.

May 28, 2001 - Neises has good weekend at Nazareth/Charlotte: A very exhausted, happy Rob Neises stepped out of the "Its A Girl" Dodge Sunday after finishing fourth in his first NASS Stock Winston Select. Exhaustion due to a three race-two city weekend. Saturday afternoon, Rob Neises put his 2001 Intrepid to third at the NWST Busch race at Nazareth, Rob's first trip there. He hopped a plane and helicopter to arrive at Charlotte to run in the NWST Winston Open. Neises needed to place third or better to move into the Winston. He did, then took the "Its A Girl" Dodge to a fourth place finish.
After getting some oxygen, and some Coca-Cola, he talked to reporters. He announced that PediaSure/Similac would be on both Intrepids for this weeks races at Lowe's Motor Speedway. John Deere and ICEE will return to Neises' car the following week at Dover.

May 22, 2001 - Neises set to run first NASS Winston Select and NWST Winston Open: Rob Neises arrived at Charlotte on the SCKL Special, while the E&K Special arrived in Nazareth. Neises will run the "Its A Girl" scheme at all three races.
Neises will run his first ever NASS Select, he qualified by winning Bristol and Indy in the Winter Series. Neises will attempt to make the NWST Winston Select. To do so, Neises will have to pilot his Dodge Intrepid to at least a third place finish in the Winston Open.

May 20, 2001 - Neises runs special "Baby" scheme at Loudon: Rob Neises, complete with a new buzz haircut and a New Dad pin arrived in Loudon Wednesday night after bringing his wife and new arrival - Kaitlyn Mary Neises home. Kaitie and Mommy were doing fine when Rob spoke to them upon arrival at Loudon. The E&K Motorsports Team had already unloaded the teams 2001 Dodge Intrepid R/T, in the "Its A Girl" scheme. The pink and white Intrepid was pretty good out of the truck. Neises put the Dodge fourth on the grid. In Saturday's NWST Busch race, Neises brought the "Its A Girl" Intrepid to a 3d place finish.
In special scheme news, Rob announced that he would stick with the "Its A Girl" scheme for the NWST Busch race at Nazareth, and both the NWST and NASS Winston races. This will be the first, and probably only triple race weekend Neises will run this year. The team was going to run the Go Shox scheme for the Coke 600, but with the WSU Shockers not making the post-season for the first time in 10 years, the university decided to save the sponsorship till basketball. No word on what scheme Neises will run.

May 13, 2001 - Neises finishes Richmond then flies to Kansas: Rob Neises was in a rush to catch the plane back to Kansas as a new addition to the family was forthcoming. And all the time he spent with his wife showed as he didn't get to practice much. In Saturdays Busch race Rob piloted the John Deere Intrepid to a fifth place finish. In Sundays NASS Stock race, Rob, tired from the constant traveling. was only able to eek out a 14th place finish, 2 laps off the pace.
After the race he quickly jumped into a helicopter, to the waiting jet to Kansas. Neises made it back to take his wife Angie to the hospital for the birth of their second child.

May 8, 2001 - Tale of Ups and Downs for Neises: Rob Neises has been so busy lately, that he hasn't had a post-race weekend conference, or released a weekly press release in several weeks. The reason, a new child is expected soon in the Neises house. May 14th is the scheduled date, and Rob hopes the family's addition waits till then.
So here's a breakdown of the last three weeks. At the Nashville Superspeedway three weeks ago, Rob piloted his John Deere Intrepid to a fourth place finish. Last week, he brought both cars, decked out in black to protest NASCAR's apathy towards safety at the big speedways. In the NWST race, Neises took his John Deere Dodge to a third place finish, in the ICEE Intrepid in the NASS Stock race, Rob finished 12th, his 6th finish outside the top 10 in 9 races. This week, the E&K/JGR teams went west to Rob's home state of California. There Rob piloted the Ron Jon Surf Shop Intrepids in both series, carrying the aqua wave scheme. In the NWST race at Fontana, Neises again finished third. In the NASS Stock race, Rob was involved in a major crash with 18 to go, destroying the Ron John Dodge. The 17th place finish was Rob's first DNF in the 2001 season.
This week Rob will return to the regular John Deere and ICEE schemes as he tries to tackle Richmond International for a doubleheader weekend.
Rob announced that he would run a special scheme at both the Winston, the Coke 600, and probably the NWST Busch race at Loudon. At Loudon and the Winston, Neises plans on running a "Baby" car, welcoming his new girl? into the world. At the Coke 600 races at Charlotte, Neises said the "Go Shox" Wichita State scheme will be on the car as the Shocker baseball team will be in the post-season hunt again.

April 16, 2001 - Team falters in battles, making progress in the war: That was the analogy Rob Neises used after his 12th place finish at Martinsville, his second straight finish out of the Top 10. But the team has moved up in the season standings from 10th a couple weeks back to 7th after yesterday. Though the NWST Busch team had the weekend off, in the last week at Texas, a fourth place moved the E&K Motorsports team into 4th in the season standings.
This week, the NASS Stock team will take the week off as the NWST team hits the new Nashville Superspeedway. Next week both teams will be in action at Talladega.
Finally, after yesterdays 12th, and the 7th place season place, Neises announced that if a sponsor can be found to pick up the tab, the NASS Stock team will run the whole season. The team currently has 6 races left on the ICEE sponsorship of the James Gang Racing Dodge Intrepid.

April 2, 2001 - Consistency beginning to return: Rob Neises has finally regained something he felt the teams had lost in 2001 - Consistency. After jumping all over the grid on finishes, Neises has two Top 10's in the last three races in the NASS Stock Division, and back to back Top 5's in the NWST BGN Division. This came after Neises' second 3d place finish in the Busch race at Bristol for his E&K Motorsports Dodge, and a 10th for the JGR ICEE Intrepid this weekend at Bristol. Neises was happy with both finishes, "The number 84 John Deere Dodge is running well, we just need to crack a pole or victory, and the ICEE Intrepid is starting to click off the Top 10's, its progressing, we're getting more consistancy." After the post race, Neises and the SCKL Special left Thunder Valley for next weeks races at Texas, another track Neises hopes will do good for the team.

March 26, 2001 - Second Top 5 for Neises at the Track to Tough to Tame: After qualifying well, Rob Neises was able to do well at the Lady in Black - Darlington. Taking the John Deere Intrepid to a third place finish. Sunday in the NASS Stock, Rob finished just outside the Top 5, finishing 6th in the ICEE Dodge Intrepid R/T.
Neises dubuted the new purple and flamed scheme on the Dodge ICEE, as well as the green and yellow John Deere scheme. Neises plans on running the two schemes most of the 2001 season.

March 19, 2001 - Neises does well at Atlanta: Rob Neises brought back out the Earnhardt Tribute schemes for both the John Deere and ICEE Dodge's as he brought the SCKL to Hampton, Georgia for the Cracker Barrel races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. In NWST BGN racing, Neises took the John Deere Intrepid to a fourth place finish, his second top 5 this season. In the NASS Stock race, Neises finished sixth. The finish put Rob in 9th in NASS Stock season points.
Finally, Neises announced that the regular John Deere and ICEE Schemes would debut next week at Darlington.

March 12, 2001 - Neises has mixed weekend at Vegas: Rob Neises said this weekend got mixed reviews to him. In Saturday's NWST BGN race, Rob finished 6th, putting him 6th place in season points. In Sundays NASS Stock race, Neises finished 11th in the Executive Security Intrepid. This is Neises' 2d finish outside the Top 10 in three races. He currently sits in 11th place in season points.
Neises announced that the Intimidator tribute schemes will run on both the ICEE and John Deere Dodges next week at Atlanta. He said the regular ICEE and John Deere schemes will adorn his Intrepids starting at Darlington in two weeks.

March 7, 2001 - SCKL Special Arrives in Vegas: The SCKL Special arrived at Las Vegas after a rough weekend at the Rock, the first NWST BGN race of the season. Neises took the Earnhardt Tribute/John Deere Dodge to a seventh place finish after leading 47 laps. In the NASS Stock race, Neises piloted the Earnhardt Tribute/ICEE Intrepid to a 17th place finish, finishing 4 laps off the pace after leading 24. The 17th at the Rock, combined with a 7th at Daytona, puts Rob in 11th, 4 points out of 10th in NASS Stock Points. Rob is currently in 6th in NWST BGN points.
In Vegas news, Neises announced upon arrival that he would be running a special Executive Security scheme on the Intrepids in both the NWST BGN and NASS Stock races this weekend.

February 18, 2001 - NWST Cancels Speedweeks 2001: With the tragic loss of Dale Earnhardt, the NWST wisely chose to cancel Speedweeks 2001, with plans to reschedule later in the season. Neises agreed with the decision, but stated he would run at NASS Speedweeks. "With all the recent passings, Dale had always said that the race should go on, and so in memory of him, I will run at Daytona in the NASS Stock race," Neises said.
In related news, Neises announced that the John Deere Dodge would run a special tribute to Dale at the NWST BGN races at Rockingham, Vegas, and Atlanta. The ICEE Dodge's would also run a special tribute to the Intimidator in the NASS Stock races at the same tracks.

February 9, 2001 - SCKL Special leaves for Daytona/Speedweeks: Rob Neises and the SCKL Special made a special stop at the Great Plains Transportation Museum in Wichita before the team headed off for Florida and Speedweeks 2001. The Special, a 10 car consist lead by a white, gray, yellow and brown FP45, will again transport E&K Motorsports/James Gang Racing driver Rob Neises throughout the 2001 race season.
While there, Neises held a news conference for the assembled media. He first talked about his E&K Motorsports gig. Rob announced that in 2001 he would run for Rookie of the Year in the NWST's BGN Division, and his number again will be 84. He would be the only E&K member to run the 2001 Dodge Intrepid R/T, sort of a guinea pig for others on the team. The sponsorship for the season has also been mapped out. During Speedweeks, Neises said he would run two Ron Jon Surf Shops schemes. A special scheme for the Budweiser Shootout, and then the primary scheme at the actual race. That scheme will also run on the car at Daytona in July, California and Sears Point, and finally at Homestead in November. For 20 races, the Intrepid's will carry sponsorship from John Deere. The remainder of the races will be special schemes and sponsorships, including a Rainbows United scheme at Kansas Speedway. Associate sponsorship will be provided by the SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, Coca-Cola, PediaSure and Rainbows United. Rob said he would be part of a 4 person team E&K will run in the Busch Division, a team that plans on taking the BGN Team Championship come November.
Then Rob talked about the contents of the second Transport Hauler car. It houses the Intrepids Rob plans on running a limited schedule with in the NASS Stock division. The sponsor for up to 18 races is ICEE drinks, made popular at Walmart and Kmart's across the US. Associate sponsors on the James Gang Racing prepared Dodges are: SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, Coca-Cola, PediaSure and Rainbows United. For Speedweeks in the NASS races, the number 84 ICEE Dodge will be white with the ice blue flames on front, and the ICEE Bear on the hood.
Neises explained his primary goal is to do the best he can in the E&K Motorsports prepared Dodges in the NWST BGN. The James Gang Racing prepared cars will only be run when extra time is available, and when the NASS Stock race is at the same track as the NWST BGN team. He said he wasn't planning any multi-location race weekends this season. "James Gang Racing isn't dead, but until I can recruit a few drivers to run with us, it will just prepare cars for my limited NASS Schedule, and any other possible side gigs. But only if the other gigs don't interfere with the NWST gig." After Neises signed several autographs, he got into the coach car on the Special, and it left Wichita, with a final destination of Daytona, Florida.

February 5, 2001 - Winter Season Report: After Saturdays final NWST Winter Series race at Texas, Rob Neises held a wrap-up press conference about the Winter Season. Neises had just finished what would be his worse NWST race since 1998. Rob finished 11th, his first NWST non-Top-10 finish since he went full-time in 1998. With two 10's and an 11th, Rob fell from a tie for first, to 5th place. The Texas race was also Rob's first NWST DNF since the 1998 season.
In happier news, Rob talked about his second place finish in the final NASS Stock points this winter. "The two wins were really a motivator, it put us in the NASS Winston come May," Neises told the crowd. Neises is still only planning on running between 10 and 15 races in NASS Stock, with sponsorship from ICEE drinks.
After answering a few questions, Neises got on the loaded SCKL Special heading for Wichita and a quick rest before the team went to Daytona for Speedweeks.

February 9, 2001 - SCKL Special leaves for Daytona/Speedweeks: Rob Neises and the SCKL Special made a special stop at the Great Plains Transportation Museum in Wichita before the team headed off for Florida and Speedweeks 2001. The Special, a 10 car consist lead by a white, gray, yellow and brown FP45, will again transport E&K Motorsports/James Gang Racing driver Rob Neises throughout the 2001 race season.
While there, Neises held a news conference for the assembled media. He first talked about his E&K Motorsports gig. Rob announced that in 2001 he would run for Rookie of the Year in the NWST's BGN Division, and his number again will be 84. He would be the only E&K member to run the 2001 Dodge Intrepid R/T, sort of a guinea pig for others on the team. The sponsorship for the season has also been mapped out. During Speedweeks, Neises said he would run two Ron Jon Surf Shops schemes. A special scheme for the Budweiser Shootout, and then the primary scheme at the actual race. That scheme will also run on the car at Daytona in July, California and Sears Point, and finally at Homestead in November. For 20 races, the Intrepid's will carry sponsorship from John Deere. The remainder of the races will be special schemes and sponsorships, including a Rainbows United scheme at Kansas Speedway. Associate sponsorship will be provided by the SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, Coca-Cola, PediaSure and Rainbows United. Rob said he would be part of a 4 person team E&K will run in the Busch Division, a team that plans on taking the BGN Team Championship come November.
Then Rob talked about the contents of the second Transport Hauler car. It houses the Intrepids Rob plans on running a limited schedule with in the NASS Stock division. The sponsor for up to 18 races is ICEE drinks, made popular at Walmart and Kmart's across the US. Associate sponsors on the James Gang Racing prepared Dodges are: SCKL Railroad, Valvoline, Coca-Cola, PediaSure and Rainbows United. For Speedweeks in the NASS races, the number 84 ICEE Dodge will be white with the ice blue flames on front, and the ICEE Bear on the hood.
Neises explained his primary goal is to do the best he can in the E&K Motorsports prepared Dodges in the NWST BGN. The James Gang Racing prepared cars will only be run when extra time is available, and when the NASS Stock race is at the same track as the NWST BGN team. He said he wasn't planning any multi-location race weekends this season. "James Gang Racing isn't dead, but until I can recruit a few drivers to run with us, it will just prepare cars for my limited NASS Schedule, and any other possible side gigs. But only if the other gigs don't interfere with the NWST gig." After Neises signed several autographs, he got into the coach car on the Special, and it left Wichita, with a final destination of Daytona, Florida.

January 26, 2001 - Neises breaks through in NASS: Rob Neises took his second straight NASS Stock victory in the NASS' Winter Series. With the two victories, Bristol and Indianapolis, Rob is in second place in the Winter points, 55 points down with only Richmond left in the schedule.
In NWST Winter action, Rob was in a three-way tie for first after his second place finish at Bristol, he followed it up with a fourth at Watkins Glen. Neises slipped to fourth after a disapointing 10th place finish at Michigan last week. With two races left, Nashville and Texas, Neises hopes to finish strong.
As Neises supervised the unloading of the SCKL Special at Nashville, the JGR Special was unloading at Richmond. He plans on jetting between the two tracks for the weekend races.
Finally, in sponsorship news, Rob announced that he had secured a sponsor for the limited schedule he plans on running in the NASS Stock league in 2001. ICEE drinks, a favorite whipped air and ice drink, long a mainstay at KMart and Wal-Mart snack bars, will be on the 2001 Intrepids. Though Rob didn't close the door on possibly running the full NASS Schedule, he said another sponsor and some free time would have to become available. He didn't see that happening with Rob's second child due in Mid-May. The sponsorship is for up to 15 races, with one of those being the final NWST Winter race at Texas next week.

December 29, 2000 - Neises arrives at Talladega: Rob Neises held a conference upon arrival of the SCKL Special at Talladega. The NWST 500 will kick off the NWST Winter Heat Series for 2000. He announced that he would be running a JGR commemorative scheme the remainder of the NWST Winter Series after the 500. The car was a concept car he designed in 1992 when he was having a team painting done. The car is painted like Dale Earnhardt, Sr's number 3, which Rob said he found funny since he never has been a Sr fan. The number is 84, with JGR logo on the rear and quarter panels. NWST Champion will adorn the hood. Neises said he would run this scheme in honor to James Gang Racing, the team he founded, and is going into limited schedule racing with his move to E&K Motorsports in 2001. Rob also announced that the Dodge Motorsports would sponsor the JGR Intrepid in the remaining NASS Winter races.

December 17, 2000 - Neises finishes 6th at Memphis: Rob Neises piloted the number 84 Coca-Cola Dodge Intrepid to a sixth place finish in the first NASS Winter Sereies race at Memphis. Rob said he was happy even though he diddn't lead a lap, it was an improvement over the 9th place finish a month earlier. He said that Coke would be on the car only at Memphis. The sponsorship was to meet a prior commitment made during the REAL Challenge series. No sponsor for future NASS Winter races was announced.
While Neises had the press congregated, he anounced that he would be running a Millennium Special/NWST Champion scheme as opposed to NWST Champion/SCKL Train Shop as previous announced. No sponsor was announced for future NWST Winter races.

December 2, 2000 - Neises announces Winter Heat participation: Rob Neises announced upon arrival at the Glen that he would be running in two weeks at Memphis. Memphis is the first race of the NASS Winter Series, and Rob said he would be piloting a number 84 Coca-Cola Intrepid there.
In other Winter news, he announced that the 00 Intrepid to be entered in the NWST 500 at Talladega would be self-sponsored. NWST Champion/SCKL Train Shop Christmas scheme will be on the car at the December 31st race.
Neises said that he would enter Winter Series races depending on his schedule.
Neises also announced that he plans on running a Dodge Intrepid under the E&K Motorsports banner in the NWST Busch Division in 2001.

November 26, 2000 - Rob Neises 2000 NWST ARCA Champion: Rob Neises was totally drained and it showed at the Sunday news conference he had after completing the NASS Legends race. Neises, who's second early Saturday in the NWST ARCA race gave him the 2000 NWST ARCA title by 3 points over Mike Smith. Rob also ran in the Winston Cup in the Cowley County Community College Dodge, the debut of the car, but he wasn't scored due to a NWST rule that was missed until post race. He was happy about the car though, he had a 5th place finish taken away.
Sunday, he ended the season, and the double-double weekend with two 5th place finishes. He took 5th in the NASS Stock race in the Wichita State/Executive Security Pontiac, his last scheduled race in a Pontiac. The 5th cemented his 6th place final points finish. Finally to wrap up the weekend, he took the SCKL Dodge Charger "Daytona" out and finished 5th in his debut in the NASS Stock Legends Series. Neises said other than next weeks R.E.A.L. Challenge race at Watkins Glen, he would wait till the Winter Heat schedules were released before he decided what he would run, other than the NWST 500. Neises and family hopped in a car for the trip to Upstate New York. The JGR Special is on its way to the area with the NWST Champion/Boy or Girl Dodge Intrepid.

November 16, 2000 - JGR arrives at Homestead: With the SCKL Special as a background, Team President Rob Neises said he had a couple announcements that needed to be made. First he announced that he would be going for the double-double next weekend. Besides the Championship deciding ARCA race in the NWST on Saturday, Neises is to debut the Cowley County Community College Dodge Intrepid R/T in the NWST Cup finale'. On Sunday, Neises will run the usual NASS Stock race, where he hopes a good finish will propell him into 5th place in the final season points. Then he announced that the last part of the double-double would be the debut of the new JGR Legends team. And so he decided to debut the SCKL Dodge Daytona next weekend at the old Atlanta Motor Speedway. Neises plans to run a limited legends schedule next year.
In other team news, he announced that if all goes well, his wife Angela will make her N3 debut next weekend in the #74 Golden Grahams Ford Taurus. Angela is expected to attempt to qualify for the ARCA race.

November 13, 2000 - Neises adds to Top 10's with run at Phoenix International: After finishing 7th at PIR yesterday, Rob Neises held a press conference aboard the SCKL Special. He talked about the crew and team and how important they are to where they are currently in the Points - 6th with two races to go.
Then Neises made announcements about next weeks race at Homestead. He announced that not only would his 00 Pontiacs run the 1.5 mile oval on Sunday in the NASS Stock race, he would also run Saturday in the NWST Winston Cup race. Both cars will carry Ron Jon Surf Shops on the car, a preview of next years Sunshine races.

November 6, 2000 - Neises takes 9th, hopes it helps / NASS Announcement: Rob Neises held his usual press confrence after Saturdays NWST BGN race at Memphis, Tennessee. Neises, who placed 9th, had his best BGN finish of the season, and his first BGN Top 10. Neises said he hoped that piloting the Bush 2000 car would help propell George W into the White House, and encouraged everyone to get out and vote Tuesday.
Then Neises announced that in accordance with their agreement, M&M's candies would move to an associate role the remainder of 2000. They signed up for so many races, and they did that. We thank M&M/Mars for their support in 2000, and hope we can work out a sponsorship deal for 2001. Then Neises announced that Wichita State University Shockers Basketball/Executive Security would be on the JGR NASS Pontiacs throughout the month of November, starting with next week at Phoenix.

October 29, 2000 - Neises takes third in Cup/Schedule and Sponsor Update: Rob Neises held a press conference after Saturdays NWST Cup race. Neises, who had finished third, was very happy. "Two outta three races, Top 5's, can't complain," he said.
Then Neises talked about changes in his racing schedule. He announced that he would run Cup not BGN at Homestead, and Ron Jon Surf Shop would be on the hood. He said his final Cup race would be part of a busy triple-header weekend at Atlanta. Besides the ARCA finale', and the NWST Stock Race, Neises announced he would debut the teams 2001 Dodge Intrepid R/T. The Sponsor he announced, if he made the race, would be the Cowley County Community College Tigers. Neises, is currently a student at Cowley.
Finally, Neises announced that he had been enlisted to run next week at Memphis, TN. He said he would run a Pontiac in the BGN race there, his sponsor...Bush for President. After answering questions, Neises left to help reload the SCKL Special.

October 25, 2000 - JGR does well at Talladega/Announces Special Scheme: Rob Neises held his usual post-race conference after Sundays NASS Stock race at Talladega. Neises was happy as he answered questions about the new rules and his 6th place finish earlier in the day.
Overall, JGR had a good weekend, besides Sunday's sixth, Rob took second Saturday in the NWST ARCA race, losing another five points to challenger Mike Smith. With the one-two finish, Neises goes into the season finale' at Atlanta 8 points ahead of Smith. The NWST ARCA finale' at Atlanta is in a month.
On a final note, the NWST On-Line race scheduled for last Saturday night at Rockingham was cancelled.

October 20, 2000 - James Gang Racing debuts new web site/Upcoming Schedule: Rob Neises, held a pre-race press conference aboard the SCKL Special at Talladega yesterday. At it, Neises announced that the web page for the team was changing as a class project in the Internet Web Page Design class he is taking at Cowley County Community College.
He confirmed to the media that the 00 M&M's Pontiac would have a special Halloween scheme at Rockingham next week. In other news, he said the JGR Special was arriving in Rockingham, and he would attempt the NWST On-line race Saturday in the Lycos/ Train Shop Pontiac.
When asked by the media, he said he wasn't sure now whether he planned to run a car in the NWST BGN Division next month at Homestead, Florida.

October 16, 2000: Neises takes Pole and Victory at Lowe's, ends slump. Rob Neises, piloting the 00 SCKL Train Shop Pontiac took the pole at Lowe's Motor Speedway with a 180+ mph speed. Saturday came, and the Wichita, Kansas driver led the race from wire to wire, ending a 7 race winless streak. The win put Neises 13 points ahead of Mike Smith in the NWST ARCA Championship chase. Two races remain in the season, this week at Talladega, and the finale' in a month at Atlanta.
In other notes, Neises moved up in the R.E.A.L. Challenge Series with a 19th at Texas a couple weeks back, the finish moved Neises up to 22d, with a December race at Watkins Glen left. Finally, the NWST Stock team continues to consistantly run in the Top 10, giving Rob a firm handle on seventh place.

September 19, 2000: Neises, JGR sign sponsor for 2001. After finishing second at the one-mile dirt oval at DuQuoin, Rob Neises announced that the team had signed a sponsor for the 2001 season for the JGR Dodge Intrepid's. The yellow and green of John Deere will be the primary on the new 2001 Dodge Intrepid's JGR is planning on fielding in the NWST next year.

September 16, 2000: Busy Month for Neises, JGR. Rob Neises has kept the JGR crew on the go over the last month. With five races to go, Neises has a 23 point lead in the highly contested NWST ARCA Series. Mike Smith has been able to finish higher than Rob is the last three races, shrinking the lead from 38. In the NASS Stock Series, Rob has moved up to seventh in the season standings, with all Top-10 finishes in the last month. In the R.E.A.L. Challenge, Rob moved up another four positions to 28th after three of the five races. This weekend, the ARCA Team will be in Southern Illinois at the 1-mile dirt oval at DuQuoin, while the NASS Stock team will be at Richmond for a night race. Rob is expected to fly between the two events this weekend. Finally, in sponsorship news, Rob said that Executive Security will be on the 00 Pontiacs at Texas on the 1st for the fourth R.E.A.L. Challenge race at Texas Motor Speedway; and Rainbows United will be on both the ARCA and Stock car when the teams have a together weekend October 14th and 15th at Charlotte.

August 22, 2000: Announcements Week of Aug 22-25. After wrapping up a good weekend of racing Rob Neises announced that the SCKL Railroad would be on the 00 Pontiacs in two weeks at the REAL Challenge race at Bristol. The car will be the Yellow/Grey/Brown scheme originally ran at the teams NWST BGN debut earlier in the year. Neises said by eliminating the white, it would make the car more visible and appealing to the fans at the night race. In the weekends races, Neises took third Saturday at Winchester in the NWST ARCA race, and 7th at the NASS Stock race at Watkins Glen.

August 17, 2000: Neises announces new colors for NASS Pontiac. Rob Neises arrived at Watkins Glen yesterday, and announced that effective next week at Michigan, the Plain variety of M&M's would take over from Crispy as the primary on the double-ought Pontiacs. Neises said that the Peanut scheme will probably be on the car at Charlotte in October. Neises also announced that an Executive Security/WSU Basketball scheme would be run at the NASS Stock race at Phoenix, and possibly beyond. Rumors have also floated around about a special Halloween scheme.

August 15, 2000: JGR bends a lot of sheetmetal at Indy. Rob Neises had a rough weekend at Indianapolis last weekend. After finishing third, his first NASS Stock Top 5 in 2000, Neises went on to wreck both of the Great American Train Shows (GATS) Pontiacs. Neises went out around lap 40 of the NWST Cup race, and finished 29th in the R.E.A.L. Challenge race. Neises was put into the wall and lost his engine on lap 22 of that race
Afterwards, Neises had a press-conference and reminded them that he would be debuting his new NWST ARCA sponsor - Team Realtree next week at Winchester.

August 10, 2000: Neises makes major announcement at Indy. Upon arrival at Indianaplois, Rob Neises held a press conference. Neises announced that effective the 2001 season, the double-ought Pontiacs would revert back to their old number - 84, and that the team would be campaigning the 2001 Dodge Intrepid. Neises, and James Gang Racing are the first team to publically announce the change to Dodge in the NWST. Neises initially made the announcement at the Indy On-Line race on the 31st. Neises said if all goes well, he will debut the JGR Dodge at the NWST Cup finale' at Atlanta, and possibly at the final REAL Challenge race at Watkins Glen. No word on sponsorship on the Dodge for 2000 or 2001.

August 7, 2000: News - Week of August 7, 2000. Rob Neises had a post-race conference after yesterdays NWST BGN race at Gateway. Neises, who had an off-week, made the jump to BGN since he had just been there the week earlier in another series. And the mishaps of the earlier race helped, as Neises got his first Top 10 finish in the BGN Division, taking 9th. "I'm happy since the BGN will probably be my destination next year," Neises said.
Then Neises announced that Great American Train Shows (GATS) would be the primary on the double-ought Pontiacs he will pilot next week at Indianapolis. Neises will run in the NWST's WC race at Indy, and attempt to make the second race of the R.E.A.L. Challenge Series, also at Indy.
In special scheme news, Neises announced he would run a M&M Plain scheme at the NASS Stock race at Indy next week. Just a basic brown car, less M&M candies graphics Neises said.
Finally, Neises buzzed up early to Indy to run in a non-points NWST on-line race. He finished 10th after crashing with 10 to go in the SCKL Pontiac. In on-line news, Neises announced that Lycos and James Gang Racing had worked out a deal to put Lycos, and its free web service Tripod on the JGR Pontiacs as Neises plans on running a limited schedule in the on-line division. When at Indy, Neises tempted the press by telling them he would have a major announcement next week after the races at Indy.

July 23, 2000: Mid-Season ARCA Report, sponsor named. Rob Neises, President of James Gang Racing, held a Midseason Report at the conclusion of the NWST ARCA race yesterday at Berlin. Neises, who has a 38 point lead after the halfway point was very pleased. He heaped praise on his entire crew from his wife on down to the lowliest team member. "Its a team effort that got us to the top, and a team effort can keep us up here!" Neises said about his surprise position atop the ARCA points. Neises also attributes his position to consistency - 9 Top 5's in the 9 races so far. Neises kept the streak alive by finishing second at Berlin, his fourth in a row since his victory and pole back at Michigan. "If we can keep up the Top 5's, we'll be there in November," Neises said in response to a question about if he could stay atop the points the remainder of the season.
Neises then announced that he could finally announce the sponsor, or sponsors for the rest of the season for the NWST ARCA effort. The deal for the last 8 races will be split between Team Realtree, on the car for 4-5 races, and as of yet unnamed special sponsors. Neises said he would probably run one of his own companies on the car at the November race at Atlanta. Possibly combined with a small primary, such as the Wichita State University Athletic Department.
Finally, Neises announced his race schedule for the rest of the 2000 season. Besides all the remaining NWST ARCA and NASS Stock races, Neises says he expects to field entries in NWST BGN in 2 weeks at Gateway, and at Homestead in November. Also he expects to run the remainder of the R.E.AL. Challenge Series, and NWST Cup races at Indy in August, and the season finale' at Atlanta.

July 17, 2000: Neises "banged up" at Talladega. Rob Neises was treated and released at the Infield Care Center after a big crash on lap 137 of the 188 lap R.E.A.L. Challenge Race at Talladega yesterday. Team sources admitted his right shoulder was sore, but no more sore than overthrowing it at softball. "I was just cruising around about mid-pack when someone, I'm not sure who, decided to make my rear bumper his front," said Neises. I was spinning down the banking in three, and someone took off my nose, and I jammed up my shoulder. But it should be okay. Its a testament to these cars that all I did was bum up a bad shoulder. Neises, who finished 44th admitted he wasn't used to this caliber of racing yet, but he still plans on running all five races. With the fifth here last week in the NWST Cup race, I just got a little overconfident I guess.
In other news, Neises said he is close to signing a full-time sponsor for the ARCA team, but would not devulge who.

July 6, 2000: Neises to represent NWST in R.E.A.L. Challenge. Rob Neises, President of James Gang Racing, and driver of the number 00 Pontiacs announced he would represent the NWST League in the R. E. A. L. Challenge Race Series. Neises, who currently leads the NWST ARCA division, said he would pilot a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix, with rotating sponsorship for the 5 race series. The sponsors will be Executive Security, the SCKL Railroad, the Great American Train Shows (GATS), and Rainbows United, which will be on the car at Talladega for the 188 lapper on July 16th.
In other news, Neises announced he would run a 2000 Pontiac at Daytona in the NWST Winston Cup race this week; sponsorship will be provided by Rainbows United. His reasoning was: with ARCA taking a week off, and the team already at Daytona, it made more sense then running at Milwaukee. After the news conference, Neises went back to supervising the unloading of the SCKL Special parked at Amtrak's Sanford, Florida Auto-Train Facility.

June 20, 2000: Neises joins Team RealTree this week. With Dave Marcis announcing he wouldn't attempt the race at Sears Point, Rob Neises was able to sign a one week/2 race deal with Team RealTree. The double-ought Grand Prix's will carry the camo, black and dayglow orange scheme at the NWST ARCA race at South Boston, and the NASS Stock race at Sears Point this week. M&M will return to the NASS Pontiacs after this week, but Rob said he considered the NWST race at South Boston a one-race try-out. In other news, Rob announced the second "special scheme" on the NASS car in as many weeks. Rainbows United will be on the Pontiac next week at Daytona. Neises said to expect probably three more special sponsor/schemes on the NASS Pontiac. M&M's will be on the rear quarters for those races, and will remain the primary the remaining races in 2000.

June 12, 2000: Neises announces that M&M's will not be on NWST car.Rob Neises held a press conference afer Sundays Sears Point race to clarify the sponsorship deal with M&M/Mars. "The NWST ARCA cars will not carry sponsorship from M&M/Mars company," Neises said. The deal is strictly for the NASS team. Neises said that the SCKL Railroad would remain on the NWST car until a full-time sponsor was found.

June 3, 2000: Neises signs NASS sponsor. Rob Neises announced that M&M/Mars signed on with James Gang Racing to run the remainder of the season as primary sponsor of the number 00 Pontiacs in the NASS Stock Division. Starting in California, M&M's Candies will be on the 00 Grand Pix's. It is a rotating sponsoship, with the Crispy brand on the car for all but 10 races. The 10 non-Crispy races will be covered by the Peanut and Plain brands of M&M's, with the rest being special sponsors, agreed upon by JGR and M&M/Mars. No word if M&M's will be on the NWST ARCA Pontiac.

April 3, 2000: #74 Car becomes a Ford. With the suspension of racing in the ANSL N1 League, Golden Grahams has agreed to sponsor Angie in up to 10 races in N3. The car will retain the number 74, but will become a 2000 Ford Taurus.